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#964987 Development Update

Posted by Marcus219 on 30 June 2016 - 12:12

So..... that was it? The annoucement, a lot of bye's and farwells, some angry people, some bullsh*t and it all over again. No response from HCS at all. Wow I have to try this with my students. I tell them they all failed the test, they will response, and I just keep silent! Cool, I will try this. Will keep you all informed.....

#964210 Development Update

Posted by Marcus219 on 09 June 2016 - 16:49

HCS pls dont only look to the forum for strange things, but respons! Be a man and take responsibility! Answer the many questions please. Give some light in the Eldevin status darkness please! :-)
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#964143 Development Update

Posted by Marcus219 on 08 June 2016 - 15:19

Well, perhaps a nice things to think about HCS. Let us players recruit people for the game as well, but give us some nice rewards. Some people have facebook, websites and so on. Now we get 100 loyalty points when a recruited friend reaches lvl 5. Not really worth it. Fallensword has a good system for recruiting and getting old players back. Perhaps something for this game as well :)


Even you have cut down the effort for Eldevin, I still hope you find the energy to release 1 endgame at least. Further more, even without the workforce you are missing, I would wish, you were more open. Tell us that you stop or anything else. You will be loosing old players due to the lack of good information and that will fall down on the new players as well. Do you want the game to die? Tell us, then it can be done easily and quick. Or do you want a new start? Some people have put a lot of energy, effort (like Kyrion with the wiki site)  and money into the game. The least you can do is inform them more often and being honest about the situation. B)


And to all players, lets play and have fun. It is just a game, dont take all to serious. Enjoy and of course it is ******!  But hey, the shun is shining, my health is okay, I have plenty of lovely pleople, so the game is a succes to me already. Even if I cannt spend my ep's anymore. So HAVE FUN!!!! and hope for the best! ;)

#963970 Development Update

Posted by Marcus219 on 04 June 2016 - 11:31

Dear HCS, you told us, many many weeks ago, that the lvl 50 updat was almost done. Cannt you do that update. Even if it is only 1 dungeon. Forget about scribe, AH, new gear, new potions, new receipes and so on. Just launch what you have finished! (please). And if you dont have anything finished, then take us serious then, and tell us. Not that hard, but would be nice :)

#962241 Eldevin top Ranking

Posted by Marcus219 on 16 April 2016 - 05:05

^^ player that left weeks ago telling everybody else whats happening.


Get your information right, before you try to be the smart one!

#872678 Double XP Event Imminent!

Posted by Marcus219 on 11 June 2014 - 07:10

Cannt we get a schedule in advance at the start of a year, with all the events for the whole year on it?


Just kidding. Very happy with the event. A warning is not needed I think. If HCS is follow the dates of the past, everyone can figure out when an event could take place! As I did. So no warning needed for me HCS! And the event is 24 hours, why change that as people start to cry? Stick to your plan! 


Thanks for the event!!

#807481 Development Roadmap

Posted by Marcus219 on 20 August 2013 - 10:37

Just an idea. How about have people there own "regligion". i mean, each charachter can build a (or) more temples off there own. Buidling this tempel will cost gold/fsps, you have to pray at this temple, so you have to upkeep it and you can upgrade it till a certain level, with all the costs.


f. e. you can build the tempel of Mars, this will give the player a benefit x% attack and x% damage, or the tempel of mercurius, gives the benefit of x% thievery and x% merchant, tempel of Venus, gives x% health and x% holy flame etc etc. each person can custumize his charachter a little bit and gat a bonus and we have an other gold sink. You can even create a new guild with all the players from the same tempel and have seperate global quest with them. It is jus a thought!


you also can give people a class to choose from. Like a thief, get more gold, wizzard, better in poisons, smith, better in crafting. people can get a small bonus, join the guild that there class belongs to, do special quests, and ofcourse it will cost gold to upkeep your class.


Second, the "praying to the gods" needs a review as well. Playing this game several years now, never won something, while others have won 8, 9 or 10 times. Perhaps a cooldown as well for those who has won, or "just" create something new. 


keep up the great work HCS!


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