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In Topic: Unbearable Lag

14 May 2023 - 03:12

I've been on a break and returned to a worse lag :(

In Topic: Feedback and Suggestions

27 April 2023 - 14:09

For Springtime forest, storybook forest and such, is there a better way of marking on the map the places where we've already completed quests, and places which we are yet to begin quests?

In Topic: UFSG

21 April 2023 - 17:59

Thanks for the fix =)

Now when doing a quest you constantly get a message saying "text error somethingsomething" and you aren't told if there's another stage in the quest, if the quest is complete, if you get a recipe, ect..

This is not related to UFSG...

But yes and today's hunt was so frustrating because of it. Quest text sequence is also problematic. Once you click on the first action button, it simply says you haven't killed x number of y creatures. But the previous screen has no mention of the requirement. And this is not related to one or two quests but almost every quest.

In Topic: UFSG

21 April 2023 - 17:54

In the details about quest items, the information about which creature to hunt is there but the information about the quest use is missing.

In Topic: UFSG

02 April 2023 - 17:54

So does everything else. Search works, lists appear, but none of the links display the required content.

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