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#1009553 New Content - 5376 to 5400

Posted by sweetlou on 15 July 2023 - 02:40

Are quests no longer included in content? Last regular quest was 5095. Asking for a friend.

#1009377 Epic Quests & Legendary Beasts!

Posted by sweetlou on 19 May 2023 - 16:50

The only date mentioned above is when the creatures flee on Monday the 22nd. How long will the new and the one old epic quests be available? I only ask because of the following message on USFG:

Epic Failure.JPG

#1009349 Unbearable Lag

Posted by sweetlou on 13 May 2023 - 01:13

Again, please put this in a Support ticket as you've been told already. And again, where you are geographically is obviously in the real world.


~ Grim

After 15 and a half years of playing I thought the game's issues would be easier to report, there would be more transparency to the way information is shared. Alas after a week of the same old run around we see jack all. I wasted my time and made a ticket reluctantly. I have previously never had to make that effort, but I thought let's see. Now I'm just privately ignored without any action. Nothing changes.

#1009333 Unbearable Lag

Posted by sweetlou on 10 May 2023 - 22:30

Ask Hoof to feed the Lag monster whatever it is he does, please!

#1009282 Unbearable Lag

Posted by sweetlou on 21 April 2023 - 14:28

Please look into the 3-4 second delay. I'm trying to SE hunt and the "Moving..." each square takes many seconds making this activity unplayable. Thank you!

#1007527 Game Update v3.8.2 / App Update v1.1.1

Posted by sweetlou on 20 April 2022 - 22:18

The PvP stamina hit preference is an app only addition. It was added to address the debate as to where to set the default.


That answer is 100!


Could we have a conversation about raising that stam attack number please?

#1005077 Proposed Loyalty Update.

Posted by sweetlou on 08 September 2021 - 19:56

Please do not add distil 250, please it's going to break the game. Distil doesn't need to go any higher than zombie brew at 150.

FYI: Dispel Curse500 and DC375: game breakers! So, don't have any problem with more. The cat's out of the bag. I do like the big doublers and an AM500. New players will benefit more than those already at EOC. Btw, great addition to additional PvP range!

#1004083 Weird Things

Posted by sweetlou on 15 June 2021 - 18:13

Lots of strange things happening to the game lately. Post out of wack features. Mention if they are related to the Helper by turning off the helper and seeing if they are still broken. (I believe you can also post on the Helper Tampermonkey page issues, but not sure.)



1. Deflect, Fumble and Unbreakable are not missing from the buff market. They are simply out of alphabetical order for some reason at the bottom of the list.



It appears after some code tweeking, the Helper has been severely crippled. Thanks for all you do on that front Pointy!

#1004002 What Is An Active Player?

Posted by sweetlou on 09 June 2021 - 04:01

I hope accuracy counts. Inactive status starts on profiles at 30 days. If you're not inactive, you are active. It's simple logic! The player is not in some grey area. If this ridiculous standard remains, the inactivity label should be triggered at 1 week. Also, when is taking xp the test on PvP? It's ridiculous. Might as well say you can only be bountied if you lose xp! Again the current standard by which your attack counts for daily quests should be set at what is stated in your profile. If you are active, it should count! PvP protected players are ACTIVE, the attack should count. They lose no xp and they can bounty the attacker. Doesn't this make sense?

#1003992 What Is An Active Player?

Posted by sweetlou on 08 June 2021 - 14:45

For the purposes of discussing the daily quest,

[ Common ]
Defeat 3 active players in normal PvP
what constitutes an active player?
Another question regarding the same quest: if you can be bountied for attacking a "PvP protected player" why doesn't the attack count?
HCS, any response?

#1003648 Games so broken

Posted by sweetlou on 14 April 2021 - 19:17

Funny, I read, "Even the lag has lag!" To which I'm not surprised. It's polluuted.

#1003604 Game Update v3.1.0

Posted by sweetlou on 11 April 2021 - 23:14


Treasure Hunter

#1003513 Game Update v3.1.0

Posted by sweetlou on 04 April 2021 - 21:16

Ladder is now broken.

#1003466 Game Update v3.1.0

Posted by sweetlou on 03 April 2021 - 01:52

Game unplayable .  Very slow loading images...  it takes forever to load items images

Brings back awful memories. We're screwed. We don't get anything new to play for years. Once new parts of the game are actually added, the game becomes unplayable. I didn't expect anything less. Someone please get on these playing issues, or you can repeat old habits and sweep the problems under the rug because it hurts some feelings.

#1002052 Fallen Sword Bug Fixes - Update v2.203.0

Posted by sweetlou on 03 November 2020 - 16:32

Glad someone is still working on the game. Thank you!


Most relevant:

PvP attacks made on a player on the Ladder now counts towards the DQ total.


Getting control of the mouseovers makes the game much more enjoyable.


Lastly, the new combat notifications are cool, whether or not they do much.

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