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The Grand Ball [Connected to The Great Battle]

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Posted 11 February 2005 - 09:41


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Posted 11 February 2005 - 16:50

Mamori continued to fallow the elf further into the frozen lands that his people called home, seeming to not even notice the at times slick surface they had been trecking along for the last 1/2 hour. Not that Mamori wasnt used to traveling in cold climates, it was just the fact that the elf seemed to do it with so much ease....

"We're here"

Mamori was started by the elf's sudden sudden stop and nearly fell after slipping on a particularly slick piece of tundra. Looking up, he finally noticed the grand palace of the ice queen, shiva. He has been too busy trying not to slip and look foolish in front of the elf to notice it from afar...

Outside the gates stood two elves, both of similar appearance to the one that had brought him there. The elf indicated that Mamori was to wait where he was while the elf told the guards of his request to see the queen.
While he waited for the guard to return with word from their ruler, Mamori removed the violet stone from it's pouch and examined it for a short time.

Upon the guard's return, Mamori quickly sealed the stoen back into it's pouch. "The Queen has agreed to see you." Mamori fallowed his guide into the palace, noticing many ice sculptures. They were soon in a large cavern in the presence of Queen Shiva, of course, was sitting upon the thrown. Mamori's guide learned towards him slightly. "You should give her your gift now" he whispered.

Mamori frowned. He should have rememberd this, but he was in such a hurry that he had forgotten to bring her a trinket. "Oh! yes, I have it right here..." mamori began feeling around his many stores of various magical items, hoping to find something worth the queen's interest. The guard waited paitently, though obviously slightly perplexed at the avatar's strange behaviour. Finally, he rememberd something he had found not too long ago in the ice caves, and he had two and used it already so loosing the extra one wouldn't matter too much.

Mamori handed the orb of ice to the guard with an accomplished look on his face. The guard walked the length of the room, and presented the orb to the queen. Taking the ice colored orb into her hands, she examined it's crytsaline quality for a short time. mamori waited on the far side of the room, looking quite nervous. Shortly, mamori saw a small smile upon the beautiful face of the ice queen. The guard then returned, "your gift has been accepted, you may procede."


Mamori lay upon a fine silken bed, looking some what annoyed. At least as annoyed as someone can look while laying upon such a confortable surface.

"So she wants me to stay here as a guest does she..." Mamori sat up slowly, then made his way to the door. It certainly was beautiful here, and he could use a bit of a break. Mamori looked almost shocked at the thought and shook his head quickly from side to side. "No!, i have no time for rest, i must see to it that balance is..."

Mamori trailed off as two elven maidens walked past him, both giggling at his obvious noticement of them. "Then again..." mamori said with a grin on his face....

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Posted 11 February 2005 - 17:01

Shiva laughed inside at the trinket that the visitor had presented to her. As she gestured for him to leave she shook her head with faint amusement. A frost crystal. Surely these were not rare or special items in the upper realms? This Mamori could be interesting...

Standing, she decended from the archway and giving a few orders to the workmen around the cavern, she made her way through the cavern and along the tunnels to the main area of her palace. The fool probably wouldn't even realise that he hadn't been greeted in her throne room, she noted as she shrugged the polar bear fur cape from her shoulders, to be swept up by a manservant before it hit the ground.

She smiled privately, gesturing to the servant, "Please ensure our guest has all he requires, and I will see him in the throne room tomorrow."

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Posted 11 February 2005 - 20:13

The elf breathed outwards, watching his breath mist in the icy air. A smile appeared upon his blue tinged lips as snow crunched beneath his boots as he walked. He was home.
It had perhaps been a month, it had felt like longer in the lands of mild winters and temperatures uncomfortably high for one used to things just a little cooler. And seeing little sky, whether it be the steely grey of snow promise or the azure blue of ice, had unnerved him. The thick canapy of trees had blocked even the stars from sight. But it no longer mattered, he was home.
Lazily he let his mind wander over what he would do now he had returned, even as he let his feet guide him forward. He dismissed them just as casually. His first priority was and would always be to his Queen.
He vaguely wondered what her reaction would be to his news, but he knew that the Lady Shiva would react as she would, today she may react calmly, tomorrow not so.
He passed the guards, passed through the hall of statues and passed the throne room and over a snowy courtyard before reaching the cavern. In awe he paused to admire the handiwork of his people under the careful eye of his Queen. He had to urge himself forward to prevent any further delay in telling her his news... Lord Byren had joined forces with the Ilythiiri.

(Ooc, I know this news is rather late, but I never got around to rp'g it!)

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Posted 14 February 2005 - 11:08

OOC: This is the next day... Shiva's usual outfit: Think FF, think skimpy, think 'how the can she wear it in this weather!'


The throne room was silent except for Shiva's fingers drumming on the diamond and ice arm of her throne. Byren had joined the Ilythiiri had he? Interesting. And a visitor, this Mamori, had made the trek to Winter's Heart to seek an audience.

For the first time in a long time Shiva felt the thrill of cool hard power running through her. An ice spider in a snow dappled web, she had been still, silent so long, and now they were coming, now they were flying ever closer to her grasp, and she need be still no longer.

Her laughter echoed around the room, ice dislodging to fall in shards from the ceiling of the rectangular cavern, dropping into the twin streams of icy water that ran to either side of the throne.

Adjusting her position on the soft and thick furs that covered her throne, for style more than warmth, she gazed, with what was almost a smile playing on her lips, around at the guards still as the statues they were between along the length of the cavern. On either side of her, within the water's paths, were two frost giants, who believed themselves her allies and made perfect bodyguards in case of a non-magical attack. Along the walls were her scouts, their snow fangs lounging by their side in deadly stillness, and the odd ice ogre, again a proclaimed 'ally'.

She congratulated herself again on that treaty, they believed she would protect them, if they protected her. With some careful wording and their lack of intelligence, she has been proclaimed monarch-in-absence over their pitiful lands and gained herself loyal and stedfast guards.

Adjusting her crown, a crystaline ice tiara that nestled in the sapphire plaits of hair, she lounged back and summoned a young ice elf to kneel at her feet. "Fetch us our guest, Mamori. I am ready to see him now."

With a nod and a murmured "Yes, my Lady," the elf dashed off, skating slightly across the ice as he left the room.

The drumming stopped, and pale blue fingers moved to caress the polar bear softness hanging limply from the arm of the throne. "Let the hunt begin."

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Posted 19 February 2005 - 02:44

mamori had wondered into the tundra plains just outside the ice caves. "this damn stone...its trying to draw my power out." mamori had grown increasingly aware of the stone's affect of strengthening his shadow magic, but he had never imagines it would start to bring out THAT side again, the one with the gray eyes...

mamori sat upon a stone which rested at the base of a snow coverd hill, it's sharp cut shape making an excellent place to rest atop it's flat surface. its had been quite some time since his dark side had shown itself, not since he had come to these lands had it been a problem, not since that time in the void...when he had slayn the void dragon. "i thought, it had disapated..." mamori's eyes went wide, "its not that side, i conquered that side when i slew the dragon, but now this stone..." mamori withdrew the stone from its resting place withen the pouch around his neck. "it hasnt brought it out..it IS what has been calling to me... but the voice is very similar. placing the stone back withen its rune-sealed prison. "as long as l relise that it is just the stone, it shouldnt be a problem...". mamori stared at his bandaged left palm for quite some time before returning to the ice caves.


shortly before he had come to the entrance of winter's heart, an ice elf approuched mamori. "Queen Shiva has asked to see you now." mamori nodded and fallowed the ice elf to the thrown room. mamori was now very confident in himself, his previous worries over his dark self returning we disapated, and now he only had to worry about echieving the rightful balance, and for that he would not the knowledge of the elven ice queen.

mamori bowed before the queen before speaking. "your highness, Queen Shiva, I have a question to ask you." Shiva nodded before mamori continued. "It has come to my attention that a shift in balance has begun to take place. One of those highly responsible for this is Prince Aero. In order to correct his actions, I must ask you to tell me the location of his drow palace, so that I may 'deal' with him..."

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Posted 19 February 2005 - 07:55

Winter’s Heart.

Deep within the ice caves themselves, deep within, where the polar bears shy away from, there swirls a never-ending storm of snow and ice. At the heart of this blizzard there’s a gash in the steep, glacial wall that surrounds the caves, as if someone has rended the earth itself to make way for someone who waits for nothing.
Enter the gash as tall as the sky, and be dwarfed by the scale of the cavern you enter, where icicles hang with dangerously fragile beauty from the distant roof, and blossoms of frost bloom on every surface. And there’s light, a cold and bright light, that fractures on the ice pillars and dances around the walls, turned into icy mirrors in this frozen world It seems to be from everywhere and nowhere. Bathing you in soft pale rays like new laid snow for one moment before turning into daggers of razor-sharp beams the next.
And the sounds, Every murmur, every rustle, amplifies and echoes around the cavern, dislodging snow and ice from the ceiling, and speaking too loud causes the icicles to crack and shatter upon the snow-dusted stone.
This is the entrance to Iyras Ilora, the Winter Lands, home of the Ice Queen, Shiva, and her palace, Winter’s Heart.
Across the cavern, past icy lakes where ice floes wander across the crystal water, past the alien shapes of ice and stone, there’s a gate of silver and crystal. The carvings seem to never stay the same, one moment a snowflake, then a swirling blizzard to a snow wolf, and then tendrils of frost. As you reach it, two slender figures uncurl from their posts at the base of the gates that tower above them. One, with hair as blue and pale as a winter’s sky bars your passage with a silver spear, the other, eyes as hard as diamond, and hair as grey as a storm, rests his hand on the hilt of a large sword. They ask your business, then you may pass, if the pale skinned warriors deem you worthy. As you pass through the magnificent gates, you’re aware that while your clothes are thick and well protected against this freezing land, their armor and clothing seems insufficient for such a cold climate.
And then you’re in Shiva’s realm, and a land of purest white presents itself to you, the same cold light flooding the landscape. In the distance, up against a distance wall – you suddenly realise the entire realm is in a series of caverns larger than the ice caves themselves, there are more gates of diamond, the gates to Winter’s Heart.

Written by Shiva

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Posted 20 February 2005 - 16:39

RevBlood and IceGirl had been discussing plans for the Angels of the cult when a servant entered RevBloods office. He kindly bowed and spoke of a messenger whom just arrived at the castle who was waiting to speak with one of the leaders in the main hall.

Revblood stood from his desk looking at IceGirl... "Come and join me and lets see what he has to say." Icegirl smiled at RevBlood... "Of course lead the way!" As they made their way to the main hall they noticed a man standing before them. He spoke in a language that IceGirl didnt understand but she noticed RevBlood knew of each word he spoke. RevBlood nodded and retrieved something from the messagers hand and spoke back to him. IceGirl asked Rev to see if the man needed food before he left. The man only replied that he needed to head back to his home.

"Come lets head back to the office to finish up" Rev said to IceGirl as he lead the way back to his office. As each of us took our seat Rev opened up the letter in which get got from the messenger and handed it to IceGirl... "The Knights of Gothador-Order of Nanaea have sent us an invitation for a Grand Ball. I have told him that our cult has accepted the offer to attend. Will you be free for this date and time, if so I would like for you to join me?" IceGirl was a bit shocked at being asked to attend... "Now what girl in their right mind of any class would turn down the offer to attend a Grand Ball? Not I for sure, I would be honored to attend with you."

They continued on about their work finishing up just a few final things before they were to retreat to their rooms for the evening. RevBlood called out to IceGirl as she was leaving... "It is cold where this ball is so we need to dress accordingly or we will freeze to death!"

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Posted 20 February 2005 - 17:42

Setting: Burger World
Population: 1,000,000+
Inhabitants: Mixed race of all creatures found across the realms of Gothador

"Lord Bennyku! Lord Bennyku," yelped the young Angel as he appeared next to Bennyku and his cohorts. "A message from Queen Shiva of the Fate Empire."

"Hmmm, what be this, a message you say?," as he eyed the scroll warily. Queen Shiva, mistress of all ice magics, with a message for me? The memory of a battle long ago, though quick, and with no decisive winner still lingered in the back of his mind. With a quick glance, he understood this was no challenge, but an invitation to a gathering of the citizens of Gothador.

"You know little one," he spoke to the Angel whos wings were not yet fully developed, "twas not long ago that I too had wings as small as yours, ah, the awkwardness of youth." As the assortment of individuals chuckled at the young lads expense, and bright red his cheecks were, Lord Bennyku thought back to a time when truly youthfulness was a joy, not the burden it was today.

The battles that raged across the land known as Gothador had become increasingly violent as of late, slaughtered were many citizens, decimated were many a town, travel had become a risky proposition to say the least. To make the trek across the many terrains of Gothador was no easy task, expecially for one of Bennykus age, but could he refuse the Queen of Fate? What would the consequences be for such action?

To be continues.......

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Posted 20 February 2005 - 19:42

OOC FOR ALL: Shiva is NOT Queen of Fate... :) In this 'world' she's Queen of the Ice Realms and her lands,the Winter Lands... :) Her palace is Winter's Heart. Just so I don't get glared at by the Fate members... :D And it's Shiva, not the Knights holding the ball... :)

#11 gothador_lacermoon

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Posted 21 February 2005 - 13:03

OOC..May anyone join in? Or is there a set plan for this RP? Thank you...

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Posted 21 February 2005 - 13:47

OOC: The invites went out, but this is pretty much open to all if you want to come... :)

Shiva's laughter tinkled around the throneroom as she smiled coolly down at mamori. "Why, I'm sure you can talk to him yourself soon enough. I am holding a Grand Ball at moonrise tonight, and the Prince is invited as befits a lord of the realms above. Of course, there is to be no fighting or insults given or recieved in my realm between guests," she added with a icy raised eyebrow.

She rose from her throne gracefully, and swept down the stairs to the throneroom floor in one elegant movement. "Come, shall we see how preparations are proceeding? And then you really must change for the ball," she sneered slightly at mamori's travelling clothes, "I'm sure we can find something that will fit you."

Expecting mamori to follow, she sauntered out of the throneroom, down to the cavern where the ball was to be held.

A genuine smile tinged her lips as she gazed around the finished ballroom. The Ice Queen moved around the cavern, touching a statue there, adjusting a polar bear fur there, occassionally calling on her ice magic to touch up a feature. "Isn't it perfect, sir mamori?"

Gesturing to a silent ice elf she nodded at mamori. "Find him something suitable for the ball." She smiled again, conspiritorally. "Oh yes, this will be interesting."

With that, the secretive smile playing on her sky blue lips, she drifted off to find her own dress for the night's entertainment.

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Posted 24 February 2005 - 13:58

Before two large obsidian gates an ice elf stood nervously examining the grim details of them many faces seem to be etched into them all kinds from human to elf, orcan, angelic even demonic faces full of fear, terror and despair the features where almost as if they where trying to break through the black surface. It had been an hour since he delivered the invention and was waiting for their reply in the distance he could hear the howls of wolves and other things much worse and screams and cries for help from deep with in the castle or from the gates them selves it was hard to tell. A smaller door in the gates swung in ward and out stepped a young man his skin paled white and spoke as if he had no will of his own “ the prince has declined the offer. Though he will send two as emissaries to the ball”. Having hearing the reply the elf turns to leave walking at a pace that suggested he was ready to run for his life if need be.

The gates open slowly a reddish mist emits slowly from them from just behind the gates the sound of hooves clop on pebbled roadways a large horse emerges black as night its face hidden behind a skull like mask two glowing red eyes burn behind it like fire and from its back two large bat wings stretch and flap the night-mare pulls a black carriage with the Sanguinarius crest emblazed red on the doors the windows thick vermilion velvet curtains drawn across the windows in side sit two demonic forms. The first one speaks “ I’m unsure of this, What if it’s a trap or some trick?” her voice uncertain the second replies “ I’ve taken certain precautions if it is. “ he smiles reassuringly to her. The horse begins to move at a trot gaining speed as it begins to sprint flapping its wings and takes off towards the Ice Queens palace Winters Heart.

#14 gothador_seraphim

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Posted 27 February 2005 - 20:17

The Ice elf named B’frost, having now completed the task of hand delivering the invitations to the Great ball. A job given to him personally by his mistress Queen Shiva, hurried back to the enchanted snow covered lands he called home Iyras Ilora…. It was rare that any of his race left the ice caves, and now he missed it sorely.

As he moved through Gothadors warm climate his senses became to alert. he realized he was being followed. He could not tell what or by whom, just that it never left his trail. He tried to lose his tracker in the underbrush, but his lack of familiarity with the terrain worked to his disadvantage. Breathing heavily from his exertion, he finally he gave up running and turned to face this trailing menace, drawing a crystal sword as he did so.

“Who follows? I am the emissary of Queen Shiva to these lands and to hinder me is to gain her unending wrath.â€

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Posted 28 February 2005 - 08:00

mamori examined the nearby ice sculptures, their amazing details glistening in the sunlight which broke through the cavern's roof. now adorned in his more ornamental shaman robes of gray, dark green, and blue, bearing intriquite oriental patterns (which his normal shaman robes for the most part lacked), these robes were reserved for special occations. he had been offerd a wide selection of the ice elves' best garmets, but nore suited his taste (nor seemed to keep in warm enough).

soon the ball would start, and although he would not be able to confront aero, it would be a valuable opportunity to study the drow.

returning to his room, mamori looked through his belongings, finally coming to a small stick, aparently made of metal. with a flash of light the small stick became a sword, not one usually seen in these realms. and oriental design was obvious, and a single oval saphire between 2 quarter oval moon stones rested in the hilt.

this blade, known to many magicians as an elemental blade for its use in elemental magics, was one of mamori's most valuable tools. sitting on the floor, mamori raised the blade upwards in fron of his closed eyes. there was so much magic in this part of the ice caves it was hard to sence and strong presence anyway outside them, or inside for that matter.

returning the blade to its concealed form, mamori placed it in his robes and headed out once again to admire the decorations. perhaps he would strike up a conversation with shiva before the ball...

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Posted 02 March 2005 - 07:17

Shadows filled the cavernous hall and seemed to flit through even the brightest torchlight. Whispers, echoing and insistent, threatened to make one mad with the listening. That is, if the listener was not mad already...

One lone figure moved through the connecting corridors, his heart racing and his body trembling. His breath coming in gasps from between thin pursed lips. His eyes, darting nervously, searching every shadow for hidden horrors. He makes his way haltingly toward the source of the whispers, his terror growing with every step. As he nears, he begins to feel a cold chill emanating from the room ahead.

He halts a few feet from the arched opening to the great hall to gather his courage before entering when a voice, low and melifluous, greats him from inside.

"Enter traveler"

As he does as the voice bade him, he sees a figure standing in the center of the great hall. Her arms raised to the ceiling and her head, thrown back in what appeared to be exctasy. Hair, a deep red, shot through with black floating around her tall form. Skin, pale as death and glowing with an incandescent violet light which radiates outward to battle the shadows. Her gown, made from a material never before seen on earth, seemed to move and twist on her body.

The whispers were more insistent now and seemed to clutch at the travelers very core. Tearing at his nerves, threatening his sanity. Moving through his mind and embedding themselves in every crevasse of his conciousness.

Just as he thought his nerves would shatter, the whispers ceased. The silence seemed heavy and almost menacing in the absence of the sound. When he looked up again, the woman was staring at him. Her arms were no longer raised and the glow was quickly fading. Her gown no longer seemd to writhe on her form. Her eyes, a brilliant emerald green, fastened on the traveler. Nearly Expressionless save for a slight hunger which seethed under the surface of her demeanor.

She looked at him like this for a moment longer, just enough to make him squirm a bit, then a small smile crept into her features. She raised a single, well-formed brow, and inclined her head a bit in acknowledgement. She noticed the trembling man relax a bit at the change in expression so she decided to play with this a bit.

"What brings you here traveler? You have come to a rather dangerous place. Your mission must be an important one to risk yourself so", she said with a slight lilt to her voice.

The man seemed at a loss for words for a moment. He quickly regained his composure and addressed the woman, "You are the Sorceress Persephone, are you not?"

She smiled a bit more warmly before answering, "I am traveller. What is it you came for?"

The man fumbled at his belt for a moment before producing a diamond encrusted scroll and holding it out to Persephone with still trembling hands. "My queen Shiva wishes you to have this. She says it is yours to do what you wish".

With a dismissive flicker of her hand, Persephone sent the scroll flying through the air to land on a table near the arched entry. "Did Queen Shiva send anything else to me? I do so love her little gifts", Persephone said sweetly.

The man gulped and began to tremble even more violently. "She said that both the message and the messenger were yours to do with what you wish. I...I am t-to be your gift mistress".

Persephone's eyes flashed with interest for a moment before reaching out a hand to the frightened man. "Come to me. Do not be frightened of me. There are other things much worse than my touch", purred Persephone in a suggestive tone.

The man moved forward, as if in a trance, his eyes round and his mouth gone slack. He reached out his arms to encircle her waist and gasped when he felt her cool flesh. Persephone put one perfect finger to his trembling lips and slowly traced it down his chin to the hllow of his throat. She bit her lower lip in anticipation. A strange light glowed in her feline eyes and a bit of colour tinged her smooth, alabaster cheeks.

With a swift flick of her wrist, she drew her fingernail across the man's neck and drew back as his blood spurted from the mortal wound. She grinned deliriously as she watched him struggle and gasp on the ground and put her finger to her mouth to taste the blood she had drawn. When she sensed he was nearly at his end, she knelt down and placed a hand to his cheek, gently stroking it.

"You are all so beautiful in your mortal death. I wish that I could keep you so forever. However, because you are nothing more than a a mortal and a manchild at that, your life is meaningless. Die now knowing that your death brought me such intense pleasure. You became usefull to me after all", she purred softly to the dying man.

When she heard the death rattle, she released him and sauntered slowly over to the table to read what Shiva had sent her. The scroll opened of its own accord when Persephone touched it. "Clever spell Shiva", she muttered under her breath. She quickly read the scroll and a small smile broke across her face with the news. 'A ball...sounds lovely dear Shiva. I shall be there' she thought with amusement. 'Now for a suitable gift to thank her for hers. I wonder where she finds these lovely little humans'....

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Posted 08 March 2005 - 23:00

(As usual this is long, so please bear with me ;))

The angel reread the delicately painted parchment he held in his hand as he ascended the Tower of Magi. Vaguely it crossed his mind to wonder why specifically of all the Knights the three upon this invite had been chosen, though of course the choice of the Captain was an obvious one. He pushed open the door to the Magi Library, the spell books having been separated from the main library at the insistent of the departed Sebinauld, last Master Magi of this Tower. There was not a great many, but each was precious and valuable to those of the art.

There was a cast iron metal staircase spiralling upwards to another level, but Seraphim did not need to ascend it to find whom he was seeking. She was asleep, leaning over the desk, which had become her bed and with a book for a pillow. He cleared his throat to indicate he was there, but the young dark elf did not awake. And so he approached the desk and touched her shoulder lightly. Her eyes opened instantly and she stood up startled, before sinking back into her chair.


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Posted 15 March 2005 - 09:49

Shiva sighed, a long low whisper of breath that echoed around the cavern. She was in the ballroom again, curled up amongst furs as she listened to the spells she wove casually arrange themselves around the room, settling like first snow amongst the statues and pillars. With them in place, she would hear anything and everything that went on during her ball.

Typical of the witch to kill the messenger. She sent her pleasure beyond any that a demoness could conjure up, and it was destroyed in a moment of pain, she'd felt the ties break at the moment of his death. A mew of annoyance escaped. She couldn't afford for many of her people to be murdered in such a casual and gleeful manner, and yet she couldn't afford to enrage that, that sorceress. Yet, anyway.

She stretched langiously, enjoying the feel of silk and fur against her bare skin. At least she hadn't sent her best to Persephone, he was saved for more important allies.

Rising from her throne, she glided out of the room. Soon, it would be time. Soon, she would show the Omniverse that she was the true Queen. And maybe, just maybe, she would find a King of Fire and Light to match her Ice and Darkness...

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Posted 16 March 2005 - 15:47

BoogieKnight pulls his jacket tighter as he grumbles, "Damn cold, damn monsters, damn megalomaniacs. This is why I live in the South. Bet this Shiva woman built her crib her cause the property was cheap."

The drow bandit Nagling calls to him from a short distance away, "Winters Heart is just a short distance that way."

BoogieKnight catches up and catches sight of it, "Finally."

Nagling, "What has you convinced that he would employ a human?"

"Nothing," BoogieKnight points to their right, "Polar bear."

The dark elf tenses as the lumbering beast approaches. Boogie tries to calm the beast, "Be cool, be cool." He smacks himself on the head when he realizes, "Polar bears don't know English."

"What do we do?"

Boogie fumbles through his bag as he consoles, "Don't worry, I got the solution." He takes a peice of seal meat and stuffs it into Nagling's coat. The polar bear growls with gluttonous delight.

"Run fast."

The bear charges, Nagling retreats, and Boogie continues on as Nagling shouts curses in his native language.

Boogie rummages through his bag and produces a turban, then dons the turban to obscure his features.

"It's only got to work long enough."

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Posted 16 March 2005 - 18:55

*editors note*

Boogie i love what you are doing as a loose cannon in the story but slow it down!!!!!!!!!

You are bypassing all the stuff on his journey to the winterlands...tho the polar bear was really fun. Reread the discription of the winter lands in the above post, her security, the ice ogres, powerful magics...etc.
Shiva has the magical ability to monitor her entire castle, whatcha gon do?
Hmmmmm? She has magical ice statues that watch and monitor He knows nothing about this, whatcha gon do? Think it through a little more..
Maybe think along the terms of him being like james bond....

the fact that she lives in subzero weather, how is boogie dealing with that, a jacket?
How is he even going to get in, its a castle..? Located In a Cave that is located in the Ice Caves....does he know which one? there are so many things involved in his travels, So how does he accomplish just getting there...

especially since he just lost his guide....

...that part as editor i must just insist upon.... :twisted:

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