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The Grand Ball [Connected to The Great Battle]

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#21 mamori



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Posted 16 March 2005 - 19:54

"aaugg! I am soo bored!" mamori was again wondering aimlessly through the frozen realms, waiting for the ball to begin (shiva seemed busy with final preperations, so he didn't want to bother her).
Another polar bear came charging foreword, baring its teeth at its full hight. "How bothersome." blue energy appeard mamori's right hand, soon forming into something of a transparent blade, formed around his ridged hand. A single strike was all that was needed to bring down the creature. "I dont even need weapons to kill these things.."
another creature came running foreward, but this one was different, much smalelr than polar bear. a drow appeard around a large boulder and ran off into the mists which had rissen from the warming air of the afternoon, the sun being at its most pwerful shining down into the caves. A polar bear soon fallowed, paying no attention to the shaman.
Returning towards the castle, mamori noticed yet another traveler. "must be an early guest, i suppose ill introduce myself...." coming closer to the man, mamori took notice of the rather off turban that the man wore...

#22 gothador_boogieknigh

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Posted 17 March 2005 - 17:24

Boogie looks about in all directions, due to his unfamiliarity with the terrain he quickly forgets which direction Nagling pointed.

"Just Damn."

He stares off into a random direction and extends his arm.

"I hope these folks understand the concept of hitchhiking."
He walks backward going over in his mind the B.S. story he was going to use.

#23 mamori



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Posted 18 March 2005 - 03:28

after pointing the odd turben wearing man towards shiva's palace, mamori wanderd back out of the ice caves, having a strange, yet familiar feeling.

A white fox made it's way through the arctic lands, traveling with an almost ethreal spead. Stopping by a river which flowed under a small pine forest, the fox stopped to rest.

'Why have you called me here Hikari, I have a ball to attend to shortly..."

The white fox turned back to her familiar hybrid form, a small bag in her hand. "You should be grateful, it wasnt easy getting these damn keys, the members of the cult youve allied yourself with were very reluctant to give them to me."

opening the bag, 6 keys lay withen, each made from a different material. "and im assuming you have the vevalian key with you..." mamori nodded, pulling the key from his shaman robes. "Then thats all of them, five from this world, two from ours. shall we begin?" again, mamori nodded.

Knealing to the ground, mamori closed his eyes and went into somthing of a trance. Meanwhile, the white fox maiden began creating a symbol around him, similar to the one she had made with Inari's staff. With the symbol complete, she proceeded to place the seen keys in specific locations around its border. With the last key in place, the kitsune knelt before mamori, just outside the symbol's border, began chanting a spell...
"Fea en' Iva, lav luth nae sina onna desha ro aa’ uum ho akh'"
"Athiyk del Oloth, balbau yorn ulu nindol aterruce ji uk xal xun ukt quarthas." This continued for untill all seven keys were alight with powerful energies.

"Yewl sina mith enna ho lerret." with this final phrase, swirling energies appeard around mamori, binding themselves to him. When the light finally subsided, mamori stood from his place on the ground, gray kitsune ears and tail again showing.

"all your powers should now be returned to you. take care Epin." with that the myobu disappeard in a swirling of leaves.

'Epin...no one has called me that in quite some time." returning to his human form, mamori once again headed towards winter's heart.

#24 gothador_shiva

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Posted 18 March 2005 - 14:30

Shiva gazed at herself critically in the crystaline mirrors that hung around her dressing room. With a podgy finger she adjusted the crumbling silver and diamond tiara that nestled on her sapphire braids and then took in the final effect.

While the others of the hot lands above would have to dress warmly, she was under no such compulsion.

She was pleased with the dress, commissioned especially for this ball. Whisper thin, the pure white dress was tinged with blue where her hair and skin reflected on it. Simple, clean and elegant had been the brief to her designer and he had done himself proud. Around her neck, a broad mesh made of the finest silver began the dress, with tiny diamonds flashing in the weave. The silver mesh poured from her neck over her chest, stopping barely before indecency, leaving her shoulders and arms bare.

Then mesh blended into the thinnest white silk, giving lie to the idea of decency as it flowed and clung to her pale blue skin. It skimmed over the remainder her rounded breasts, skidded over the gentle curves of her hips to fall and twist around her long and slender thighs before forming a small and full train that pooled like white-hot gold on the marble floor.

The dress bared her back to the point of decency also, the snowy film rushing to cover her as the dress flowed from her hips. With a slight smile, the ice queen smoothed the dress, knowing the effect that her curves would have on the attending males.

Her hair, usually a riot of untamed braids was still wild and cascaded around her shoulders and back, but the ornaments and ties had been changed to pure silver and diamonds, and a simple spell placed delicate icy snowflakes among them and her tiara of office.

Crystal slippers traced with silver and sapphire and the finest and thinnest diamond and sapphire earings and bracelets completed the assemble.

With a wave of her hand, a servant ran up and placed the heavy velvet and polar bear fur cloak around her shoulders that she would discard on her enterance to the ball.

She curtsied gracefully to her reflection in the mirror. "Shall we dance?" Her laughter echoed through the room. "Oh yes, yes we shall..."

#25 gothador_boogieknigh

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Posted 18 March 2005 - 15:23

Boogie spots the returning mamori and approaches him. He bows slightly and takes great pains in annunciating each word, as if he were unfamiliar with the language, "Sir, I am on a di..plomatic mission. My presents...presence was not anticipated, but it is imperi...tive that I succeed. I have travelled great distances for an audience with the highly estima... no, forgive me, esteemed Queen Shiva.

"I fear that her secretary detail... no, no, no... security detail will be less than...understanding. If you would be so kind, accompany this inexperienced diplomat to Winterr's Heart."

#26 Kayla



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Posted 18 March 2005 - 15:54

With a gentle mew, the cream kitten yawned, it's mouth wide and teeth sharp. It licked it's jaws and instinctively washed behind it's ear. An arm reached out and embraced the kitten and it found itself pulled on top of a female bosom. Normally the odd little kitten wouldn't mind this, normally it would start purring, loudly, however right now it needed the little kitten's room... It wriggled out of the woman's warm embrace and left the lair.

A little later it was licking the dirt from between it's claws when it saw something unusual on the road ahead. Crouching under a nearby bush, the red-eyed kitten watched...

A compliment of light armoured drow upon horseback passed first, followed by a beautiful dark wood carriage, unnecessarily ornate with slithers of slilver lining the decoration, door handles and wheels. A second platoon of warrior drow began making their way passed. They appeared to be heading for the Ice Caves, the kitten realised and ran after them.

The entourage paused before the entrance of the caves and Bhutos watched from the treetops as one of the commanders dismounted and spoke to whoever sat within the carriage. Bhutos scratched his smooth dark face with one finger as he considered a rumour his sharp ears had overheard of late. The Queen of the Frozen Realms, Shiva, elf of Ice and Darkness was throwing a Ball. A great many nobles and VIP's from all over the lands had been invited.

He hadn't received an invite. He assumed it simply had got lost in the post. He shrugged, it didn't really matter he hadn't been planning to attend anyway...

Two red feline like eyes spied the face of a young woman for a brief moment appear in the carriage window. A sly grin appeared upon the face of the dark elf in the tree.

... of course who was he to deny the Lady Shiva and all her guests his gracious company?

One of the entourage was a little delayed as he made his way back to his horse. If anyone wondered why he didn't make too much effort to catch up with the rear guards, no one spoke about it, too concerned with what lie ahead than behind.

Back in the long grass beside the brief resting spot, an unknown naked drow lay stuggling in tight bonds...

In the meantime, the woman in Bhutos' lair stretched out upon the large round cushion, before rolling over and curling up into a ball. But she could not get comfortable. Lazily she opened one eye to look around and noted Bhutos' absence. Then arching her back she rose on all fours and kneeded the cushion as if she were a feline. There was a crackle of paper. Lifting the blankets, she tossed the paperwork to one side... it appeared someone with in the Killer Kitties Cult had been avoiding the bills again. The slender female, who thought she was a cat, curled up once more and fell asleep. A decorative invitation gently landed on top of the mountain of paperwork in the corner.

#27 gothador_persephone

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Posted 21 March 2005 - 10:23

The sounds of an otherworldy fabric whispering against silken, bare skin echoed down the long corridor as Persephone made her way to her bed chambers. Her eyes gleamed with a feral light and her lips are twisted cruelly into a semblance of a smile. Her body is on fire with her recent activities and she is still slightly flushed. The smell of the man's blood still lingers at the edge of her senses.

She passes through the archway leading to her chambers and pauses a moment to soak up the calming effects of the spell woven through the room. She surveys the room, her eyes taking in the enormous bed with it's silken draperies and the lush carpets layered over the stone floor. Her gaze falls upon her destination and she makes her way over to the large mahogany doors of her closet. With a wave of her pale hand, the doors open silently and the rows of gowns inside come into view. She scans the gowns until her eye is caught by one at the very back. A gown made from the rarest indigo silk, shot through with deep violet threads. A pattern is etched at the low neckline in silver and the back plunges as far as is decent. The arms, long and flowing, open and caught with silver clasps in 3 places. Her shoulder, her elbow, and her wrist.

She waves her hands over the gown and it is now on her, the fit...perfect. She thinks for a moment and waves her hands yet again and a silver belt, encrusted with diamonds now glitters low around her waist. She walks over to her dressing table now, becoming excited with this new game of dress up and opens a velvet box lying on the table. Inside lies a crown, meant to lie on her forehead and clasp behind her hair. Tanzanite, sapphires, and diamonds glittered along it's length and it seemed to glow from within. She placed it on her head and turned to survey herself in the mirror.

'Yes' She thought, 'This should make them wonder'.

She saunters over to the archway and pauses once more to embrace the calming aura that fills the room and swiftly turns to make her way down the corridors once more. She reaches the massive doors of her keep and the doors open, it seems, of thier own volition. She steps out into the everpresent twilight that lays over her lands and speaks a single word in a commanding tone. In moments, the sound of horses running can be heard along with the sound of carriage wheels. The horses careen around a corner and come to a halt before thier mistress, thier black and glossy flanks, gleaming and thier sides, heaving. The carriage doors open to reveal a darkened velvet interior and Persephone climbs nimbly inside. The horses move, as if guided by some invisible force and begin thier long trek to The Winterlands, home of Shiva, the ice queen herself.

Persephone allows her thoughts to turn inward during her long jouney and smiles as she imagines all of the delectable flesh that will be present when she arrives. 'I really must learn to control my hunger' she demures. "I can't very well slaughter all of her guests. Though, I'm sure she won't notice a few missing...'

#28 gothador_ghosten

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Posted 21 March 2005 - 19:16

The merriment of tonight’s evening was like any other; the crew were unreasonably drunk after coming into port, matter-of-factly I am writing to you from a cabin in the Sword and Fist, reputably known for its drunken brawling. What was meant to be a one weeks exploration had turned into nearly a month of trading and plundering, barely scrapping enough food together through the journey, was awful times Sir. Though I think the men have ate more than enough to compensate the loss, the amount of vomit is proof enough to that. I think the crew will be wanting to take a few days leave at least before heading back to duty once where home, to get there heads together and all.

It was hard times on the Swift Needle, well, she is only meant to be a scouting vessel, her cargo hold is slimmer than ‘the missus’ love handles’ as the Commodore would say. Still, we managed to bring back a tidy amount of coins back with us, aswell as the charts I have made on our travels. I have no doubt you will be pleased with us despite our extended delay. Ah yes, also I found ten of those eggs, minus the two I requested and the one Ermac ate, that’ll be seven left. (trust Ermac...turns out they’re not edible, even for a thick stomached greenskin.)

One I studied upon for some nights, though I’ve already found out a great deal it will still be great to return to the laboratory and library, the resources I’ve been able to bring with me have been limited to say the least. The other I kept I managed to hatch, and lo and behold the dragon, said to be of a legendary, intelligent and grand race seems to think I’m its mother. After some time I managed to at least convince him I was male, and thus he now thinks I’m his father instead, well, its one step up I suppose. I can’t complain regardless, he is strong as a pack of oxen, and obedient as a pup. I’ve had him beat his wings against the sail whilst in flight, you should see how fleet we move Sir, we cut the through the ocean like a hot knife through butter. He cannot perform this task for long but im confident his endurance will build with consistent work.

I think that covers the basics of what you need to know Sir, as always I will go over the finer details with you when I report to you in person, which if all goes well will be tomorrows eve.

Brother to Brother, Yours in Life and Death.

And with that Ghosten set down his pen and rubbed his eyes wearily then folded the parchment in half and rolled it into a tight little scroll and put it in a small metal case, no bigger than the size of his thumb. He held it up into the candlelight as he closed his palm around it, his eyes pursed shut for a brief moment.

When Drumster next looked at his desk he would find the scrollcase sitting ontop of it.

"Liuetenant Sir?" a gruff voice spoke out from behind the door.
"What NOW Jersak?" Ghosten replied with bitter frustration.
"Gotsa message for yas Sir, sure ’nuf Sir, messangas from da Ice Caves Sir" Jersak replied quickly in his quiet and obediant tone.
"Why arn’t you on the Needle?" came Ghosten’s reply as he shoved his broken hinged door open into Jersak’s face, sending his cowering form to the floor. "And what have I told you about standing behind doors? Get up and fix the footrope like i told you, I need our topsail up again in the morning dammit, go you swine, GO!" and as Jersak scrabbled to his feet Ghosten trod and his ass and pushed, sending the small man forward into a somosault and out of the corridor aswell as sight.

Ghosten snorted and supressed his anger, the little man could do nothing right. Ghosten took in a deep breath and the scent of the corridor, to his side the messanger had been waiting there, silent and cloaked as night itself.

"Suppose ye better come in," Ghosten tilted his head towards back into his room and spoke over his shoulder as he walked back in, "Did ya travel far? Cold it was I bet...food? Rum?" he said wavering his hands past the bottle of rum and platter of food.

"Tell ya what, eat, drink, then start from the begining..."

#29 gothador_purgatorix

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Posted 01 April 2005 - 06:07

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#30 gothador_aero

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Posted 03 April 2005 - 02:54

Sargtlin, Dani and Aero walked from the Great house to an awaiting Carriage in silence. Aero respected their silence, they had been this way since visiting his father. Both were in deep thought because he had not blessed their union, but commanded Sargtlin to rebuild the house of his deceased brother.

The awaiting coach glittered like the midnight sky, it was entirely lit by fairy fire and was covered completely with crushed pearls and diamond dust. The door handles, wheel spokes and other acessories were made of pale golden mitheral, a metal that is a blend of silver and gold, all of which was shaped into the likness of forest vines. At the front of the coach was a team of coal black elven horses. The Nahar a magical breed of horses about the size and shape of the Thoroughbreds prized by humans. But stronger, faster and much more intellegent.

A platoon of the Knights Illythiir, Prince Aero’s favored elite Guard, were polished and at their post, each carrying and islwin sword, and a horn and sinew bow all ready to escort them safely to the Ball. The knight’s horses gently pawed the ground in anticipation of the trip.

A sudden comotion attracted their attention as they prepared to leave. The Warlord Leonardo approached the carraige followed by a drow mercenary who appeared to have been badly mistreated.

“My lord, this is Nagling he says that he has information regarding a plot to assasinate you and Prince Sargtlin.â€

#31 gothador_boogieknigh

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Posted 04 April 2005 - 14:51

For some reason BoogieKnight was remembering something his old man told him, "The best lain plans always go to ^&(*."

#32 mamori



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Posted 08 April 2005 - 22:25

mamori peared into the man's eyes, searching his spirit. His green eyes seemingly becoming almost feline. A thin grin apeared on mamori's face. "Come with me then, but don't look into the guards eyes..."

Passing once more by the gaurds, they took little notice of the 'mesenger', or so he called him. "The party which escorted him here has already left, and I can't possibly let him go back alone, he'd probably be killed by some stray beast."

Once inside, mamori gave boogieknight a quick word of advice. "Keep your face hidden, and wait till after the ball has ended, Shiva does not like her parties to be interupted.."

Passing by several more of the ice sculptures, mamori found his way to the room which would be host to the ice queen's grand ball. "It is about to begin it seems.' An odd look suddenly overcome mamori for a moment before he relized....he didn't have a date. "I wonder if the Enchanted FireCircle has sent a representative..., seeing as they probably have no idea im here."

#33 gothador_castamir

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Posted 08 April 2005 - 23:35

Castamir grinned at the carnage whilst brushing snow from his fur coat. The ice giant had not expected the lone dark elf to put up a fight, and he had taught the ice giant a lesson in anatomy, ice giant anatomy to be precise, as it's entrails and other organs were now staining the white snow red all around it's still twiching corpse.

Of course he had done it in a most entertaining and above all 'artistic' way. He did try to get enjoyment out of everything he did - it was his mission, his primary goal, and thus far he had been very good at it.

Which is why he planned to turn up at the ball, despite the fact that he hadn't been invited - or perhaps *because* he hadn't been invited. He didn't need an invitation to enjoy himself, in fact, an invitation rather took the sport out of things. He wondered if he should have warned his cult that he was planning to attend..?

No matter.. he thought to himself, teeth flashing in a grin as he moved on through the caves, flicking the gore from his blade with a deft movement of the wrist, ..they would only have warned the great Shiva to double her guard, and hide the silver..

#34 gothador_boogieknigh

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Posted 12 April 2005 - 15:58

"Of course," BoogieKnight bows, "If...any in-quire about my person...I am Sheik Yerbouti Mohhamed Nazir Mohhamed Tingtang Wallawalla Bingbang Mohhamed."

#35 mamori



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Posted 15 April 2005 - 21:37

looking over the frozen landscape, mamori could see various people arriving for the ice queen’s grand ball, all adorned in lavish attire. “and here they come.â€

#36 gothador_seraphim

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Posted 17 April 2005 - 13:19

Somewhere in the Shimmering Forest…

The leaves shook with each beat of the drum, in a clearing a large group of 30 dark elves danced wildy around a bondfire, Their deep howls and shrilled shierks echo’d in the caverns darkness, warning all cretures to beware….
For the Qualyn hunted tonight...

Several dark elves waited off to the side, their bodies swaying to the rythums created by the frenzied gathering.

One Drow elf naked to the waist, slowly drew his weapons, the handles were scaled dragons with undulating blades. He slowly started rythumically clapping the flat sides of the serpentine blades together, lightly at first then getting stronger with each beat. The gathered crowd of elves stood in place and started pounding the ground even harder with their feet, clapping their hands and chanting even louder than before, goading the lone drow into a trance-like state. In a sudden burst of movement the drow started jerking and spinning, twirling his blades in an inticate pattern of death, as he weaved in and out of the transfixed crowd. His body contorted and twitched as he spun past each of the gathered Qualyn. A nick here a scratch there, but never anything that could be concidered lethal. Untill at the last moment when the sounds of the gathering approached a feverish pitch the Qualyn master crossed his two blades at the throat of one of the gathered drow, who then held up his arms and estatically looking upwards screamed…

“Usstan tlun l' detholusin…
nym'uer uns'aa yornen nindel tlu,
Usstan lar harl elamshinae pholor ussta dalninuken…
Xuil l' or'shanse d' ussta vlos!!!!!!

[i][size=75]I am the chosen… hear me powers that be,
I call down favor upon my brothers…
With the sacrifice of my blood!!!!!!â€

#37 gothador_graywalker

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Posted 24 April 2005 - 00:27

graywalker looked around suspisiously scencing the magic power all around him in the air he could tast it gods here i am middle of frozen no where without so much as a dagger to my name just whos bright idea was it to accepat an invite to aprarty where you hade to leave your weapons at home oh well if thats what the boss want thats what she gets he looks at his raven and nods at this it takes wing and flies up over the battlements into the castle muttering a small incantationa and twisting a ring graywalker linked to the raven hmm he thought to him self wonder what thay would think about that little ability now lets see where castamire is knowing him he wont be far away and most likely got his eye on any valubles not safely under guard or in his case not protected by half a regiment of guards and at least 4 mages looking round at mamori he grins thinking so out little mage still cant work out my bird good lets keep it that way with this last thought to him self he falls in behind moongirl ready to follow her into the ball

#38 gothador_aero

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Posted 03 May 2005 - 04:34

Mithril shod hooves thundered through the ice caves. Throwing up snow behind as they made they’re way to Queen Shiva’s Castle. The carriage it pulled was silent as both Prince Aero and Prince Sargtlin concidered tonight’s possible events. Aero looked out of the window at the Cadre of Ilythiir Knights as they lead the way to the Grand Ball. And as they slowed to a stop at the gates Aero spoke.

“We’ve arrived, cousin.â€

#39 gothador_boogieknigh

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Posted 06 May 2005 - 18:07

Boogie creeps out of the room and slinks throughout the palace. Sneaking around in places filled with people that could kill him with just a nasty look wasn't anything new to him.

"Posing as a guard is too predictable, need to find the kitchen."

He continues until he hears the commotion and sizzling.


Occupied with being prepared to feed the multitude of guests has the cooks too busy to notice Boogie creeping in. He sees one cook separated from the others, and smiles like a leapard that spotted a stray in the herd.

He eases his way to the cook's side and clubs him. Boogie sneaks off with his quarry into a storage unit. Boogie steals the cooks clothes and leaves him hog-tied and gagged in a dark corner. Boogie takes over for the cook, but first tugs at the sleeve in order to completely conceal the image of a serpentine dragon on his arm.

#40 gothador_castamir

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Posted 06 May 2005 - 23:26

Castamir waited and from his hidden vantage point watched the others arrive, including his cult mates..

He lifted his eyes to the heavens and let out a long slow breath, visible in the fridgid air of the Caves.

If *they* are here, I suppose I had better tread carefully. They will want my best behaviour, though they will be watchful for my worst..

In truth he did not expect to see such a large group of his cult mates, though he wasn't bitter about not being invited along - he had spent the best part of a year away in the Kingdom of Ulth'ran, 'celebrating', and so had been rather out of touch. He wondered if they would all be happy to see him and chuckled slightly as he emerged rom his cover and strode easily towards the same entrance the others has used, as though his presence there were the most natural thing in the world..

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