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In Topic: Relic Lead Defender

24 February 2021 - 20:43

to me this is something that dont matter either way, where is the dont care option, as SS says its convenient, as Maeh and Tilley said shuffle the peeps, i think this is too serious for how insignificant a topic this is.

In Topic: Legendary Attack!

08 December 2020 - 08:10

lacks everything except the frags you get from it,mind you i was cleared off bb by someone who was wearing it 


yeah, it is more lacking than i first saw fun in, i like the fun concept and it looks fine to me, tho in practice its not so feasible without BG boosting it.

In Topic: Legendary Attack!

06 December 2020 - 05:38

BG, i think the vigilscale set bonus needs buffing, it suffers vastly from lack of buff support and i bet it still lacks a little to be a great arena hybrid, prob needs more def/arm/dam.


edit: another 2k in def and 1k in arm and dam imo, roughly.


edit: seems to lack defense...

In Topic: Legendary Attack!

06 December 2020 - 05:36

Tried it once - lost first round - in  tournament with no specials, no hellforge and no epics.

I messaged the "designer" of the set too for some clarity - not going to post his replies tho.

For those that are curious, message him directly :)


theres next to zero chance of winning in non specials with this....

In Topic: ladder

01 December 2020 - 09:24

its simple, if u dont want them getting tokens then join their range and defeat them, not their fault you are lazy or unwilling.


edit: theyd prob relish some company :D

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