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"Shot in the Dark" !?!?

04 July 2021 - 22:10

I am very disappointed, not by recent events BUT the last 10 years .....




The most disappointing & most insulting thing is that after more than 10+ years the PvP attack ranges are still at +/- 10 !!!

(was 1st introduced over 10+ years ago at ~lvl 300 where there were 2000-3000 online players, where "online activity" was at 5-10 mins, now it is 45 mins with 200-250 online players)

there have been players sitting with millions of gold on hand for years knowing how **** up the ranges are & they know they are safe ....



PVP Ladder


As much as it pains me to say I seriously hope you will NOT release any new Rewards (sets, ...) because you kept constantly ignoring the issues that many told you about which made PvP Ladder Tokens useless (very sad that the tokens I & others got before using a huge amount of resources are now useless too) which brings me to my next point


just in case you HCS are not understanding:

new PvP Ladder Rewards are added to increase PvP Ladder activity BUT that will not be necessarily the case because the vast majority of people have been hoarding them for a long time with hardly spending any resources to get them .... please do NOT make the mistake !!!




I can not believe I am saying this BUT it would be better to add the "coming PvP Ladder Rewards" to the Arena because at least here they will have some value unlike the PvP Ladder Rewards !!!

I am sure the Arena is not perfect BUT it's at least XX times more challenging than the PvP Ladder & not as broken due to skill levels, .....




Question to HCS => for whom are you developing the APP???

Is it for EOC, the "veteran" players, new players or for everyone?


The APP has been in developement for what, 7 years? and from what I heard it's not even halfway (not counting alpha, beta, ..... ) until completed so it will take another 7 more years ?!?!


The best APP will be useless when several game mechanics are broken & you still keep ignoring them for years


I am asking this because I doubt you are aware of the problems new players are running into ....


2 of them are:

1) the lower maps are too complex compared to the high maps where the path is very simple (1 entry, 1 exit)


2) As mentioned over the years numerous times Composing is NOT accessible to everyone because they are guild-BOUND & the only way for new players to get them is to either join a guild with a high composer or buy from "Traveling-Composers" which prices usually were very expensive !!!

Over the years I mentioned numerous times that I used to mentor small guilds until my "semi-retirement", they had NO other way to get composing potions than to buy them from "Traveling-Composers"

They sold a lvl 200 skill (30 min) for 3 FSPs (~750k gold) which would have cost me 10k gold (75 times more expensive) LOL

BTW the leveling pots AL, LIB, Conserve are at lvl 300 (30 min) and were sold at 5 FSPs EACH !!!

which "average" new player could afford paying 15 FSPs ONLY for 3 leveling composing pots everytime they hunt & because of their low max stam they hunt more frequently than us ?!?!?




Started as a great idea BUT became the worst affecting almost every game mechanic  :(

You have forced Composing upon us whether we want it or not, especially in PvP, GvG, Relic Battles, ..... so we could at least "equally" compete in skill level


I am not going to go into details because everyone (even the most delusional) knows how overpowered Composing has become !!!

Composing **** up PvP, especially the PvP Ladder even more (I will spare you the details, have been posted in forum numerous times) !!!

Composing **** up GvG, attacking guild usually blitz-attacks with composing & even if the defending guild tries to defend will be almost useles because obviously casting levels can not hold a candle to the OP Composing !!!

Composing **** up Relic Battles, no further words are obviously needed on that recent subject

other skill issues can be found at https://forums.hunte...showtopic=77333(by tilley)


Over the years I posted in forum numerous times how easy it is to get frags to create EPIC Composing skills for "pennies", ~4 years ago (when I "semi-retired") I had millions of frags, like some others I posted many times about & in the last 4 years I have farmed frags only 2 times so others who continued to farm are now with 10s of millions LOL


@to those who do not know me & think I am trying to get benefits because I do not have the resources ....


I have posted this A LOT of times in forum:

I am a high Composer with millions of frags & lots of PvP Ladder tokens which have cost me a Fortune to gather !!! as usual HCS can easily verify it  :) 




So in the last 10 years what big game updates did we get?:

1) Season which was bound to fail because they purposely ignored the PvPer side

2) 3+ Composing Updates despite it making the game worse, why? because it is a huge gold sink!?!?



I know we are in difficult times BUT honestly it does NOT take 10+ **** years to change the PvP attack ranges LOL

+due to covid people have been more online than ever & online gaming has boomed (look it up)


The FSH script is currently actively managed by PointyHair (is not HCS stuff member) alone (I think) & he alone is spending A LOT more time on coding than HCS, does that even make any sense?


Back then brought it to HCS attention how easily it is to power level on only SEs, was ignored but much later it was suddenly removed & to this day (I have asked around) nobody knows why (I am not complaining, just wondering why suddenly)

Back then brought it to HCS attention how Titan Events were a huge disadvantage for big guilds & actually for the so called "1-man-guilds", was ignored but years later changed by hoof after he observed it himself (someone reached out to him)


Almost every guild has become "dead", not for the lack of ideas players gave but rather for the almost non-existing coding action for the last 10+ years !!!

There is a small guild (TEoG) who is making some "noise" hehe to keep the game alive  ;)


This used to be a great game & still has the potential to be BUT for some strange reason it became evident to many that anything regarding Competition or even TEAMWORK gets shot down or even watered down (check FS history updates in the last 10 years  :( )


Regardless if my topic will be deleted / ignored / replied with just "lip-service", .... any action or non-action will show how the future of the game is going to continue ....


ps: to those still waiting for the XP Event: HCS will release it & a special donation offer (most obviously celebration chest)

Towers => Orbs

13 December 2020 - 14:59

Seems like almost every game aspect hardly has any activity anymore so …..

Introduce “Towers” (= a Guild Structure)

They can be bought under the Guild Upgrades Section for 100 FSPs each (4-6 Towers in total)


“Orbs” can be placed in “Towers” & the “Orbs” need to be invented !!!

to invent an “Orb” will require a lot of EPIC resources => so let’s get as many game aspects involved as possible (all kinds of Farming from Resources to LE, Inventing, SE Hunting, Titan Hunting, PvP Ladder, Arena, GvG Conflict, …..)


Recipe A = 1 x The Hunted Cows Warhammer + 1 x The Hunted Cows Amulet + 1 x The Hunted Cows Helm

Recipe B = 1 x Steamforged Gorgeanaka Cuirass + 1 x Chodrcane Gloves + 1 x Perchtas Grasp + 1 x Perchtas Rune

Recipe C = 1 x Ridged Plate Cuirass + 1 x Shadow Weave Gloves + 1 x Vine Tendril Gauntlets

Recipe D = 1 x Bag of 100 PvP Ladder Tokens + 1 x Bag of 1000 Arena Tokens

(NEW PvP Ladder Reward added called “Bag of 100 PvP Ladder Tokens” + Arena Reward called “Bag of 1000 Arena Tokens”)

Recipe E = 1 x Inferno Hammer (Tier 5) + 1 x Steamwork Cuirass (Tier 5) + 1 x Writhing Ward (Tier 5)

Recipe F = 3 x Deepwater Choker + 3 x Death Ring of Lestus + 3 x Ogaliths Fiery Grasp + 3 x Arcing Sabatons of Cyclonus

Recipe G = 3 x Feather Amulet of Kantec + 3 x Skaldirs Frostbitten Steps + 3 x Venoxa Tox Gland + 3 x Wazargs Siege Helm

Recipe H = 3 x Tith Ausos Shield + 3 x Fuvayus Vortex Stone + 3 x Echiphons Scale Gauntlets + 3 x Gorgeanaka Skin Shoes

Recipe I = 3 x Pyramid Amulet of King Sothad + 3 x Rune of Boteroth + 3 x Mace of the Colossus + 3 x Tsukiyaomos Benighted Helm

Recipe J = 3 x Krakaradon Tooth Harpoon + 3 x Helm of Kojin + 3 x The Mask of Terror + 3 x Choker of Time

Recipe K = 3 x Roach Rune of Epidemicus + 3 x Kraganaths Krushing Helm + 3 x Dragon Draped Breastplate + 3 x Elemental Shield Blank


“Orb” = Recipe A + Recipe B + Recipe C + Recipe D + Recipe E + Recipe F  + Recipe G + Recipe H + Recipe I + Recipe J + Recipe K

Furthermore “Orbs” are tiered =>

Orb (Tier 1) = Orb + Orb

Orb (Tier 2) = Orb (Tier 1) + Orb (Tier 1)

Orb (Tier 3) = Orb (Tier 2) + Orb (Tier 2)

Orb (Tier 4) = Orb (Tier 3) + Orb (Tier 3)

Orb (Tier 5) = Orb (Tier 4) + Orb (Tier 4)



  • Function of those invented “Orbs”

“Orbs” can be placed into the “Towers” (=Guild Structure) to give BONUSES !!!

Here are some EXAMPLES: (each Orb placement can give 1 of those Bonuses, either Stam Gain, Max Stam, Teleport Cooldown reduction, get % more Guild Experience (GXP) per Creature, get % more Experience (XP) per Creature, …..

Orb = +1 Stam gain, +1k Max Stam, -1 sec Teleport Cooldown, +1% GXP, +1% XP,

Orb (Tier 1) = +2 Stam gain, +2k Max Stam, -2 sec Teleport Cooldown, +2% GXP, +2% XP,

Orb (Tier 2) = +3 Stam gain, +3k Max Stam, -3 sec Teleport Cooldown, +5% GXP, +5% XP,

Orb (Tier 3) = +5 Stam gain, +5k Max Stam, -4 sec Teleport Cooldown, +10% GXP, +10% XP,

Orb (Tier 4) = +10 Stam gain, +10k Max Stam, -5 sec Teleport Cooldown, +15% GXP, +15% XP,

Orb (Tier 5) = +15 Stam gain, +15k Max Stam, -6 sec Teleport Cooldown, +20% GXP, +20% XP,

These were just some Examples

So if a guild has an Orb (Tier 2) and wants Max Stam then they have to insert the Orb into the Max Stam Tower to get ONLY the Bonus of +5 Stam gain !!!

If a guild has an Orb (Tier 5) and wants more GXP then they have to insert the Orb into the GXP Tower to get ONLY the Bonus of +20% GXP !!!



  • The Epics in Recipes A, B, C were choosen on purpose because they need the most ingrediens, are the most expensive & will take time to get them !!!
  • I choose to NOT include any of the Elemental Weapons (Javelin, Hammer, Trident, Blade) into any Recipe for obvious reasons (are already used to invent the 4 Elemental Shields, titans do NOT drop them, is from a quest + will get too expensive for new & low players), same why did NOT use any Elemental Shields in any Recipe !!!
  • Each Tower has a different function, meaning that there is a Stam gain Tower, Max Stam Tower, Teleport Tower, GXP Tower, XP Tower, …… (this is to avoid abuse by a guild getting 4-6 Towers & placing Stam Gain or Max Stam Orbs in them, each Tower can be used once, meaning you can only have ONE single Stam Gain Tower, NOT multiple ones, applies to the rest too !!!
  • Everything I posted here is just an EXAMPLE (epic ingredients, quantity, ....)


The main reason is to increase activity for a much longer period + get as many people involved (as you can see it will require the help of multiple players, the whole guild to invent the “Orbs” + will take a long time to upgrade the Orbs + TEAMWORK + different kinds of game aspects + finally something to do as many of us just hardly login to do anything & most importantly the Recipes hardly need any “special” coder since BG can do that which should be FAST to implement ^_^


Please feel free to post your opinion, ideas, improvements, …. as the Recipes, kind of Rewards are up to HCS, Community what they want to see AND as usual keep it civil  :)



while we are waiting for HCS, they can implement this awesome feature:


the amount you enter will be transfered (substracted) from your FSP account to your "FSP chest" that will appear in your Mailbox !!!

(EXAMPLE: if your account has 1000 FSPs and you input 200 FSPs, then your account will have 800 FSPs & the "FSP chest" a value of 200 FSPs !!!)

then this "FSP Chest" (hope HCS will give it a cool design) can be gifted to players, this will generate activity especially during events, occasions, holidays, ...... 

this is much better than just receiving fsps (proven in other games & sure many saw it in other games, I ♥ it)

hope we will see it before the NEW year & at the same time HCS can observe the activity during that day  :D 

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