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#972268 TA player kill status

Posted by Lalalalalalalala on 21 November 2016 - 16:42

I think nice idea is a bounty board in the guy who is pking like me, then the pkr have more targets for kill in the island  :D

But the gold coins on your head looks too shinny.



And i have other nice idea, i challenge to HC or the old founders a fight 4vs4 in TA i can grab a group. It is not necessary for me to be in the group, maybe can be others AND the community can be the spectators lol can be really funny dying in TA to the HC for alls xD. What u says ?  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

Bad idea! Mojawk will kill us all by throwing us all into the air, drowning all our mana, then drop a chaos meteor upon us!!!

#964353 Development Update

Posted by Lalalalalalalala on 13 June 2016 - 13:51

If anyone is thinking of leaving the game feel free to send your unwanted / no longer needed goodies to me  :D  .


Been there, done that.

If it wasn't my friends who couldn't stop asking me to come back, I'd never do that. I didn't even miss the game at all, but the community. It feels like I'm living in a small village with so many friendly and nice people who love to help each other. And then I read this post just a few days after I came back...

#957898 A Simple Auction House Idea

Posted by Lalalalalalalala on 27 January 2016 - 15:13

I think they would need to add some sort of gold sink thingie (yup I'm so technical here , not~), because it seems like a full AH when implemented would most likely have some kind of fee for using it (hopefully nothing crazy, maybe like 5% of the sold price or something) and even for something like this my guess is you just can't have it 100% free.

Yup, I forgot about it! Oops :ph34r:

#957650 Dodge Gems

Posted by Lalalalalalalala on 24 January 2016 - 07:58

But... but... all 75% dodge sounds tempting :(

#957628 A Simple Auction House Idea

Posted by Lalalalalalalala on 23 January 2016 - 16:29

I don't know if the cows is already working on AH for Eldevin and will finish and add it into the game sooner or later. But in case if they haven't working on it, I'd like to suggest this idea which I think it's simple and easy to create.


A non-server crossed AH or an AH that only works for a single server that being managed by a NPC around Eldevin City Square. Works like the other vendors in Eldevin. People put their items into this NPC with a fixed price, no bid. So it's like a player item's vendor.


This picture is an example:



How it works:

1. Search Box. People can find items or seller they're looking for in this box. Each tab/category has a different result, depending on which it's category and seller.

The codes aren't not hard if the cows use Query for this I think.


2. Seller

  • Players can sell their items in [Player's Item in AH] tab. On this tab, the Buy Now button changed to Post Item. Any bound items cannot be posted
  • When Post Item button is clicked, it will show a window with a single dimension slot where they can put their items to AH with it's price. So players can put any dimension of items in this slot.
  • Players can post items with it's quantity/stack in 1 slot.
  • When their items has been sold, the seller will get a notification of this and get their money transferred to them instantly.
  • When their items is not sold within 24 hours, the items will go to [Player's Item in AH] tab and they need to take it manually.
  • On [Player's Item in AH] tab, there will be 1 other button labelled with Take Item next to Post Item button. This button works to take player's expired items.
  • Starting slots is HCS's choice. Players can add more slots that cost Gold or EP. Gold is preferred.

3. Any bought items will be instantly transferred to the buyer's inventory.

4. This AH works for a single server only.


Most people is hoping HCS would add AH soon, so there will be no spam in World Chat. Hurray! \ :lol: /

#957561 Re-buy Vendored Items

Posted by Lalalalalalalala on 22 January 2016 - 16:57

This would help people to get their useful items back after they vendored by an accident.

A small periode till the items get cleared from the vendor and cannot be bought again would be good too, like 30-60 minutes? And it'd keep the vendors clean from trashes.


Well, this is what I've heard from someone. He once sold his level 40 boots with a radiant zirconia socketed. He forgot it had it because he was too happy for getting level 49 set and didnt care of the socketed gem warning. :(

#957414 PvP balance proposal

Posted by Lalalalalalalala on 20 January 2016 - 13:50

one last ps THIS IS NOT DOTA 2.

Well I haven't played any other 3D MMORPG. But actually this game have a lot of similar skills like Dota, and it was the reason I enjoy playing this game.


Edit: if anyone knows Troll Warlord and Phantom Assassin in Dota, hence why I love being an Assassin in Eldevin. "You can't hit me" :D

#957368 cant complete "Rebuilding Illanon Relations"

Posted by Lalalalalalalala on 19 January 2016 - 13:33

Hmm... Have you returned to Lady Magtha yet?

The pre-last stage in "A Call to Peace" level 32 quest said I should return to Lady Magtha, then the last stage said it's completed with she rewarded me reputation, golds and weapon.

#955534 Make Massacre and Shadow Strike Add More Melee DPS

Posted by Lalalalalalalala on 19 December 2015 - 10:43

Most Assassin's skills are DoTs, and DoTs are based on DPS. How come Assassin only got 1 talent that actually adds more DPS in their own talent tree when the rest DPS classes have 2 talents or even 4?


Warrior: Battle Hardened, Unburdened, Invigorate, Offensive Stance

Mage: Master of the Arcane, Nightmare (Miasma), Arcane Wrath, Starlight

Ranger: Marksman, Wild Instincts

Assassin: Dual Wield Mastery

Prophet: Purification

Templar: None


Rangers can take Dual Wield Mastery for more Ranged DPS without spending any points to unlock it, as well as Templars can take Battle Hardened and Prophets can take Master of the Arcane.


But what about Assassins?


Some Assassin talents such as Vicious Poison, Shock Trauma, Shadow Strike and Massacre only boost damage dealt.


Assassins need to spend at least 13 points in Warrior tree only to get 10% more DPS (Offensive Stance), or go Heavy Armor for Battle Hardened and sacrifice some precious talents. I don't see that's fair. I know there are some advantages and disadvantages for making a hybrid build, but only Assassins whom got nerfed in DPS.


Warriors nowdays became overpowered by taking Assassins talent and the most wanted class to DPS dungeons. They don't get DPS boost, but they can get more AoE skills by upgrading Lethal Concoction, and Frozen Spires. They even can get Vicious Poison and Shock Trauma that known as Assassins best talent without losing Maelstrom and Meteorite.

#955312 healing obelisk

Posted by Lalalalalalalala on 17 December 2015 - 13:22

Ah okay. So Shadow Strike is not bugged either. But why?

Most Assassin abilities are DoTs, and the only talent that actually adds more DPS from Assassin tree is Dual Wield Mastery while the rest DPS classes have more than 1 :(

Even though Vicious Poison, Shock Trauma and Shadow Strike boost more damage dealt but they don't effect DoTs :/

#951754 pl bug attacking faster

Posted by Lalalalalalalala on 23 October 2015 - 19:39

That looks fun! Why didn't you invite me? :(

#951085 Translator

Posted by Lalalalalalalala on 14 October 2015 - 06:38

I had the same exact experience

Or you copy-pasted my experience? :ph34r:

#951026 Translator

Posted by Lalalalalalalala on 13 October 2015 - 06:31

Just add a copy-paste feature in the chat box such a button beside each texts line. That's helpful enough for people whom either wants to share some links, re-send the entered chats to other people, or even paste it in a translator so they could communicate with people whom using different languages. An additional 'Report' button feature would also helpful in reporting scammers, spammers, beggars, or any abuse without bothering to take screenshots and send a ticket. A built-in translator for a game would take a very long of time to finish.


Btw, I had a hard time trying to help a level 5 player whom was lost in Crannoch Harbor. He spoke Portuguese and didn't understand English at all. So I had to re-type exactly what he said then paste it in a translator, then he asked if I was from Brazil lol

#948112 Craft hybrid items

Posted by Lalalalalalalala on 09 September 2015 - 21:03

They should add an option for roll's classes such as Melee, Ranged, Sorcery if they're gonna make this happened. 250ep is too much for me for a single re-roll :(

#948111 Craft hybrid items

Posted by Lalalalalalalala on 09 September 2015 - 20:59

to be honest....it would be the only thing worth rerolling.......then again.....i rather do dungeons to hunt for hybrid items.....more fun that way

Oh well... we should spend a ton EP to reroll our stuffs to get at least 1 roll that matches for our class?

NO WAY!!! :(

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