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#836936 Upcoming Updates: What would you like to see next?

Posted by Loopah on 02 January 2014 - 22:33


i'll be happy for that lol

#286763 Ravings of a Wise Man

Posted by Loopah on 06 April 2013 - 16:48


Mortis Demos lol

#281580 Maybe a new creatures/realm

Posted by Loopah on 18 March 2013 - 15:19

The Zenix Proving Grounds has a great place to fight, gain exp, and make boots.  Perhaps there could be another one.  Perhaps Yvew Proving Ground.  Make a quest to obtain a key to enter, a Yvew Stone.  Make it another 65x65, and allow it to enter 75,000.  Make sure you place the creatures like in Zenix Proving Ground.
The Creatures
Name: Yvew Soldier
Class: Trans
GP: 5,650-5,970
ATK: 80,158-82,592
DEF: 79,284-83,192
AC: 51,392-52,598
DMG: 67,539-70,381
HP- 5,835,350-5,945,750
XP- 169,234,654-171,960,564
Skills- First Strike
Drops- 1 Yvew Soldier's Feather
Res- 75% across
Name: Yvew Knight
GP: 7,560-8,124
ATK: 84,350-85,500
DEF: 72,345-73,770
AC: 87,560-90,135
DMG- 90,500-92,780
HP: 6,756,274-6,812,364
XP- 187,450,566-198,456,650
Skills- First Strike
Drops- 1 Yvew Knight's symbol
Res- 80% across
Name: Yvew Thief
Class: Trans
GP: 10,150-12,450
ATK: 65,560-67,650
DEF: 59,990-60,985
AC: 45,310-47,320
DMG: 58,545-60,567
HP: 5,956,712-6,078,195
XP: 178,130,235-189,345,112
Skills: First Strike, Bandit
Drops- 1 Yvew Theif's Leather
Res- 68% across
Name: Yvew General
Class: Trans
GP: 25,012-26,856
ATK: 99,135-102,234
DEF: 102,124-105,457
AC: 100,560-103,674
DMG: 100,837-103,392
HP: 8,129,368-8,656,711
XP: 211,395,531-224,518,329
Skills- First Strike
Drops- 1 Yvew General's Eye
Name: Yvew Duke
Class: Trans
GP: 14,350-15,456
ATK: 91,357-93,382
DEF: 89,396-92,491
AC: 87,397-88,295
DMG: 90,472-93,142
HP: 6,823,419-6,931,494
XP: 195,493,726-206,503,639
Skills: First Strike
Drops: 2 Orb of Yvew Strike, Orb of Yvew Mystical
Name: Steno
Class: Infernal
GP: 19,560-21,518
ATK: 121,123-122,482
DEF: 105,435-107,537
AC: 102,592-103,294
DMG: 104,418-105,503
HP: 9,519,482-9,690,273
XP: 221,493,900-223,618,805
Skills: First Strike, Bandit, Assassination
Drops- 1 Steno's Snake 
Makes you boots about the same for Zenix 70,000 +

#281364 Sometimes it's OMG!

Posted by Loopah on 17 March 2013 - 01:03

01:00 17/Mar/13 You hit King Wyrm for 20839920 points and killed it. You gain 1332800000 xp (320000000 + 1012800000 xp bonus, Critical Hit, Quick Learner, Demi-Rage).

20 million  :D

#281056 The Prize Draw

Posted by Loopah on 04 March 2013 - 23:41

Hi Loopah,
Thank you for the suggestion, but we think it is better to keep it in a realm that all players have access to. :)

Consider that most of them are alts of the players that are not subbed.  Putting another Prize Draw would give it to the subbed.  A little something to the players that help support the game.

#280942 The Prize Draw

Posted by Loopah on 01 March 2013 - 22:33

Yeah, its nice to have it but there should be to the subbed players.  Maybe it can be put in the Frozen North with more than you can make in gothador.  Perhaps 15 usps for the first, 10 for second, 6 for third, and 3 for the fourth.

#149674 The Greatest Gothador Player of All Time

Posted by Loopah on 18 September 2010 - 06:05

I voted for BurtonX, as I previously said I would in the other thread...

He was one of the first players I interacted with here, aside from those I followed over from RBC {a vampire game for those who aren't aware that I've personally been playing for *gasp* somewhere around 10 years}... He came off as a hard-ass {can I say hard-ass?} to most people, but he was really really helpful behind the facade... and I'm sure most people had that same experience with other players, but it was part of the reason I chose to stay here and play...

Well thank you 8)

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