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#996199 My Anniversary

Posted by Debrutsid on 23 March 2019 - 23:56

i know.  i hate it too


#991132 Log in Bugs

Posted by Debrutsid on 05 April 2018 - 06:19

I know of 2 people. 






who have both recently put in tickets regarding their ability to log in.  i got this 2nd hand from a friend i played together with in Gothador (anom was there too, so we have dealt with bugs, and longgggg ticket times for a while.)  


But these 2 players run a lot of dungeons, which is better for the overall community as it is not someone sitting around making potions and talking out their butt in chat (like me :P )

not sure what their issue is, as Anom doesnt use facebook.  please try to deal with this as quickly as possible

#983489 Top list database broken

Posted by Debrutsid on 04 August 2017 - 00:26

i play every day,  and i check the top lists usually at least once a week to stay ahead in 2 skills.  but today i checked it, and there are 22 names deleted from the top 50 of achievement points.  and then i checked mine, and it said deleted.
i just hope this is an issue of the database faulting a bit, because if  i lost those stats, or any exp i have gained in the meantime i am going to be very upset.

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#971757 Unicorn, can it please be unbound

Posted by Debrutsid on 13 November 2016 - 22:35

because of the unicorn?  becauise it is bound or because a unicorn is during halloween?  to be honest i want the unircorn,  and then i want vanity for mounts.  i was some battle armor for the unicorn.....

#965980 Development Update

Posted by Debrutsid on 17 July 2016 - 20:40

i like the graphics.  and most free to play games rely heavily on either massive ads that are annoying, or the payto win model.  the fact that paying here just helps a little as to leveling i like.  you cannot buy extra stats,  you can sometimes buy full equip sets, if you have money nd are lazy, but that is true of any game.  i kind of wish they would have released it as such that it is free to play, until level 29.  you can still play after that, but cannot advance in level.  This may not be a good idea either.  just spitballing.\


even though SOMEONE DELETED THE THREAD, remember folks i got this company logo tattooed on me, i have been playing their games for 12+ years, and waited 9 years for eldevin.  business is business, but when you spend 8 years making a game, and then take forever and ever to release content you will drive people away.  and as of right now, being in a guild gives ZERO bonuses.  i would think quests to add features like increased gold/exp/relic/etc gain should be easy since the mechanisms are in place already.  and it was also my understanding, that they took so long with guilds so that the implementatiom would be easier down the road.  (kind of like building a warehouse when you only need a little of the space rioght now)  supporter buff in the corner is permanent.   you could add so much to it.  give players quests to go out and perform...... the cult quests in gothador were awesome, and althought fs i think still got better ones, those were not bad..

sorry for the run on sentence, but meh

#964756 Tattoo me!

Posted by Debrutsid on 24 June 2016 - 17:24

what the frell?  i think someone deleted my tattoo post in eldevin????

#963844 Development Update

Posted by Debrutsid on 02 June 2016 - 04:13

BTW blissy you are welcome in my guild.  and considering i was OCD before guilds..... :P


also i'd have like 20 cats if i had the space and money\

#963843 Development Update

Posted by Debrutsid on 02 June 2016 - 04:11

but i will try to keep it pg-13.  I have played hunted cow games for 12 frieking years.  this is not news to me. but this saddens me to the point where i want to get my tattoo removed...... YOU REMEMBER THAT????? 
AS far as i know I AM THE ONLY ONE TO GET A TATTOO that represents your company.  Andrew Mullholland and Glen (i forget your name_)  i am most disappointed in you.  NOT THE PLAYERS.  this is an awesome game.  and instead of making updates you made fluff.  Now, i still enjoy the fluff, but there should never be a true end game to an mmorpg that wants to survive, and you STILL haven't brought out level 50.......  
Is there some mystical numerology stuff that makes you guys afraid of 5?  Gothador never got a 5th tier update (we did, but it was like they put two janitors in a room to come up with a 5 star meal.  with what was available in the janitor closet.....
I still love this company, and i will not get the tat removed unless you guys do something reaaaaaaly stupid.  like elect trump in scotland.....   but for god's sake.... this was supposed to be your flagship.  
I know FS is your moneymaker.  tho to be honest i would rather play CoD  and i hate call of doody.
you lost p[layers just like you did with gothador.  you promised one thing.  then did something completely different, or just kept saying.  oh it is coming.......
i mean *^_)^!!!!!!1 I actually paid for like 3 months of supporter and BARELY logged in.  that is how much i love this game and company.  So please, ANDREW...... get back to your roots. pay attention to this game.....

#956027 Calling the old Guard

Posted by Debrutsid on 28 December 2015 - 00:24

umm  put in a ticket and i will poke hoof.  they gave Loopah/andy/burtonx's miner back to him, eve tho i had him in my account,  i had no problem with it.  :D  not that they asked me.  

especially if it is inactive, and rev being one of the oldest characters period.  maybe having a few friends help verify

#955788 Calling the old Guard

Posted by Debrutsid on 23 December 2015 - 04:54

damnit that should have posted.  Rev is at 30, 30 gothador.  yopu can view the character in Sight skill

#949001 suggestions to liven the game

Posted by Debrutsid on 18 September 2015 - 00:01

make me win lotto so i can buy hcs and makes game better?  


#948133 I know this has been discussed but.....

Posted by Debrutsid on 09 September 2015 - 22:46

Can we please get lvl 49 forage mats in TA.  i don't even care about getting up to 8 at a time.  i just want them smuggled.  takes too long to get enough forage mats for 30 hp elixirs, and when you have a group that doesn't understand the dungeon dynamics and you wipe like 3 times, it gets very expensive.   



Either that or just slightly lower the mats needed for lvl 46+ food and pots.  NOTHING else in game escalates like this (except for cores needed, but those are not one use items)  mats should increase but needing 38 mats for one potion?  or needing 12 farm mats plus others for food.   even without a client base any more i still spend a lot of time gathering for the older potions.  this new ones make it hard to just keep potions and food for my tank.

#946906 FrankNStein died almost a year ago and still no Quest in his honour.

Posted by Debrutsid on 28 August 2015 - 02:22

not bad hoof.  the quest got put in close enough to the anniversary.  now,  5th tier and bene rings please :P

#946867 [OCD] OL'Chickens Distillery - 24/7 POTS/ELIXIRS/DRAFTS (now lvl 32+ Food...

Posted by Debrutsid on 27 August 2015 - 19:52

delivered.  heh the one day i do not check it.  but you found me so :D

#943868 [OCD] OL'Chickens Distillery - 24/7 POTS/ELIXIRS/DRAFTS (now lvl 32+ Food...

Posted by Debrutsid on 08 August 2015 - 20:11

ok just need to make chocs  all else made and Nite's delivered

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