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#1009201 New Content! 5276 to 5300!

Posted by BigGrim on Yesterday, 14:41

Hi all,
This is a major content update, we have just added the following to the game...
-New Master Realm 'Ketoric Realms'.
- New Area 'Fadova Fields (Flames)'.
- New Area 'Fadova Fields (Blaze)'.
- New Area 'Fadova Fields (Fell Plains)'.
- New Area 'Fadova Fields (Fire)'.
- New Area 'Fadova Fields (Pit)'.
- New Area 'Fadova Fields (Conflagration)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Wastes (Thermals)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Wastes (Sparks)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Wastes (Inferno)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Wastes (Fungal Grotto)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Wastes (Thorns)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Wastes (Sulphur)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Wastes (Haunt)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Wastes (Stalk)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Wastes (Lair)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Wastes (Ash)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Wastes (Fury)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Wastes (Guard)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Wastes (Berserk)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Wastes (Fields)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Wastes (Execution Yard)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Fortress (Gate)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Fortress (Alchemist Workshop)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Fortress (Barracks)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Fortress (Audience Chamber)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Fortress (Antechamber)'.
- 25 New Creatures.
- 2 New 'Champion' Creatures.
- 1 New 'Elite' Creature. 
- 1 New 'Common' Item.
- 2 New 'Rare' Items.
- 2 New 'Unique' Items.
- 2 New Item Sets.
- 2 New Portals.
- 3 New Relics.
It is rumored that a new portal to the Fadova Fields (Flames) has been discovered in the Vendaro Plains (Sting).
A new Feedback thread is open for all who wish to comment!
~The Fallen Sword Team

#1009157 Double Composing XP LXXXVI!

Posted by BigGrim on 17 March 2023 - 14:35

Hi there everyone!
Today, we have our next 'Double Composing XP' event!
For the next 48 hours, until 15:00 (Server Time) on the 19th of March, XP gained from making Composing Potions shall be doubled, so get those potions brewing!
We hope you enjoy the 86th Composing XP Event!
~The Fallen Sword Team.

#1009009 Fallen Sword Roadmap (March - June 2023)

Posted by BigGrim on 17 February 2023 - 11:04

Who knows? This Roadmap only takes us to June.


~ Grim

#1008996 Fallen Sword Roadmap (March - June 2023)

Posted by BigGrim on 16 February 2023 - 15:01

June has the DXP Event, thuse content will be released alongside it, as always.


~ Grim

#1008927 New Content - 5251 - 5275

Posted by BigGrim on 26 January 2023 - 14:08

Orniak Caves Master Realm is now activated.


~ Grim

#1008910 New Master Realms Live!

Posted by BigGrim on 17 January 2023 - 17:20

Hi there everyone.
The following Master Realms are now live:
The Wendaraq Coast
Idnea Frozen Realms
Orthania Woods
~ The Fallen Sword Team

#1008860 Flight of Dragons (Wave 1!)

Posted by BigGrim on 30 December 2022 - 17:09

Ugh, sorry about the mix up. Wave 2 should go until the 1st, wave 3, the 4th.
I'll run wave 1 again for a day from the 4th to the 5th.
~ Grim

#1008853 Flight of Dragons (Wave 1!)

Posted by BigGrim on 27 December 2022 - 15:06

Hi all,
The Dragons of the Realms are stirring! The following beasts have been seen in the Realms.
Ovlah Toxskin (Dragon LE)
Ovlah Toxskin was once frail and weak by Dragon standards and was the target of mean taunts from his kind. However after an accident in the toxic pits Aydr he was transformed forever. He grew massively and hard scales sprouted over his body. His skin now glows an iridescent green as his blood has become toxic and he breaths out fumes that melt his victims to a soup. No dragon has ever mocked of him since.
Recommended Level : 15+
Folgoreden the Smok (Dragon LE)
Folgoreden is a serpentine lightning Smok Dragon of terrifying power and reputation. It is said that where this beast flies a huge electrical storm will follow, one that has the power to devastate communities. 
Such storms offer Folgoreden cover in which to hunt his prey with his wicked fangs and his electrical lightning spit. 
Recommended Level : 340+
Zatting Bumbledragon (Dragon LE)
Zatting Bumbledragon is perhaps the last of his kind or maybe he was the only of his kind.Some say Zatting was the result of a mad sorcerers experiment gone wrong and others say he's the last remnants of a an ancient and now lost species of Dragon. Whatever the truth Zatting is a fast terror of the skies, hunting any prey he comes across with both flame, claw and stinging tail.
Recommended Level : 665+
Findworm (Dragon LE)
Findworm is the scourge of the dark caves and tunnels of the world. He is a serpentine Dragon with only two mighty clawed arms that he uses to dig his way through rock and soil as well as claw his prey.It is said that Findworm has not seen the the sun in an age and his eyes and sense of smell are over developed for finding his prey. None can hide from him in the dark...
Recommended Level : 915+
Jagua the Golden (Dragon LE)
Jagua the Golden by his name is a Gold Dragon, and a particularly greedy one even for his kind. Jagua dwells in an ancient and forgotten Dwarf treasure hall, perhaps one of the largest ones in the world, here he guards "his" golden treasure with fierce jealousy. He devours his gold also and if needed he will protect himself by exhaling a fume of molten gold dust, burning any would be treasure hunters to death.
Recommended Level : 1210+
Nolhoggr the Black (Dragon LE)
Nolhoggr the Black is one of the most evil creatures to have come from the Shadow Lords fortress. Nolhoggr is so imbued with dark magic he has mutated into a nightmare creature, a beast who's claws drip with poison ichor and tentacles that dart about looking to drag the unwary into it hideous maw. His breath is pure black magic, and anything killed by it is obliterated in both body and soul.
Recommended Level : 1650+
Twinklespark (Dragon LE)
Twinklespark is a tiny dragon that flits around the jungles of the world. Everyone assumes he's a cute little snuggly-wuggly gorgeous! He's really not. He'll get in close, snuggle you, tap you with his little tongue, every adorable moment of contact loading the victim with poison that will wither their bodies to dust!
Recommended Level : 2100+
Krokodeilos the Savage (Dragon LE)
Krokodeilos is a savage, black hearted monster. There's no other description for her. This vast beast lives in wetlands, devouring any living creature she comes across. She takes great relish in eating sentient beings, especially if they are capable of screaming and feeling fear! She's quite lithe in body but is also heavily armoured, moving horrifyingly fast for so large a creature. Strangely, she still has her wings, though these have atrophied since she prefers staying in the waters of her home.
Recommended Level : 2550+
Longgui The Turtle Dragon (Dragon LE)
Longgui The Turtle Dragon is a warrior, first and foremost. Driven by righteous courage, this Dragon is powerful, vastly armoured and always looking for other mighty warriors to test his abilities against!
Recommended Level : 2875+
Spinasentis (Dragon LE)
The huge, thorny spined Spinasentis is armored behemoth. A bad tempered, heavily armored monster, he is a fearsome foe for all whom cross his path! Many are his victims! Some of the unfortunate casualties are still impaled on the smaller spines.
Recommended Level : 3325+
Harragog Darkfire (Dragon LE)
Harragog Darkfire is an evil, soulless monster, wreathed in the black fire from which he earned his name. He rouses at this time of year specifically to fly through the air, raining fire and destruction down on the insects below!
Recommended Level : 3775+
Oppenkin the Corrupt (Dragon LE)
Oppenkin the Corrupt was originally a dragon of luck and serendipity. The kindhearted and wise creature has since been twisted and transformed by the shroud energies of the Shadow Lord. Oppenkin is now a harbinger of ill fortune and despair!
Recommended Level : 4225+
Bufodae the Toad Dragon (Dragon LE)
Bufodae the Toad Dragon is a vast, corpulent monster. It lives in swamps where the water can help support it's monstrous bunk. For all the appearance of sloth, it is extremely fast, propelling itself along through great leaps, powered by vastly powerful hind legs. Even if you can outrun the beast, it can launch it's sticky tongue to envelop and reel in it's prey, to be swallowed in a single, huge gulp!
Recommended Level : 4675+
Wallowing Wyrm (Dragon LE) (NEW)
In the gloomy depths of an isolated loch, this wyrm waits for the next visitor to its misty domain. Legends tell of bountiful treasures at the bottom of such lochs, but none have lived with any in hand. Quietly and patiently, the Wallowing Wyrm will drag its victims to the fathomless deep with nary a sound.
Recommended Level : 5125+
These creatures shall be harrying the innocent until 15:00 hours on the 30th of December, 2022.
~ The Fallen Sword team.

#1008734 The Forest of Yule opens!

Posted by BigGrim on 15 December 2022 - 15:02

Hi there everyone!
It's that most wonderful time of year! The Forest of Yule has opened once again, spreading holiday cheer, mischief and even a little bit of evil!
All the old classic quests and Titans have returned and we have a new quest too!
5100 - Gingerbread House (Elite) Large.png
New Christmas Quest: 
Snowy with a chance of Sprouts at level 5100.
This can be found in your Seasonal section of your Quest Book, along with all the others.
New Christmas Titan: 
The Roast Beast (Titan)
Additionally, we have 12 new recipes in the shop "Krumper's Kustoms", with which you can upgrade the classic seasonal Epics to new Epic power levels!
The Forest of Yule with all of it's Seasonal quests and Titans shall be available until 15:00 hours on the 9th of January, 2023!
The Christmas Promotion
There is now less than four days left of the Christmas Promotion! Remember, this fantastic offer is the best value package of the year, with two brand new potion options available. Take advantage of it while you still can!
~ The Fallen Sword Team

#1008732 Double XP Event Incoming!

Posted by BigGrim on 13 December 2022 - 13:18

Hi there everyone!
DXP Update!
Due to player feedback regarding no weekend time for the Double XP Event, we have decided to start the event at 15:00 hours on Friday the 16th of December. This will be an event of an unprecedented 144 hours! We hope this will allow more players to take advantage t
fChristmas Promotion.
There is now a week left of the Christmas Promotion! Remember, this fantastic offer is the best value package of the year, with two brand new potion options available. Take advantage of it while you still can!
~ The Fallen Sword Team

#1008716 Zombie Yeomen XVI & the Christmas Promotion!

Posted by BigGrim on 08 December 2022 - 14:58

Hi there Everyone!
Global Event!
It is a dark day. On this day, many years ago, the beloved Royal Family of Albiton were brought low by the insidious attack of a nameless Necromancer. The Albiton Family had potent Alchemists, who worked wonders with their potions. The Necromancer, fearful of this power, poisoned the Yeoman & Footman Guard of the Royal Household and raised their dead bodies. Thus the Royal House of Albiton fell. Trapped in their own towers with their own undead Guards preying upon them.
Now, the Yeomen & Footmen have risen again across the land. The Warrior of the Realms must destroy them. If you aid in this task, you can earn the potions of the fallen House.


Counts as 1 kill.


Counts as 5 kills.
The latest Global Event in Fallen Sword is now underway! In the Event, the Community must work together to destroy the Zombie Yeomen infesting the Realms.
Each player must earn a personal target for increasingly powerful potion rewards (mouse over the event info on the World page for more details) while also helping the Community to attain the best total kills possible, unlocking the rewards for all.
Additionally, if you end the event in the Top 100 Contributors, you will receive 1 extra Ruby Chests on top of what the Community unlocks!
There is a helpful forum post RIGHT HERE full of information on Global hunting grounds and so on compiled from the Community.
Christmas Offer!
The 2022 Christmas Special Offer is still available! Click here to view the Special Xmas Offer! Players have a little under a week and a half to take advantage of this fabulous, festive offer!
The Global Event shall be live until 15:00 on the 13th of December 2022.
Good luck everyone!
~ The Fallen Sword Team

#1008711 Double XP Event Incoming!

Posted by BigGrim on 06 December 2022 - 15:10

Hi there Everyone!
We will be running a Double XP event soon! This means that during the event, all creatures will give DOUBLE their normal xp.
The event will start on Monday the 19th of December at 15:00 hours and will be running for 96 hours.
~ The Fallen Sword Team

#1008685 Titan Design Results!

Posted by BigGrim on 29 November 2022 - 14:50

Hi there everyone.
Today we are announcing the winners of our Fallen Sword Titan Design Competition!
First up, thank you to all of you who took part! There are loads of entries that we enjoyed and several that we may yet make use of. 
Without further ado, our finalists:
First Place: kingcap. Prize: 400 FSP and the Epic Item for their titan once it is released.
Name: Zurgol the Tiny
Classification: Greenskin
Lore: Zurgol was once a runt in terms of goblins, he acted cowardly and flee at the slightest hint of a fight. Because of this, he was often the target of scorn and attacked even by his own kind. One day he fled his home however, hoping to find a new land where he could live unafraid. He travelled and searched, but each area beyond the last was harder and more inhospitable for him. Eventually he gave up and attempted to return home, but having travelled for so long, passing through so many unknown passages and portals, he became lost. This however, would mark the beginning of the change for him. He found a decrepit and abandoned tower, once belonging to a powerful wizard. He began exploring, in search of food or water he eventually came to the highest levels, and found a potion in a glass box, surrounded by a magic circle that was long since destroyed from the touch of age and the sorry state of the tower. Believing he had nothing else to lose, he broke the glass and drank the potion. It forced his body to grow and change, becoming dozens of feet tall and granted newfound strength. Though an imperfect product, and the reason for its original containment, the growth he experienced was irregular and irreversible.
Physical Description: 30-40ft tall, one leg is thicker then the other, one arm is 3-4 feet shorter then the other, and his head is the normal size of a goblins head.
Second place: Revitalize. Prize: 200 FSP and the Epic Item for their titan
Name: Johari The Eyeless
Classification: Golem
Lore: Once a man of great ambition and drive, Johari, a blind man, wanted to become the greatest warrior-mage the world had ever seen. A man known to be kind and caring, but ruthless on the battlefield. He ventured far and wide in search for greatness. Johari slew any man, woman, beast or pest alike that ever dared cross his path.
One fateful evening while he rested before a great battle, the wizard he planned on facing the next morning had concocted a dire curse and placed it upon Johari as he slept.
This curse that was placed had done nothing more than work against the wizard, because Johari had melded with the forest beneath him and became the mountain itself that he laid upon. When he woke up, everything around him started to tear and crumble.
Johari had become what he sought out to be, but the manner it happened in, sent him into a never ending rage, annihilating anything in his way. Even those he had come to care for.
Physical Description: Mountain - Forest hair - waterfall mouth - eyeless - Long, Ridged limbs - weighs up to 100b tonnes
Third place: Belaric. Prize: 100 FSP and the Epic Item for their titan
Name: Doctor Morbidstein’s Revenge!
Classification: Magical
Lore: Unknown to his enemies, Doctor Morbidstein undertook the ultimate experiment - and operated on his own brain! The crazed genius believed he could double his power, by halving his mind! One half remained in his human body, the other, fused to a sorcerous copy of its missing hemisphere, was implanted into a gigantic hulk located beneath Castle Morbidstein. Fearing his Sons, aware of the twisted dimension and its imperfect copies, the good Doctor created a failsafe: that for as long as they lived, his other self would remain buried. But! In the event of his and their defeat, and after a waiting period to lull his enemies into a false sense of security, his gigantic alter ego would emerge from the ruins to terrorise his opponents and begin his experiments anew in a gigantic walking laboratory!
Never resting, never staying still, this titan teleports across Erildath in search of new specimens, even as it drops new Morbidsteinian monstrosities in its foul wake. With the human Doctor long defeated, this colossus considers itself the once and future Doctor, only true inheritor of the Morbidstein name!
Physical Description: A gargantuan patchwork flesh golem, with an oversized head half-wreathed in dark sorcerous energy. One arm holds a shovel, the other a cage, all the better to collect its specimens with! In its empty abdomen is a hollow crystal cube filled with grisly labs, each occupied by a tiny (life-sized) simulacrum of the original doctor, madly creating new monstrosities from the fresh harvest! 
Congratulations to the winners! We hope everyone who entered has enjoyed this! As we said at the start, we’ll have to adapt these and shrink their lore a touch but the ideas have been just wonderful!
Thanks again, 
~ The Fallen Sword Team

#1008678 Scavenging Caves!

Posted by BigGrim on 25 November 2022 - 16:02

Hi all,
The following creatures have been spotted stalking the Realms! The heroes have to step up and defend the innocents!
Bahmou (Legendary)
Bahmou is a creature from the ancient past. Stories tell of how a great warrior defeated the beast and left it for dead. Over the ages a forest grew over his resting place and somehow begun to change and regenerate the monster. Now Bahmou has awoken from his death, a creature more plant than animal. It is said he guards the forests of the world like dog guards its master.
Recommended Level: 300+
Recommended Gold: 21,000+
The Gilded King (Legendary)
After your traitorous guide abandons you in the caves, you finally emerge in moonlight and shadows in the fabled hidden Valley of the Golden King. The rumors of vast treasure are true, but the wonderful golden idols and hammered images are not the magical animals you expect but the lamia and jabberwock; the king is a follower of the Shadow Lord! Beset by the gilded one's horde of goons, you fight your way free to boldly face the Golden King himself. Now if only you can survive the king and remember the way back...
Designed by: kinghomer
Recommended Level: 525+
Recommended Gold: 23,000+
Xind Imperial Demon (Legendary)
The mad Sorcerer Xinderoth discovered the Magic of Xind, a potent form of magic that has many properties, including being able to imprint your will to create anything from Xind. The existence of the Xind Imperial Demon and its great power of destruction proves that once again a powerful force has risen up that can control this magic with great skill but who remains hidden behind their demon for now...
Recommended Level: 820+
Recommended Gold: 29,000+
Gargantuan Phoenix (Legendary)
The Gargantuan Phoenix is usually a rarely seen Beast, preferring to stay away from Mortals. Recently, unknown, though presumably dark, forces have been forcing the great birds out of their lairs. At this injustice, the Phoenix have decided to lay waste to all mortals for their arrogance.
Recommended Level: 1230+
Recommended Gold: 37,000+
Barathor the Seer of Fire (Legendary)
Barathor, the Seer of Fire, is an ancient, otherworldly demonic being. His centuries of flame gazing have left him entirely blind but he still manages to see thanks to his Helm of Visions. Some say whatever he has seen over the ages has driven him quite mad, all that is known for sure is he is now using his mastery over fire as a weapon, incinerating all around him. He needs to be stopped!
Recommended Level: 1725+
Recommended Gold: 45,000+
Wily Minions (Legendary)
Wily Minions came to the realms innocently enough but in their naivety, soon fell under the pall of the Shadow Lord's dark agents, who corrupted every member of the clan. These minions have been imbued with the darkness of the Shroud, granting strength only the greatest of warriors can best. Beware, for they will corrupt you in their never ending quest for dominance.
Designed by : zizzwyly
Recommended Level: 3100+
Recommended Gold: 45,000+
The following Potions are back in rotation as well: Watch Your Back Brew, Potion of the Canny Gather, Flask of Death, Potion of Unbridled Aggression, Titan Hunters Lesser Brew & Fast Track Draft.
These creatures and potions shall be available until 16:00 (Server Time) on Monday the 28th of November 2022.
~ The Fallen Sword team.

#1008543 + 8 Stamina gain Epics

Posted by BigGrim on 27 October 2022 - 10:21

Hi there.


We've repeatedly said no to 8+ Stam gain. You position has not and will not change, sorry.


~ Grim

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