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New Content! 5276 to 5300!

Today, 14:41

Hi all,
This is a major content update, we have just added the following to the game...
-New Master Realm 'Ketoric Realms'.
- New Area 'Fadova Fields (Flames)'.
- New Area 'Fadova Fields (Blaze)'.
- New Area 'Fadova Fields (Fell Plains)'.
- New Area 'Fadova Fields (Fire)'.
- New Area 'Fadova Fields (Pit)'.
- New Area 'Fadova Fields (Conflagration)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Wastes (Thermals)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Wastes (Sparks)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Wastes (Inferno)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Wastes (Fungal Grotto)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Wastes (Thorns)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Wastes (Sulphur)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Wastes (Haunt)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Wastes (Stalk)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Wastes (Lair)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Wastes (Ash)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Wastes (Fury)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Wastes (Guard)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Wastes (Berserk)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Wastes (Fields)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Wastes (Execution Yard)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Fortress (Gate)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Fortress (Alchemist Workshop)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Fortress (Barracks)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Fortress (Audience Chamber)'.
- New Area 'Ketoric Fortress (Antechamber)'.
- 25 New Creatures.
- 2 New 'Champion' Creatures.
- 1 New 'Elite' Creature. 
- 1 New 'Common' Item.
- 2 New 'Rare' Items.
- 2 New 'Unique' Items.
- 2 New Item Sets.
- 2 New Portals.
- 3 New Relics.
It is rumored that a new portal to the Fadova Fields (Flames) has been discovered in the Vendaro Plains (Sting).
A new Feedback thread is open for all who wish to comment!
~The Fallen Sword Team

Proposed Guild RP Packs.

28 March 2023 - 15:09

Hi there everyone.
As many of you know, we are looking at various adjustments to the GvG section of the game. This thread is to discuss RP packs.
Below are the existing packs. These will not change in all likelihood, barring the Enchanted Pack.
Packs of Buffs that are cast upon the whole Guild. Buffs last 12 hours.
Name: Battle Pack A Cost: 5 RP
Rage 150
Berserk 150
Fortify 150
Name: Power Leveller A Cost: 10 RP
Adept Learner 150
Librarian 150
Doubler 150
Name: Promote Cost: 1
Adds +4 hours Front Page Featured.
Name: Battle Pack B Cost: 15 RP
Death Wish 200
Death Dealer 200
Wither 200
Name: Power Leveller B Cost: 20 RP
Adept Learner 200
Librarian 200
Doubler 200
Conserve 200
Name: Fortune Pack A Cost: 10 RP
Quest Finder 150
Merchant 150
Four Leaf 150
Find Item 150
Treasure Hunter 150
Name: Defense Pack A Cost: 20 RP
Fortify 200
Aura of Protection 200
Force Shield 200
Fortitude 200
Name: Fortune Pack B Cost: 25 RP
Quest Finder 200
Merchant 200
Four Leaf 200
Find Item 200
Treasure Hunter 200
Name: Defense Pack B Cost: 20 RP
Evade 200
Absorb 200
Flinch 200
Rock Skin 200
Name: Enchanted Pack Cost: 20 RP
Enchant Amulet 150
Enchant Boots 150
Enchant Helmet 150
Enchant Ring 150
Enchant Rune 150
Name: Greater Promote Cost: 2 RP
Adds +12 hours Front Page Featured.
Below are augmented versions of the above with RP costs. Still 12 hours duration.
Name: Battle Pack C Cost: 15 RP
Rage 300
Berserk 300
Fortify 300
Name: Power Leveller C Cost: 20 RP
Adept Learner 300
Librarian 300
Doubler 300
Name: Battle Pack D Cost: 30 RP
Death Wish 400
Death Dealer 400
Wither 400
Name: Power Leveller D Cost: 20 RP
Adept Learner 400
Librarian 400
Doubler 400
Conserve 400
Name: Fortune Pack C Cost: 20 RP
Quest Finder 300
Merchant 300
Four Leaf 300
Find Item 300
Treasure Hunter 300
Name: Defense Pack C Cost: 20 RP
Fortify 400
Aura of Protection 400
Force Shield 400
Fortitude 400
Name: Fortune Pack D Cost: 25 RP
Quest Finder 400
Merchant 400
Four Leaf 400
Find Item 400
Treasure Hunter 400
Name: Defense Pack D Cost: 20 RP
Evade 400
Absorb 400
Flinch 400
Rock Skin 400
Here, we have Toreth's suggestions. We've posted them below with possible costs. First the original and in brackets the new proposed. Additionally, we have noted where certain buffs and potion ideas confict with existing potions from around the game. Those are buffs are unllikely to be put in place. However, I have left them there for discussion and feedback.
Name: Enchant Pack Cost: 100 RP (75?)
Enchant Amulet 200
Enchant Boots 200
Enchant Helmet 200
Enchant Ring 200
Enchant Rune 200
Enchant Shield 200
Enchant Weapon 200
Enchanted Armor200
Iron Fist 200
Name: Mastersmith Pack Cost: 5 RP
Mastersmith 200 (100% and completely invalidates an invented potion. Not likely.)
Name: Titan Pack Cost: 300 RP (200?)
Titan Doubler 200
Light Foot 600
Avert Gaze 200
Teleport 200 (Interferes with promotional chests. Not likely.)
Name: Leveling Pack Cost: 300 RP (200?)
Stalker 400
Sacrifice 350 - (300) (Bit restrictive for gold gain, no?)
Overkill 350
Animal Magnetism 400 - 350
Name: Defense Pack Cost: 300 RP (200?)
Avenger 300
Stalwart Heart 300
Healer 300 (Composing Only)
Fortitude 200 (300 interferes with Promo and Arena potions.)
Name: Bounty Pack Cost: 300 RP (200?)
Anti Deflect 300 (400 interferes with Promo potions.)
Spell Breaker 300 (Invalidates invented potion. Not likely.)
Retaliate 300
Undermine 300
Name: Buff Provider Pack Cost: 20 RP
Buff Master 250 (Invalidates Arena and Seasonal potions. Not likely.)
Guild Buffer 250 (Invalidates Seasonal potion. Not likely.)
Extend 250 (Highest in the game by 75 points? Not likely.)
Buff Enhancer 300 (Composing Only. Not happening.).
Name: Fighter Pack Cost: 200 RP (125?)
Fist Fight 250 (Very close to Empress Equaliser Elixir.)
Critical Strike 250
Side Step 250
Riposte 250 (Interferes with Promo potion. Not likely.)
Sharpen 250 (Interferes with Promo potion. Not likely.)
I hope this is all makes sense. We look forward to discussion and feedback plus any suggestions regarding other possible packs.
~ The Fallen Sword Team

Gargantuan Mosquitos XVII

23 March 2023 - 18:42

Hi there everyone.
The Gargantuan Mosquito were once normal little irritants. How ever this has been a long, hot, damp summer and the humid temperatures have seen the Mosquito population explode. As if this were not bad enough, Mages across the Realms have reported rogue magic concentrations that have allowed the Mosquitos to grow to monstrous size.
Now these beasts are buzzing around and draining people and livestock of their blood. Any unlucky survivors find themselves struck with a magical fever which spreads to other living beings, weakening them, making them easy prey!
The Warriors of the Realms must gather together to rid the Communities of these horrifying vermin!

Gargantuan Mosquito (Level 25)


Counts as 1 kill.

Envenomed Mosquito (Level 25)


Counts as 5 kills. 
The latest Global Event in Fallen Sword is now underway! In the Event, the Community must work together to destroy the Gargantuan Mosquito plaguing the realms.
Each player must earn a personal target for increasingly powerful chests (mouse over the event info on the World page for more details) while also helping the Community to attain the best total kills possible, unlocking the rewards for all.
The Global Event shall be live until 15:00 on the 28th of March 2023.
For each tier that the community completes the reward will be as follows:
Bronze: 1 x Jigsaw Box
Silver: 1 x Rusted Iron Box
Gold: 2 x Decorated Lock Box
Crystal: 2 x Crystalline Box
Ruby: 3 x Cut Ruby Box
If you qualified, the reward(s) will be delivered to your mailbox shortly after the event ends. Note that you get the reward for the tier that you have qualified for, for example if the community unlocks Gold, but you qualify for Silver, you will receive 1 x Rusted Iron Box. You don't receive the rewards from lower tiers, only the tier you have qualified for.
If at the end of the event, you are placed within the top 100 contributors, you will receive 2 additional Cut Ruby Box in addition to any reward you are qualified for.
Additionally, the Top 10 contributors will wwin the chance to design a new Super Elite to be added to the game! The winners will be contacted ingame by BigGrim.
There is a helpful forum post RIGHT HERE full of information on Global hunting grounds and so on compiled from the Community.
Good luck everyone!
~ The Fallen Sword Team

Double Composing XP LXXXVI!

17 March 2023 - 14:35

Hi there everyone!
Today, we have our next 'Double Composing XP' event!
For the next 48 hours, until 15:00 (Server Time) on the 19th of March, XP gained from making Composing Potions shall be doubled, so get those potions brewing!
We hope you enjoy the 86th Composing XP Event!
~The Fallen Sword Team.

Chomper Wave 4!

13 March 2023 - 15:26

Hi all!
The third wave of Chompers is driven off. With horror, you realise a fourth wave of the dangerous Chompers has swarmed forth!
Venom Spine Chomper (Legendary)
This rather vile Chomper is very fast, propelling itself along on to heavily muscled legs. Once it catchs you, it envelopes you with it's poisonous tongue and will swallow you whole before coughing your spine out to add to its collection!
Level: 56+
Yellow Spine Chomper (Legendary)
After many years of evolutions, the Yellow Spine Chomper has taken to the skies, swooping down on unexpecting victims, bringing agonising death from above.
Level: 225+
Spine Chomper of Misfortune (Legendary)
The Spine Chomper of Misfortune is a curious addition to an already odd menagerie. This one seems to chase its prey and coil up and many as possible in its tendrils. It then breathes its Breath of Misfortune upon all its captured prey, which sends them to sleep. Once asleep, the Chomper eats the victims swiftly and starts prowling again!
Level: 400+
Dawn Spine Chomper (Legendary)
The Dawn Spine Chomper is a Chomper that decided it liked to hunt first thing in the morning, when prey tends to be a bit fuzzy headed and potentially easy meat. Why its appearance has begun to mimic a cockerel is anyone's guess.
Level: 750+
Solar Spine Chomper (Legendary)
The Solar Spine Chomper is a very peculiar breed of an already peculiar species. It is somewhat related to the Fire Fur Chomper in that its fur can burst into flame but instead of charging its prey, the solar leads its prey to an ambush point with its lit tail. Once in a place it is happy with, it draws it prey as close as it can. Once achieved, the Solar Spine Chomper explodes, cooking its prey where it stands!
Level: 1000+
Corpulent Spine Chomper (Legendary)
The Corpulent Spine Chomper is a vast, slobbering beast. For all its gargantuan bulk, this creature is still an adept hunter. It'd have to be to get to that size!
Level: 1650+
Feathered Spine Chomper (Legendary)
The Feathered Spine Chomper is somewhat like the Dawn Spine Chomper in that it is an avian offshoot of the species. This feathered fiend is flightless but has huge leg muscles and is known to be exceptionally fast. It still have the trademark maw full of fangs and the desire to collect the spines of those it devours!
Level: 2575+
Pakku Spine Chomper (Legendary)
A cabal of Wizards have been peering behind the veil, trying to determine if there are more plains beyond this one and the Shroud. What they saw has unhinged them and somehow manifested as new breeds of Spine Chomper! 
The Pakku Spine Chomper has manifested due to the works of the Mage Torutani, this terrifying beast floats above the ground and is most at home in mazes. Strangely, it appears to be afraid of ghosts and, most surprisingly of all, enjoys the occasional fruit alongside its fleshy victims!
This new breed is unassailable unless their attacker has a Shiny Silver Coin. Luckily, before all the Mages were devoured, the Cabal made sure these mysterious self-replicating coins appear at Brother Giles stall at the Cathedral of Ways!
Level: 3175+
Chomper of Pride (Legendary)
A new strain of Chomper has appeared! They appear to exemplify one of the seven evil attributes! Chomper of Pride take the collecting of spines that all Chompers have and elevates this trait by proudly displaying the collection for all to see!
Level: 3675+
Chomper of Envy (Legendary)
A new strain of Chomper has appeared! They appear to exemplify one of the seven evil attributes! The Chomper of Envy works itself into such a frenzy of covetous behaviour that it actually does very little. It ends up tying itself in knots over wanting everything everyone else has, ESPECIALLY spines!
Level: 4050+
Water Chomper (Legendary)
One of Vile Whites apprentices, the Water Chomper is now an elemental monster, transformed into a beast reflecting its former personality! A quick-witted and fluid in their reactions, this apprentice absorbed the qualities of water. Now, this water elemental Chomper is frighteningly fast and uses its form in inventively adaptable ways. It can whip out watery appendages, drawing prey into a watery death, its blue body turning red...
Level: 4425+
Vile White Chomper (Legendary)
The cruel witch Vile White spent her time researching the menace known as Spine Chompers. She wanted to harness their voracious hunger and used them as shock troops in her plans of future conquest. In time, her studies came to fruition and, with her seven apprentices, cast a mighty spell to grant herself the power over Chompers. The power of the spell escaped her, twisting in a malignant fashion, grounding itself in Vile and her minions! All were transformed into Chompers. Vile is a shaggy white creature now. She maintains much of her intellect but it is regularly smothered by the hunger of her new form!
Level: 4925+
Spine Chomper of Death (Legendary)
The latest, curious variant of the accursed Spine Chompers have raised their horrifying heads! The uniquely rapid morphogenic abilities of the Chomper species have somehow locked onto the four characters associated with the Apocalypse!
The Death Chomper is a strange, cloaked creature. Strands of bone-like fur poke through the cloak. Skeletal hands appear from the cuffs and a flash of fangs can be seen in the hood by those brave, or foolish enough, to get too close. The mere touch of this creature will rip the soul from its body, which itself will wither to dust, leaving a pristine, glistening spine as the only evidence the victim existed.
Level: 5425+
This event will be available until 15:00 hours on Thursday the 16th of March.
~ The Fallen Sword team.

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