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#979694 Houses

Posted by silverknight on 18 April 2017 - 09:41

Hi guys


I know the topic or player houses has been on the cards for a while and since the dev are prob not going to give us any updates, at least on this, then i thought we should use what we already have and be resourceful. 

I have been looking around and their are loads of houses/buildings people could use as homes.

Here are them ive found



  • sabinas house
  • shady stein(could be used)
  • grudy house
  • palace (brenzlo)
  • barracks (Legolis_2)
  • eldevin barracks private quarters (with personal stash inside) (Alendra)
  • gaudy house
  • golden tankard (kendiosa)


  • Inauspicious house
  • varuna academy :ph34r:
  • teachers house 
  • rubes house
  • jaga creeds house


  • roshaven house (PosidionGR)
  • the old wrench pub( if u wanna live in a big pub)
  • roshaven mill
  • adrians house
  • tellaris grove (take all of em, near to3)
  • constance house ( Elnestor)


  • hughs house
  • preistess helenthias house (KBZoldyck)


  • de valles house
  • gimlins adobe
  • marisas house



  • illanska palace :ph34r:
  • illanska barracks :ph34r:
  • greenreef house (good one for sirmatt )


  • the tree itself :ph34r:
  • oakenvale
  • brierwatch
  • seaward
  • elderthorn grove ( if u like the outdoors)


  • mayor baxters house (Silverknight)
  • theadore rayburns house
  • brokenhill farmhouse


  • Othalo scholars house
  • Abandoned house

These houses can be used for anything from afking to house party's  or just inviting friends

Some of these houses have combat dummy's to practice stuff on and crafting tables.

Of course i cant check up on all the houses to check people are not inside but i dont think they will be as all the time i was checking them all out i say no one in any of them even the big ones.

Houses with :ph34r: symbol means you have to be lv 49 as if a lv 3 who was hardly on took a palace that wouldn't be very fair.

I did this entire post again as i lost it when i got to about  :ph34r: symnol part so i would appreciate it if people would try and take interest as i think it would just be nice to live in a home where your boy could chill.

ONE HOUSE PER ACCOUNT (for now atleast)

If you want one then plz comment below or message me ingame.

After one hell of a stressful morning im done 

Hope you take inrersest


Silverknight, Roastingfox and Wu_lee 


P.S if their are any mistakes or if it doesnt make sense its not cause im dumb its cause i was proper ticked off when i lost it so i did then manly thing and wrote it out as fast as i could to relive myself from the stress.....hehe lol


#970745 Auction house ( we make our own)

Posted by silverknight on 24 October 2016 - 12:14

Hi guys, i have had a good ( maybe great) idea about something the eldevin community could do...our very own auction house! :) I don't mean to offend, but hunted cow seem quite busy ( hehe) and haven't been able to get round to updates recently, so i know people want some form of auction thing, so instead of begging for updates, we can just do one ourselves! For example, we pick a (large) building in eldevin city , and  start an auction. We will need to have 1 person auctioning and the rest bidding. We could pick a chosen date (and time) when we will start the auction. I could make a guild for auctioneers so if u want to be one and you can make most of the times ( we will have to think of a good time for the auctions) w/me if this goes ahead. People who wanted to sell stuff could whisper me/ the other members of guild with stuff they wanted to sell and we can put that/group of items up for sale in the auction. For example , lets say roastingfox wanted to sell some abs gems he would whisper / email us with the item they want to sell ( if whisper they can show it us) if email they can either send if they trust us(which i hope they will ;) ) or just  words, ie "id like to sell at auction, abs peri x 5"). They would have to agree if they were selling to some basic agreements for eg seller must state a minimum price they are prepared to sell the item/s for. If it doesn't sell, it doesn't sell :)

I would put up in market place a time and date of the auction and the items to be sold, if we only have like 10 or so items to sell i wont put individual times on each thing (e.g auction starts at 4:15pm (British time) on 15th December, each item takes 1/2mins for auctioning so if an  item you wanted to buy came up and u dident want to hang around for the rest of auction you could just turn up at the time of the item u wanted.)

For the buyers they would have to agree on once you have bidded you must pay ( if u win) the chosen amount to the seller, if not we would either resell it straight away or another time.


I was thinking for the place to do it eldevin palace is pretty neat top area ( if u can see) where i am standing the auctioneer could be and the buyers lower down.

*PANT* PANT* jees that took forever :)

I hope you will support me on this as i think it might just work :P

Thank you for reading 


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