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It's about time to balance out those overpowered pots in PvP.

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#81 Olef



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Posted Today, 05:49

Just completed a tough bounty. I had composing pots, they had even higher level chest pots. They had incredible stats. It took me a while to figure out how to kill them some of the time. Eventually, I was able to clear. It was a lot of fun and rewarding. Composing pots are fine the way they are. Please don't ruin it by making changes. Thanks 

you used epic skills to beat another player with epic skills, this is the same thing we keep saying


Unless Super pots are used against other Super pots it's disingenuous to claim it's challenging to battle an opponent in PvP.


for the last month you have been on the ladder with the same setup and always buffed with epic skills (composing) to beat everyone, pvpers with buffs who know how to pvp for years do not stand a chance against a non pvper with epic skills, for one month you are at first place on the ladder because of those epic skills (composing)


nobody stands a chance against your epic skills (composing), look at the pvp rating difference


you always use epic skills (composing) with these epic stats



for one month you keep farming everyone in your range for prestige (you have 5,029 prestige) and today you hit me again


and when you get posted, the bounties expire because of your epic skills (composing)


when I get attacked I always hit back but to beat your epic skills I have to use epic skills too, I am not a composer, I do not care about composing, I pvp but with my buffs at level 175 pvpers will never stand a chance against non pvpers with epic skills who try pvp for the first time, this does not seem right


hoofmaster, do you want pvp to be pay to win? where players (even players who do not know how to pvp) with epic skills have the win button in pvp over pvpers who know how to pvp?

or do you want pvp to be how it was before composing? where pvp is determined by understanding which different setups to use and understanding what skills to use?


it is your game and you can see how these players have become addicted to their win button and are not willing to let go of it


this is my fourth time asking the same question to leos3000 and I did not get an answer, I will use size 24 and orange color for you to see the question, impossible for you to not see it now


leos3000, did you use epic skills in seasons?

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#82 Gutie



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Posted Today, 06:36

Actually the bounty I posted of her and the other ones usually get cleared, so no olef, stop making things up. 




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