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#1009315 UFSG

Posted by andyvince on 01 May 2023 - 02:06

Just noticed today that Crafting info for the items not showing as expected.

#1008790 Issues logging into game

Posted by andyvince on 23 December 2022 - 08:02

Should we expect the issue to be resolved soon?

Now passed the expire time to take unsold items in my item-mailbox.

I wonder if it's possible to complete the Daily Quests whatever they might be...

#1006492 Feedback and Suggestions

Posted by andyvince on 19 December 2021 - 01:43

About the Listing Section of FSP Marketplace. It use to be in ascending order, marking more sense. As for Listing section of FSP Marketplace: the lower the gold amount the better the offer, so should stay at top.


Then one day, it suddenly changed to descending without any announcements. The earliest reference I can found about this wired change here: 

https://forums.hunte...showtopic=77158  see post#3

#1005718 Double Composing XP LXX

Posted by andyvince on 10 October 2021 - 11:03

Well, it's special for me in term medals in game this weekend.


   07:39 09/Oct/2021   You have just been awarded a Ruby Artisan medal! 


Following from earlier one: 


   00:08 09/Oct/2021   You have just been awarded a Silver Treasure Hunter medal! 

#1005503 Auction House Suggestion

Posted by andyvince on 24 September 2021 - 23:39

Hello all,


I propose that when you win an item on the auction house or when your auction ends the items should be auto-returned to your backpack if you have space, otherwise it should go in the mailbox. I have lost many items due to the short 24 hour window where it will automatically delete itself and it is frustrating. 




I find it much easier taking items from mailbox in time than having enough free backpack spaces when I'm farming sometimes.  

Can't see this hurting anyone!

You guys are looking from your own situation, having ample of backpack spaces and/or using gears from guild stores.

I have limited backpacks, holding collections items myself, so having items going directly back to backpack instead of mailbox can hurt :(.

I've been playing this game for over 10 years and now I work full-time and it can be hard to log on every 24 hours. Just because this is the way things have been for over a decade does not mean we can change it! I think it would benefit everyone and the ticket system, while it works, imposes a burden on the HCS staff and the players, so I think it would be good to implement this change. 

If I know I'm unlikely to log in within the next 24 hours, I would avoid buying/selling something at auction house.

#1005367 Double Composing XP LXIX

Posted by andyvince on 19 September 2021 - 01:31

Mostly for composing during the Double Composing XP, I think (most so if doing on my phone). The only time I really compose a lot of potions at the moment. I guess making my first post in this topic was also a rush, ;)



I've done it myself  :P 8 useful potions down the drain because I was on auto click LOL

It's not a total loss unless already reached Max Composing Level, I guess, LOL.

#999894 Double Composing XP LII

Posted by andyvince on 28 February 2020 - 11:00

Thanks for the event :). Would feel really disappointed if we not have one this month. :P

#994838 Helping Veterans, help you

Posted by andyvince on 18 December 2018 - 05:14

Well, I often see players much higher Lvl than me asking in Global Chat how to find certain class/type of creature for their Daily Quest even though the information can be find easily in the Official FS Guide or Wiki.


It also seem many players been in game for years not aware there are some useful cheap potions you can get from Auction House Special. I think many players just breeze through their levels without need to learning much themselves in good guilds that provide them everything….In my situation, I have to figure out most if not everything myself. :P


#983306 Fallen Sword Wiki

Posted by andyvince on 30 July 2017 - 05:17

there are also critters in locations that no longer exist, and I always point out these anomolies.  I have found that the same anomolies were in the wiki, which I have never been able to log into no matter how many times I generated a password.  Which is why I've always relied heavily on the advice of my friends in the game if I don't know or have forgotten something.  As I said earlier, you have to use more than one tool, and yes, sometimes they are less than reliable.  


it's going to take a group effort to rebuild the wiki, and poor BG will have to make any changes to the guide, but also we need to not only communicate with each other, but also use our brains to figure some stuff out. 

I’m certainty aware Wiki isn’t 100% complete & accurate which is why I use both and also searching the forum from time to time. Exactly what duktayp had said ‘both had some good information, complimenting or in addition to the other, but neither one completely reliable’

I’m more incline to mention the anomalies (better term than error) in the UFSG for HCS’s attention as only them have the access to make change to the UFSG. I can understand anything new not being added too soon to the UFSG like the new SE the game just got introduced. But for things created much earlier best if reliable. Not trying to harry HCS to make fix, just want to let them know anomalies do exist in the UFSG.


Also wondering the reasons of 6 people who Liked this news...

#983290 Fallen Sword Wiki

Posted by andyvince on 30 July 2017 - 00:13

I use both Wiki and UFSG. Just like to point out UFSG is not 100% accurate as many may believe, including HCS. I discovered quite a few accidentally, mostly from searching the info needed for completing Daily Quest. I did In fact think about posting the error discovered before, as one effect of Daily Quest being introduced, but just didn’t get around doing it…I guess it’s appropriate to mention the error here now.


Just giving one example: The Classfication of creatrue Paladir Bramble on the Map is Vermin on the map


But is in fact a Plant class as the Creature Guide shows


#981630 Zombie Yeomen VIII

Posted by andyvince on 10 June 2017 - 07:42

Just in the nick of time!!  I only have one lone royal chest left in my rainy day stash :lol:

I still have all the royal chests from previous Zombie Yeomen Global (in fact, I still have full collections for all types Global event) taking up my backpack...

Not sure what to use of them if I don't plan to level up soon. No need in large scale farming like old days... Can't even use them for Titan hunting now, since Titans got kill so quick now with Teleport & Titan Doubler.

Only option I can think of is using them for the Global events themselves. But then, HCS always have tendency to giving extra chests... HCS putting the reason as players exceeding the target, but I think having Global creatures count as 5 kills is a big reason we can exceed the target.

I guess my point is us players are really being spoiled  :D.

#971576 Daily Quest Tips And Suggestions:

Posted by andyvince on 08 November 2016 - 12:10

After the last post I am really discouraged. :( The idea of this thread is to help players give dq a try and yes guides are needed in some areas of the game. To be frank dq are usually short and this and that helpers for these short quests would have been nice to help your fs community player.

I will be asking fs staff to close this thread do to others think other aspects are more important. I like to leave this thought most important game aspect mechanics is fun and curiosity bringing in players. Reading over and over how we are not getting players interested in forums and game is sad. I find lately after not being in game for nearly 6 months there has not been much change in community comments on how to improve the game. I see a lot of negative and severely obtuse repeating tearing down everything wrong with it . :rolleyes:

I think I understand how you feel. Sometimes you feel you have good suggestions or ideas you like others to consider. Posting them in the big thread created already often get buried & probably did not get the attention...So there is urge to create new topic yourself.
I feel this happens to me lot. I think because of my low character Lvl even when I actually been to this game for a while. High Lvl players feel I know the general working of game less I think...:(

#969271 Composing

Posted by andyvince on 22 September 2016 - 05:25

It is reasonable to show your achievement, and to also help promote there skills when joining a guild and stuff

I have suggested to have a Top 250 players list for composing experience. https://forums.hunte...showtopic=66170

Show achievement and helpful for traveling composers to be find and hire by guilds...

#952569 Oidhche Shamhna IV

Posted by andyvince on 03 November 2015 - 08:16

Why is that this mentality of ‘nothing else is satisfied, unless Top Tier is reached’ with so many players?  Saw also in the chat a few players giving up or complain about stamina wasted when they realised no hope of reaching ruby.


I think if the Gold Tier is reached, it would still be great.

#951492 Super elite

Posted by andyvince on 20 October 2015 - 06:56

Its funny composing/fragmenting was originally created to make hunting of the likes of SE, LE more fun by reducing large amount already existed. But now it’s more like backward to square -1..(That can be a new thread created just to discuss this view).

Yet the fragment stashes that partly contribute to the failure of main original intention of composing/fragmenting (including what OP said about “everything they drop is pointless”) is now the offered solution? :D  :D  :D  Seem to me if the fragment stashes was never created in the first place, the SE drops might have more point…


As for using the SE items inventing, borrowing the idea from this thread. https://forums.huntedcow.com/topic/73131-pet/  how about using them to invent PETs?  The PET can be placed on character as substitute for one missing piece of set to gain that set’s bonus, but needing to feed fragments to sustain this bonus. The fragment type must match the set you want to complete and 1 fragment would sustain the bonus for 1 hour….    

But it's probably very complex to implement :lol:. HCS have other more important thing to focuse on.

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