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Password no longer work, why?

08 October 2023 - 03:14

Tried to do the lost password, tried to play via browser and :



We couldn't find that page. Please go back and try another page.


Should have option to do it online and to be sent to own email address.


Without this:



In the event that you lose all access to your account we may request to see a picture of identification. Make sure the details here are accurate if you wish this option to be available.


Why? Because not everyone of us want to provide personal information even on google account for privacy...

why not just provide option to change password by sending information to  email address


I guess this is one of the reason why number of players are small... No option to get back or change password manually, even if you are automatically signed in....


Since the only way to change password is to remember your own password and you are on the account..... 


Better if this option is available, that way player who forgot their password or returnee can enjoy the game once more..

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