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Crafted Small Accuracy Elixir

28 April 2014 - 06:16

The Small Accuracy Elixir has the exact same effect as the minor elixir (5% increase, when it should be 10% with small). The buff you get for taking the small elixir even says "Minor Accuracy Elixir".

Viridian "No-Heal" Debuff is Broken

24 February 2014 - 09:15

...Well, that, or Serenity is broken.


Okay, so I was doing the lvl 25 "Under the Sea" arena with some friends, and when we got to the final boss, our healer had some issues.


Now, we already knew that the boss could cast a spell that kept the healer from healing, but I was told in the past that the buff could be removed with Serenity. Well, after we wiped, my healer told me that she cast serenity on herself 3 times (I even cast it on her once when I saw that she still wasn't healing). Apparently, the debuff icon went away when she cast serenity, but the debuff itself stayed and she still couldn't heal.


Is this a bug, or did the developers decide to make the spell immune to Serenity? And if they did... how do they expect a bunch of lvl 25-30s to beat the boss with no heals?


I'm also curious if the to3 version of Viridian has this bug as well, since I'm not high enough to attempt that dungeon, yet.

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