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#1004178 Arena Update & Bug Fixes.

Posted by BigGrim on 20 June 2021 - 00:27

I hope that gear slots, stat distribution and level range are things that have some more thinking involved going forward.

They have plenty of thought going into them now mate. Again, with all these things, some may not like em where they are, others do. I cannot please everyone.


~ Grim

#1004166 Arena Update & Bug Fixes.

Posted by BigGrim on 18 June 2021 - 17:05

I would also like to bring attention to the 160 Durability on the items. It would be nice if they could have 300 Durability as we have seen in the past for Arena and PvP Invented sets.

Ah, that's a good shout. I'm more than happy to boost these to 300 durability now.

One thing is this will not effect any already made! Once this change occurs, those of you who have invented them already can contact Support. We'll ask you to destroy the items and we'll replace em. I will add this to the news post.

advice on items in this thread i think has merit. i know for future consideration.

Yup, that's where we're going with this. Extra info for the future is useful.

~ Grim

#1004149 Arena Update & Bug Fixes.

Posted by BigGrim on 18 June 2021 - 14:00

Hi there everyone!
Today we are releasing 8 new Crystalline sets in the Arena. These are inventible sets using items from the Arena as well as Super Elite drops. The recipes themselves are available from the Arena Rewards page.
We look forward to your feedback on these new sets.
Note: All items used in these recipes have been removed from the Auction House and returned to their sellers.
Additionally, the spread of Arena Tournament has been increased, with more tournaments overall at more level ranges! 
The cap on Combat Sets has also been increased to 200.
Finally, the following issues have been fixed:
  • White page for Top PvP Smasher.
  • Relic Depowerment works correctly.
  • Log History Filter buttons now work correctly.
~ The Fallen Sword Team

#1004145 Speculation about 2x XP

Posted by BigGrim on 18 June 2021 - 08:54

A DXP Event? Cor, that sounds cool. Wonder when we'll next have one?!?

Queue BG saying "who knows if it's coming ;)" .... smile.png .... :| ..... sad.png

We all have our little pleasures. :D

Queue notice coming out an hour after.  biggrin.png

Mmmmm, no. Worry thee not however, regarding such an event, we will give 1 to 2 weeks notice, as usual. ;)

~ Grim

#1004101 Legendary Event!

Posted by BigGrim on 16 June 2021 - 13:33

Hi there everyone.
The Legendary Creatures have been repulsed and have retreated into the darkness once again. They shall be back.
We hope you enjoyed the event!
~ The Fallen Sword Team

#1004061 Possible Relic Alterations

Posted by BigGrim on 14 June 2021 - 08:52

I would say just add stamina gain to some low level relics and end of story , no need to make it complicated.

This is more or less what we're intending, as the opening post says, though the idea would be to sprinkle them across all levels throughout. Little point them just existing at earliest and latest levels.


The Relic Permission and Abandon requests are long standing and we'll look into seeing if they can be implemented.


~ Grim

#1004017 Possible Relic Alterations

Posted by BigGrim on 10 June 2021 - 11:08

Would there be an option to drop your current relics in order to take on new relics with stam gain? I mean how would it be possible to switch over if you are stuck with a bunch of non stam gain relics and want to convert to stam gain lower level relics?

Answered in the post directly above yours.


~ Grim

#1004014 Possible Relic Alterations

Posted by BigGrim on 10 June 2021 - 10:48

We will need a way to relinquish our relics.

And we can look at that.


~ Grim

#1003983 Double Composing XP LXIV

Posted by BigGrim on 04 June 2021 - 14:00

Hi there everyone!
Today we have our next 'Double Composing XP' event!
For the next 48 hours, until 14:00 server time on the 6th of June, XP gained from making Composing Potions shall be doubled, so get those potions brewing!
We hope you enjoy the 64th Composing XP Event!
~ The Fallen Sword Team

#1003842 Thieves In The Night reappearance

Posted by BigGrim on 12 May 2021 - 09:32

OK, but in the interim, can the containers be made available some other way 'cos they're needed to invent multiple sets ?

No, as that undermines the point of the event. The containers gave too many components in the first two events, which is why, even with new sets, there was naff all uptake in the event. People just used their existing containers.


~ Grim

#1003826 Thieves In The Night reappearance

Posted by BigGrim on 10 May 2021 - 09:40

HI there.


As I've mentioned before, it's not been rereleased as it needs a rework. When we have done so, it shall reappear but not before hand.


~ Grim

#1003777 Fallen Sword's Most Influential - Past and Present

Posted by BigGrim on 03 May 2021 - 17:23

HI there everyone.


Just removed a bunch of posts that are obviously not in the spirit of the topic. 


Carry on! :)


~ Grim

#1003739 Web browser VS App

Posted by BigGrim on 30 April 2021 - 08:33

There no fsp offer that i could see like they offing on web browser can anyone else confirm this

Correct, they don't display yet. However, it you make a purchase, contact Support with full transaction details and they can sort the promo side out for you.


~ Grim

#1003730 Shadow Bunny & Springtime Forest

Posted by BigGrim on 28 April 2021 - 14:18

Hi there everyone.


The players who have earned the chance to create a n LE or SE are as follows:


First Run:
  • 1st  TERRORDOG 4,775 - 4,001
  • 2nd  Demondog 4,775 - 4,001
  • 3rd  HiddnNinja 4,000 - 3,001
  • 4th  oucho 4,000 - 3,001
  • 5th  zizzwyly 3,000 - 2,001
  • 6th  skidoodle 3,000 - 2,001
  • 7th  suderlon 2,000 - 1,001
  • 8th  InfamousN 2,000 - 1,001
  • 9th  apedde 1,000 - 501
  • 10th  robinhood2 1,000 - 501
Second run: 
  • 1st  1hustler 4,775 - 4,001
  • 2nd  Melissa3 4,775 - 4,001
  • 3rd  robinhood2 4,000 - 3,001
  • 4th  SoraXKairi - NA
  • 5th  Tehmelons 4,000 - 3,001
  • 6th  siddy246 Maxed.
  • 7th  CrazyCrits 3,000 - 2,001
  • 8th  HiddnNinja 3,000 - 2,001
  • 9th  Vaelian 2,000 - 1,001
  • 10th  fugrnugget 2,000 - 1,001
  • 11th  john0626 1,000 - 501
  • 12th hades8840 Maxed
  • 13th EvilRisen 1,000 - 501

We'll be contacting them all shortly!


~ Grim

#1003729 Shadow Bunny & Springtime Forest

Posted by BigGrim on 28 April 2021 - 14:14

Hi there everyone!


Congrats to the Fallen Sword community for unlocking the Ruby Tier in the Global Event! Once again the community worked together as a team to achieve this!


If you qualified during the event, your reward is now awaiting collection in your character mailbox :)


Ruby and the Top 100 earned an extra chest a piece, due to the extreme effort of the event.


We hope you all enjoyed the event!


Note: You can see the 'Top 100 Global Quest Contributors' for this event by clicking here.


~ The Fallen Sword Team

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