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#839278 My way to improve game

Posted by Qao on 10 January 2014 - 12:50

"It is sad that fools are so sure of themselves and wise people so full of doubts."


                                                                                                Bertrand Russell

#837122 My way to improve game

Posted by Qao on 03 January 2014 - 17:07

I make my post in points so everyone can put some rage on each point ;) or creatively comment on another solution.


First stage community:


1. Guild and guild house. It will unite the people and certainly bring old players. In addition suggests the possibility of expanding the guild house by using gathering materials.

2. Weekly mini active events, best if u need whole party for them or some ressorces to bring profit to hard working crafters :)

3. Forum events with small reward system.

4. Daily login bonus with random bufs like killing exp, gathering or simple gold coin. Duration of this buf shuld be based on character level(lower lvl bigger bonus).

5. Mentor system to help low lvl player's and hold them in game ;)


Economy ( here i don't have much knowledge but...)


1. Remove npc what sell ressorces or rise or raise the current price.

2. Remove potions from shop or rise or raise the current price.

3. balanced gathering exp in some proffesions

4. Random craft bonus for items should keep busy crafters too.

5. The speed in making gold is too fast, we need something that will stop inflation and reduce our gold resources at higher levels, this problem should not touch the players below level 35. with my skills and gear i have i can make 150-200G per H with drop potion. So I propose remove drop potions, or reducing the values of green items in lvl range 30-40+.





1. 1 vs 1 arena system. After teleport to arena its should remove all bufs// blessing player got. Fight to 3 wins, also we should put rating board.

2. (hotfix)  balanced combat, length. Put some pvp resistance.

3. Good daily quests at Trapper's Atoll ( open pvp map ) to give some open pvp fun for us ] : >

i got plenty more ideas but need to put my minds together, and w8 for lvl 45 cup ] : >



1. Wardrobe for vanity items 

2. Anti-bot verifications

3. Pet ability to pick up items 

4.  OFC auction house

5. Mail system in game

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