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#972888 PVP Seasons as a Global

Posted by Necra on 03 December 2016 - 03:54

I had a lot of fun with this aspect of the game last year, and it was scraped, but was suppose to come back as a global. However The cows were not sure how to do this so it has been delayed.


I want to lay out a simple yet detailed way to get this aspect into the game.



1st and very importantly there has to be a new preference to Opt In/Out of these types of Globals (while I would like to see the whole community participate I realize some have no desire to and do not want to be forced to)

  possibly a reduced flash sale type thing during this event for a pvp protection

#972605 Help Promote PvP and make Fallen Sword GREAT AGAIN !

Posted by Necra on 29 November 2016 - 14:19

in every single MMO - RPG game i have play'd in the past 5 years PVP is a strong thriving part of the game - games that expected to drowned became top mmo because of pvp and player interaction. unless its toon town or rayman to bring in more players i agree with promotion packs again and PVP needs to be improved and brought back as a fundamental part of FS

#971947 ... a fighting chance?

Posted by Necra on 17 November 2016 - 01:16

+24 Hours PvP Protection. 200,000  gold_button.gif n/a -     +7 Days PvP Protection 1,000,000  gold_button.gif n/a -     +28 Days PvP Protection 3,000,000  gold_button.gif n/a -    

under upgrades in the gold section




your guild dont look after you?  ur paying for buffs.....  guild dont make hunting potions?

#971940 ... a fighting chance?

Posted by Necra on 17 November 2016 - 00:39

But this is different, right? I am assuming the risk and also only when I try to hit the creature. It is something planned. PvP is not planned at all. I am playing and suddenly...got hit by someone I am not even fighting against. When I hit some creature I know what can happen, so I use SSI to avoid death. I mean, creatures don't do PvP.

Exactly " RISK" you should convert your gold send it to a friend bank it. dont stack large numbers in your pockets with gold you make your self a target for a gold hit.   if you take the "risk " away where is the competitiveness and the challenge in the game ?  you enjoy going to the store and buying a game u can beat in a day because its to easy (padded)? i know i dont.  why do it to this game.  HCS has gone as far as adding "protect gold" and specifically "pvp protection"  those "protections" dont work with creatures only pvp to save you from the 100 stams... come on now... can there be any reason-ability? pvp has been so distorted for almost a decade now. even the smasher medal is confound to the pvp ladder, so being on the pvp ladder you can earn dominance and smasher.... bit ridiculous.... double incentive for 100 stamming ( isolated )




is this your first MMO? with other live players game play is always unperdictable

#971920 ... a fighting chance?

Posted by Necra on 16 November 2016 - 20:33

pvp = player(s) v player(s)    is that simpler for u

#971901 ... a fighting chance?

Posted by Necra on 16 November 2016 - 18:29

I repeat "I was hit even though i carried no gold and had protection.  I probably  spent  about 100 fsp on bounties and this player only  lost 12 levels."


If I was to hit  back I am guaranteed to lose 5 levels for one 10 stam hit.


A hit for a hit.   If you hit me I should have the right  to hit you back with no consequences as you are  the initator.


Whats not fair about  that !

 you dont have friends or guild mates to hit on a bounty for you?  so because you lack these atributes in game because of choices you made others should have to sacrifice?   this is not about you its about don's post get back on topic please

#945213 pvp.......bounty board...... any thing else pvp related..... scared to find out

Posted by Necra on 18 August 2015 - 00:33

sunds like both of u are trying to explane the same point lol  <3





edited* just saying it diffrently

#945173 pvp.......bounty board...... any thing else pvp related..... scared to find out

Posted by Necra on 17 August 2015 - 19:52

thank you and i will tell him   happy to see the old system is comming back every thing is a learning process LOL  trial and error paitence......   as long as in the end its done the correct and fair way   just getting to that point can be bruital

#945030 pvp.......bounty board...... any thing else pvp related..... scared to find out

Posted by Necra on 16 August 2015 - 07:58

hi FS, long time no see and ummm    some nice new updates but the bounty board alone made me wanna log back out :(    *just being honest*  250 players online  300 players online  and from the looks of things the WHOLE player vs;s player system is umm choped and screwed...   (sry for my crude term)  bb = 50 stam hits xp take looks like a 5 stam hit......     im sry FS  i love u but  ouch........ 






*edited*    -.-  ok , i was just informed the "old" system was being put back.   now when they say "old"   how old we talkin....?

#862692 PvP's personal thread

Posted by Necra on 14 April 2014 - 10:24

all i see is topic after topic of players pvp ideas.   sorting through them all is just ridiculous HCS please make an exclusive place for PVP talks and ideas will be so much easier for you and for other players - maybe then just maybe then can an agreement be made or a solution found - once its isolated.  no joke past 5 years must be over 1000 PVP idea threads.  






  dont post just vote.

#862222 PvP - Days of Glory

Posted by Necra on 12 April 2014 - 03:00

=D   ok done trolling ... :P      i like this topic i hope it goes places

#862213 My Suggestions for reviving the Bounty Board (And this is quite radical)

Posted by Necra on 12 April 2014 - 02:35

Sweet then thats an aspect of the game they shouldnt play - its all about "RISK"  - chance - ppl go to the casino no one WANTS to loose but its a risk they take to have a CHANCE to win  or in this case to get the medals  ....   u want to play that aspect of the game u need to be ready to take on the risk of loosing that XP it some LVL's  i have no idea how many times this has been said about PVP  it goes for ANY GAME that has pvp...... why should this one be any different?    reminds me of the Northern Quilted Commercial   


#854742 Development Roadmap (Updated 7th Mar 2014)

Posted by Necra on 12 March 2014 - 11:23

GvG needs attention - simple moves can improve it so very much, and I see no harm in trying something that isn't a complete alteration of GvG as we know it now. 


How do you start - quarterly resets.  Every 3 months reset top rated list.  Why; because the top is stagnant, and upcoming guilds so far from getting close - it's downright discouraging.  


Reward the top at each reset; nothing fancy - just a little boost of RP to the tops - further increases incentive to compete.  GvGers are very proud, and little incentive is needed imo. 


                1st - 300 RP

                2nd- 200 RP

                3rd- 150 RP

                4th & 5th - 100 RP

                6th-10th- 75 RP

                11th-25th- 50 RP


Don't go introducing more gear to be made with RP - want to include some updated buff packs that are with the times = great (buff packs that support the fields from which the currency to buy them is spawned would be an amazing revelation - titan hunting + GvG friendly packs) - but don't overdo it on the rewards. 


New guild medals in same light of ones recently introduced to recognize outstanding achievement on guild scale would be nice perk too..they can in themseves do something small like the current "
Guild Achievements " do - can represent few different catagories - top dogs, top 5, etc. 


I think this is good base idea to try.  There is no harm that can come of it in my opinion.  I believe it will create a new buzz in game; and many would be shocked at what doing a little can bring to a dying field. 


Thanks for reading; feedback, suggestions, etc ~ Rye

hmm..."Quartly GVG Compitetions" ...... nice.   reset the gvg rankings? im sry i disagree. guilds painstakingly faught to get there they should stay there.   adding another aspect to GVG system like the pvp ladder, etc... . is probily a much needed and long awaited aspect.    as for the break down of how it works and the rewards that another topic for dession and debate/ braing storming.       RP.... Gear.... potions.... components.... the list of options are huge its a matter of player demand/needs or guild demand/needs.



New Medals  love them still waiting to see "Most Wanted" medal for being poste on the BB xxxx amount of times  :lol: .     a animated medal for winning the Quartly compitions on guild page would be nice - guild team work accomplishment medals. a player can be declrated only so much......   start declarating the guild for its position in FS.    





p.s.  umm dev's .......where is the bloody spell check on this thing.........  :(

#787630 Login Failed: Unable to Connect to Server

Posted by Necra on 30 April 2013 - 01:30

ok....i am starting to get signs of VMCD *vurtual mad cow desease*  twitching, frustration lvl's are rising and repetitive trollong of forums and talking to the screen asking it WHY like its gunna answer back.  please help i dont think this has a cure yet or even documented in the medical dictionay. 

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