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In Topic: My thoughts on Titans

21 August 2019 - 12:31

I have to say I can't agree with most of what you have said.. Here are my thoughts on your thoughts...


1 - I view the Secures system as a method of allowing guilds/players with fewer resources a shot at obtaining the drop even though they are effectively 'outclassed' due to e.g. fewer players or less powerful potions. If the Titan had to be killed off entirely by a single guild or player to get the drop we would end up with large guilds monopolising that part of the game, and virtually all rewards would be via the TKP system. The way it stands, once secured there are nearly half the Kills left for someone to collect towards obtaining the drop via TKP accumulation. If a player really cannot wait for the drop after a secure, perhaps they should go back and finish it off themselves. Drops going to inactive players? I put that on active players not being interested enough (*edit* - or too busy doing other things - see sohail94's comments below) to finish the Titan off, not on the system itself.


     I honestly don't think people understand the backlash caused by the 50% titan secure mechanic. I'll simply use round  numbers just so the math is easier to understand and explain.


     If a Fuvya titan spawns with 5000 HP, that means that you only have to kill it 2501 times to secure an item, so with half the effort, a new titan epic is already introduced into the game guaranteed. That leaves another possible 2499 kills as TKP left out there. So lets just say that 2 guilds attack this titan, 1 secures it with 2501 kills, and the other  gets 2499 kills. 


                                           Guild 1 = item

                                           Guild 2 = 2499 TKP + 1250 bonus TKP = 3749 TKP


     So basically, every third Fuvya titan nets the game 1 extra titan epic because even if the titan is secured, there are still TKP that can be earned. More items in the game, lower value, less incentive to hunt, titan stagnation.....



2 - Titan hunting was originally intended to be a guild activity involving teamwork. In addition to the point I make in ( 1 ) the TKP system is so a guild can reward it's team members proportionately. The individual medal was so individual players get a little extra recognition for their contributions. Multiple and frequent Titan spawns (remember when Titans came out one at a a time, weeks apart and were an 'Event'?) combined with the introduction of immensely powerful potions and new buffs (e.g. Titan Doubler) have made solo Titan hunting possible. I see no issue with the current systems unless the player wants instant rewards/drops, in which case see the penultimate part of my response to point 1.


     Yes, titan hunting WAS originally intended as a guild activity oriented event. BUT, as you said yourself with the introduction of more powerful potions, and the lowered interest and population of players it has very much turned into a solo aspect of the game. And like all other aspects of the game it should evolve with the player base. If you eliminate secures, and award titan epics based solely on TKP gained by an individual, you can ensure that only "1" titan item per spawn is added to the game. 



3 - I also wondered about this, but there does appear to be a (loose) relationship between Kills required and item value (there ARE exceptions, e.g. The Hunted Cow) - again I have no issues with this.. variety is good, if someone doesn't like the total required, simply don't hunt it. It is the same for everyone, so the playing field is level. If all titans were identical that would homogenise the activity. Not sure that is a good thing. This also backs up my argument for Secures... Big, powerful guild/player stops after a secure, leaving the rest of the TKP for a less powerful player or guild to have a chance at earning the drop via collecting TKP when they cannot compete to achieve the secure. Using The Hunted Cow as an example again - not everyone can afford the potion which when combined with ZB gives instant teleport regeneration - so if a player stops after securing it using said potion, everyone else still has a chance at a few kills, eventually resulting in obtaining the drop via TKP accumulation.


     Again, if titan epics are gained solely through TKP and no items are gained by doing half the work (secures), then those smaller guilds are still going to get their small amounts of TKP, and eventually get the item the same as now. There just won't be as many items dumped into the game due to 50% secure items and bonus TKP. And I also understand that not all players can afford big pots, but I also understand that those who work hard to gain FSP in game, or buy FSP keeping the game going do in fact deserve the advantages they have paid for. 


4 - Cooldown was introduced to prevent monopolisation of Titans, especially seasonal Titans, by large, well-resourced, powerful guilds. It is a good thing.


     And this one I must wholeheartedly disagree with. Cooldowns were introduced to prevent guilds that were exposed to be and proven to be using scripts from monopolizing titans. And again, the bigger, better funded guilds have put in the time, effort and money to be where they are. It's just a simple fact of life that people have a hard time swallowing, that those people deserve the rewards they get. 


I would suggest the current system works fine, and although some tweaking (nothing actually springs to mind) or additions (Guild TH Achievement for example) might improve it, I for one am generally happy with the way it is and would suggest that an 'overhaul' is unnecessary.




I can barely believe I am on HCS' side for once!!! There are quite a few things I would change (or change BACK to the way things always were) about the game but Titan hunting is not one of them. My vote is leave it alone, or make minimal additions (Guild Achievement?).


PS - I am an active Titan Hunter and regularly finish off Titans that have been secured by others if there are no 'fresh' ones available... Although less profitable than securing, it is still more rewarding than gold hunting!!


*EDIT* - by 'active' I mean regular and consistent.. today (day of original post by paingwin) I secured 4 titans (zeroing my stam or it would have been 5) - a first for me, an accident of spawning times combined with other activities distracting players I imagine.... one of which has already been cleared and has re-spawned -  it was a fuvy.. so hardly a high value drop... nuff said

In Topic: 100 FSP avatar contest!!!

20 July 2019 - 16:06

16:03 20/Jul/2019 
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16:04 20/Jul/2019 
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16:02 20/Jul/2019 
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And, the 100 FSP for the winner  goes to.........SlntScream 




16:08 20/Jul/2019 
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In Topic: 100 FSP avatar contest!!!

20 July 2019 - 15:56

Sorry everyone, It's been a long couple of weeks. Anyway I am going to go through and look at all of them and then pick a winner and pay for any others I like. I know that I originally said 5 FSP per, but since it has been so long I am going to pay 10 FSP per instead. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

In Topic: 100 FSP avatar contest!!!

10 July 2019 - 16:32

results will be posted soon. sorry for taking so long everyone, I have been working 12 hour days, 7 days a week for a couple weeks and I'm exhausted. Give me a few days to get the chance to sit down and figure this out. Thanks for your understanding

In Topic: Close the forums

29 June 2019 - 16:02

You seem to imply that nothing is accomplished in the FS world.  Not so.  Not including the app, recently added were things like:

  • Juvi's Thief in the Night Global
  • Never heard of it, must have been before my return.
  • Quango quests up to EoC
  • Quango hasn't been opened nor received an update until very shortly ago and that was the first time in what, seven years? 
  • BG hinting often of other new things in the offing
  • BG has been hinting to things being done for years, that have never come to fruition. GvG has been in disrepair FOR YEARS, yet has been one of the things "on the list to be done" and that was before I went on "vacation from the game" 2 years ago. Titan hunting has been pointless for a long while now, and yet another member of the "things to be done" club. Loyalty rewards, don't get me started on the 100's of thousands of loyalty tokens I have that just sit there because there is nothing that is even remotely worth buying with them(and others have far more than me......). The arena is stagnant, and in need of serious attention, and also mentioned in that "things to be done club" 2 years ago when it was just a problem, and 500+ online players was common. Here it is still stagnant as pond water and there are AT BEST 150 online players now. 

And judging by the buff showers from hooftest in recent days, the next version of the app will be released soon.

     Buff showers? What is that? Hooftest got on the game and gave some players buffs? Woopity Doo, get on the game and make it playable. Don't just show up like the POPE every once and again, wave at some folks, and think your work is done. Get your flipping hands dirty like mother Theresa and do some work with the people. Make your followers actually BELIEVE in you again. Or lose them simple as that.  


I know that all of us are impatient, and some things seem to be taking much much longer to come into fruition but consider this.  It's summer and vacation season in cowland.  Things will undoubtedly go slower.  But progress is being made.

     Vacation season in cowland? Has it been vacation season for the last half a decade??? I was once very active in the forums.......years and years ago. It used to make a difference, but it doesn't work that way anymore. The forums are flooded with posts calling the cows out on stuff that they shouldn't need to be, and if you don't believe me look at half of the threads that have been locked in the last 6 months. All I'm saying is fix the damn game, or kill it now, I don't like to see unneeded suffering......



Sure, I wish all this would go faster.  We all do... But closing the forums or any other avenue of community communication is a really ill-advised idea, in this old lady's opinion.

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