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In Topic: Whats Your Stats setting?

24 August 2022 - 06:18

Yeah i have a lot of attack and damage but i don't last to much, i tryed to do a knight build but i don't know which is the best allocation of stat points can you help me? maybe full vitality?

In Topic: Fallen Sword Roadmap (July - October 2022)

23 August 2022 - 18:51

Amazing the new roadmap and the new guild achievment :)


thanks for the good work :)

In Topic: General Suggestion

19 July 2022 - 16:46

My idea is that if they are in lack of money with this game they could create a expansion system so if you want new content and new level you have to pay for an expansion. i don't know a many players could pay for new expansion but this is my idea.


Otter if you still plaing to the game i will add you in  game :)

In Topic: General Suggestion

19 July 2022 - 15:06

I want this game updated too but i don't know what we can make to get their attention. i just want to play this game but we are to few in game, i think that if they advertize the game and they update it all the old player may return and play the new content.

I am disappointed that this game is abbandoned to his own i like it a lot and i don't want to see it fade in oblivion!


ill add you in game if you still play :) 


rest in touch here in the forum or in game :)

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