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In Topic: New Idea : Education

22 February 2024 - 13:11

Example 3 - Cartography for Beginners (after 30 days you unlock the ability to use portals for zero gold if destination is within 25 levels of your virtual level)


Hey Hey!!!!

In Topic: New Idea : Education

22 February 2024 - 13:03

Anyone have any fruit loop opinions? wayward thoughts on this? suggestions to make this less viable?

In Topic: New Idea : Education

16 February 2024 - 11:28

Should I ask what reward you get for having the best veal?


Wouldn't one need to study the art to learn the way to, first? I dunno, perhaps YOU could decide, I lack imagination at times, LOL tho for the good fun, thx!

In Topic: New Idea : Education

15 February 2024 - 18:20

I wonder what the reward would be for making lots of steaks....


couldn't have anticipated a more worthy response, ty Sir!

In Topic: Planned GvG Updates

17 March 2023 - 07:54

This is mostly great and should have been implemented many years ago. None of the proposed changes would "revitalize" GvG. The changes listed are only Quality of Life. GvG needs an entire revamp to be relevant - it will continue to be irrelevant even with the proposed changes.


It is unfortunate that half of the original post was ignored as it is the best part of the original post by Toreth.



"In addition to the minor quality of life type changes mentioned above, another change mentioned would be the resetting of the GvG rating every three months or so akin to the PvP ladder with the reward being a simple guild achievement displaying “1st Place in a GvG Season” with the reward potentially being an additional relic slot, or base stamina gain so as to incentivize actively pursuing 1st place repeatedly to keep others from achieving the same.

The ability to provide individuals a competitive aspect to partake in while being rewarded for doing well, coupled with multiple opportunities, over time, to climb and attempt to make the most of a “fresh start” at the start of the three months will also help inject that liveliness into an otherwise humdrum aspect. We already have the resetting of rating present in the game, as mentioned, so transitioning that into the GvG area seems like a relatively easy and feasible way to go about helping bolster individuals’ pride in their ability to conduct themselves at the pinnacle of guild activities."


*whispers* this noticed @HCS?

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