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Medal progress....

14 September 2019 - 09:14

Ok, so I can't quite remember how it works. Is the percentage completed counting the entire total or just the total of said medal.

Recruitment medal - bronze = 25
Silver = 100

So if I am 46% to silver does that mean 46% of 100, or 46% of the 75 remaining to get to 100?

My thoughts on Titans

20 August 2019 - 14:14

     Why are titan epics only purchasable through a guild with TKP, yet we earn a personal titan kills medal? Why are there so many different values to TKP when purchasing an item? Why do some items cost the value of the HP of the titan whereas some cost up to 3x the HP? And last of all, why the hell is there "the secure"?  I propose an overhaul of the titan system, that should fix some of the major problems involved with titan hunting as a whole.



     1.) Remove secures: this is no longer a needed or necessary mechanic to titan hunting. Not really sure if it ever really was. In most cases it simply means that some of these titans are going to sit in the realms until someone decides to come along and clear them for the TKP and the medal ticks. And so far I have seen a few inactive accounts receive the titan item after their account has went inactive (30 days with no activity).


     2.) TKP to individuals: TKP should be an individuals "resource" not a guild "resource". It just doesn't make sense to award TKP to a guild, yet award a player with a medal for titan victories. Those 2 things should be connected if you ask me. 


          a.) If TKP is to remain a guild controlled "resource", then the titans victories should be a guild achievement.

          b.) If players are going to continue to earn the individual medal for titan victories, then TKP should be a "resource" that players earn and control.


     3.) TKP based on HP of Titan: All titans should have a universal amount of HPs or there should be a set amount of HPs for each titan. Accordingly, all titan gained Epic items, should cost the amount of TKP that a titan has.


         (Example #1) Skaldir the Chill has 4500 HP (kills until defeated). Skaldir the Chill should award 4500 TKP, awarded to everyone who attacked it in accordance with how many kills they had on it. And each item purchased with TKP should cost 4500 TKP from the "vendor".


         (Example #2) Currently the Tsukiyaomo has about 5,000 - 8,000 HPs until it is defeated, yet it costs 12,000 TKP to buy it. 12,000 TKP to buy an item, or 2,500 - 4,000 kills to "secure". Seems a little bit of an easy choice to make.....


     4.) 7 day cooldown: If all of the items above are taken into account then there is no need for a cooldown since everyone will be hunting for the TKP to buy the items.


     Just a few ideas on the way it should be.

Close the forums

26 June 2019 - 13:53

     Since I came back to the game (7 months ago)the only thing I have seen the devs even remotely talk about or focus on is the app. With no knowing how long it will take for you to completely turn the FS I know and love, and have loved for over a decade into a mobile version of itself, shut the forums down. If your not going to allocate any of the manpower resources to any of the things that need to be done to the game, or any of the things suggested, then the forums are just pointless to say the least. The game has devolved into a race to the next set of EOC content upgrades, to keep the modest few still here. This game once thrived with thousands of players online at a time, but now your lucky to see more than 150, and thats on a good day. With the creative and supportive staff occupied elsewhere, this game is in its death throes.......I'm glad I was able to come back and see it. 

100 FSP avatar contest!!!

07 June 2019 - 22:36

     OK, I haven't done this in a long while, and sadly most of the artists that participated in the last one no longer play. I will be holding this contest for 1 month, the winner to be determined on or around the 7th of July. The rules are quite simple:


     1.) Enter as many avatars as you like, there is no limitation on entries.


     2.) Any entries that are made that are proven to be "stolen" or "copied" from another artist will result in all entries from the guilty party being disqualified from the contest.


     3.) Any and all avatars submitted must contain the text (Got PvP?) and my character name. My guild initials "TED" is not required, but can be added at the artists preference.


     4.) By submitting an avatar for the contest the artist gives permission for me to use their work, whether they win or not. Any avatars that I choose other than the winner will receive 5FSP each.


     5.) There are no requirements other than the text, and no theme, it's completely based on artists choice. You give me your best works and ill possibly give you 100 FSP, it's that simple.


     6.) The last rule is quite simple, HAVE FUN!


     This is a winner takes all kind of contest, there is no prize for second place. Now get to work artists, and lets see what the artistic community in this game has left in it.

Epics Epics Epics, and those pesky hanger-on titans...........

25 April 2019 - 15:53

Paingwin makes his triumphant return to the forums after over 4 years(fanfare hits its crescendo!)


(Ok, since I am typing this for the second time, Since my "session expired" after my first run through, and none of it was saved, know that I am typing this with anger in my heart LOL)


     First, I have been playing this game for a decade, off and on at times. I came back to the game before Christmas, about 5 months ago, and was pleasantly surprised by something. The something I am referring to is the resurgence of some long dead epic items. The first ones in the game in fact. The Inferno Hammer, the Steamwork Cuirass, and the Writhing Ward.  All of these items were given a considerable boost in worth, and function with the tier system. 


Hammer P/FF +79 stamina           Cuirass P/FF 0 stamina           WW P/FF +125 stamina

                          0 stam gain                                0 stam gain                            2 stam gain

                          0 xp gain                                    0 xp gain                                1 xp gain


Tier 5               +223 stamina                               + 240 stamina                    + 202 stamina

                          5 stam gain                                  5 stam gain                         5 stam gain

                          4 xp gain                                      4 xp gain                             4 xp gain


     Quite the considerable change if you ask me. And why not, the first epics in the game were experiments to be quite honest, and once others were introduced, deserved to be made "epic".



     Titan hunting used to be one of the most lucrative areas in the game, now it's just a dead husk of what it once was. Since I came back to the game I have seen titans sit for WEEKS without being cleared, and even saw a titan get cleared and the item go to an INACTIVE player. Seriously, an inactive player received a titan epic because it took that long for it to get cleared? Titan epics have all but lost most of their value(incentive to hunt) and therefore become something of an off-chance past time. Here is an example......before I went inactive for 2 years, I bought a Deepwater Choker that was Perfect/Fully Forged for 300 FSP. Now I can go to the AH right now and buy one that is uncrafted without forges for 13 FSP. People are practically giving these items away, and the titans that drop them are living on the map far longer than they should. Something needs to be done about this, and I have a suggestion........  



     Introduce the same type of tier system to "HUNTABLE" titan epic items as you did for the IH, SC, and WW. The overall stat enhancement doesn't have to be game changing, just enough to make them worth hunting again. And nothing as drastic as the aforementioned tier items. It takes 16 Inferno Hammers(in a perfect no failure world) to make a tier 5. This in itself is insane, just because the failure rate is ridiculous without the help of the best, and some "discontinued" potions in the game. Not to mention the other gear pieces required to make them which have become insanely expensive.Super Elite items required to invent an item is ok, IF the chances of finding an item from one isn't 1% with the best easily acquired FI1k pot. Hell I just sat and watched LE gear get sold for gold in the AH during the last LE during Easter.  Use those items for the recipe, and lets spice up GvG a little bit........


     To invent the tiers of the huntable titan epics create a new "resource" or a few new "resources" that require guild RP to purchase. They can have a 100% extraction rate and be unaffected by Extractor II. Thus, increasing activity in GvG as well. Ok, I'm tired as I work 3rd shift and have been up past my bedtime. Thanks for looking at my post and rest assured Belaric, an even more epic post(suggestion) is still in the works lol. 

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