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#957538 Possible Alternative To PvP Seasons

Posted by WhoToldYouSo on 22 January 2016 - 10:52

Wouldn't this just be like any other Ladder but with the small diffrence that higher level players would be able to smash the spine out of your body?


There's alot of PvPers in all ranges of the game - So let's say the level range set would be 1200 - You would probably only see players level 900+ join to have a chance to match the stats (or they would simply hit players offline as it goes already on the regular ladder) - If a level 500 player joined such a ladder they would just get wrecked over night?


How is this diffrent from the arena? besides you can use buffs (and high level players will have the benefit of having much more powerful buffs than the players who only just got the level for the allowed maximum item levels)

#956962 Double Composing XP II!

Posted by WhoToldYouSo on 13 January 2016 - 19:20

Double xp composing event doesn't require stam, per se. 


It does if you plan to 100 stamina hit the composers holding tons of gold to benefit most possibly from the event ^_^'

#956798 PvP Ladder Bands

Posted by WhoToldYouSo on 09 January 2016 - 18:48

The brackets are ridiculous.

I think automatic opt-in, with a manual opt-out is okay... but only if the brackets aren't broken.

Why can't be just adjust ranges a bit until we find happy mediums?

 HCS would just need to add a "pointer" like when you start off that sends you to the option of opt-in / opt-out when you join the first time.

#956403 Don't let the fun stop!

Posted by WhoToldYouSo on 04 January 2016 - 21:25

The endless desire for moooooore...

#956332 Calling All Fragment Farmers (and Buyers)

Posted by WhoToldYouSo on 03 January 2016 - 00:20

I'm farming Commons and Uniqes on request - send me a PM and let's figure out a decent price.

#956274 Epic Prices

Posted by WhoToldYouSo on 02 January 2016 - 16:58

I'm more into making the the epics more valuable through using the items with inventing or being able to breakdown/sacrificing them for something else, other than taking certain titans off the fields/rotating..

Epics are mainly used for stamina gain.. How about letting players sacrifice(destory) one epic for a god to gain its stamina gain for a certain period of time (days/weeks/month).. Have to restrict it to one item per period of course..

 ^ I agree


I don't think it will solve much to remove any titans / rotate them, there's still players out there that don't even have 1 of their own epics. Also the main reason the items decrease is because of the better items (stamina gain wise) is added. And as you know we're as humans desiring MOOOOOORE!


I like the idea of using the epics in another way, maybe as in trade for mercernaries, TKP buff packages or even make it a global event ~ when x amount of epics has been sacrificed to the gods you will see a new titan drop in for a few days for just to disappear once again (this titan might drop something else than items, like potions required a low amount of TKPs to make it desirable even to only get 100 kills)

#956262 Daily, Weekly, Random Event Ideas..

Posted by WhoToldYouSo on 02 January 2016 - 12:24

In the northern mytology we have named our days in honor of the gods presented back in the days when the vikings was walking the earth. I would like to see this implemented into the game gods too maybe? A day in the name of Gurgriss would give you ability to make groups at a lesser cost, give % chance to save stamina on offensive buffs or even give a % bonus towards the attack stat?


Daily quests sounds like a great idea too. You could even add one for players and one for guilds to prevent players just to login, do the thing and say "meh, I'm done now" and log off once again.

As there have already been suggested alot of Daily quests for players I won't put too much into it but rather focus on the guild ones, as I'm trying to blow some teamspirit into my own guild too I think a teamwork daily quest could help it.


- Initiate and complete a conflict (the initiation could be free and the outcome could be something like Promotion on the front page or daily quest tokens for those whom participate)

-  Stick together and create x groups and aim towards the relics! (bonus could be dealt if you succeed to capture?)

- Empower your guild by blessing it with your stamina (could be done through groups, TKP, conflicts and buffing)


* I would also like to see some kind of reward for staying loyal towards one of the gods. Like you're loyal to your guild your god might be somewhere to stay loyal too?

#955717 Doubler Do

Posted by WhoToldYouSo on 21 December 2015 - 21:11

So you suggest that the players who play the least due to wait for stamina, should play even less doing their hunt too? - I vote for a 'Kill it all'-button once a year

#955257 Inventable Items

Posted by WhoToldYouSo on 16 December 2015 - 21:39

Maybe also include the items obtained from Temple (Gurgriss and Lindarsil blessings)?

#949756 Alittle all-around thinking

Posted by WhoToldYouSo on 26 September 2015 - 07:40

I've been reading through the forums for the last past weeks and gathered some ideas from other players POV on the game for diffrent aspects of the game which I would like to publish in this tread.


PvP / Bounty Board / Ladder:


- Bounty tick for every hit on the Bounty board to reward everyone who takes part in this aspect of the game. Lately there's been discussed what the solution to the Bounty board could be and as I see it I think it would engage more players to try out as even if they could only get 7 hits in they atleast got something out of it (besides the experience doing it)


- Legendary set reward from the Ladder (LOW durabilty / HIGH stats / bonus) These would be "unrepairable" by the original blacksmith but would take PvP points to repair which would require you take part in some kind of PvP to have this kind of gear available for your use - should probably be bound?


- PvP skill tree which would stand out from the level-up skill trees by require the same PvP points as from the idea above - not much new rethinking have to be done as it states we already have plenty of skills (PvP only) and you could simply choose to add skills used in Leveling and PvP at both kind of skill trees to make them available for both aspects.


Titan Hunting:


- Team work required to hunt down Titans maybe even between guilds? It's getting well-known that it takes too little to even solo a Titan (I know it's a game but come on how many times does David defeat Goliat?) this result in alot of epics flowing the game (sure you can try to handle it with recipes and all but what would prevent it from creating same problem when the epics from recipes will get less desireable again?) I don't think much can be done to the current titan base but atleast for the future generation would be great to see some strategy / teamwork being needed. As we as players gathers us together why wouldn't these giants do so too? Enhancing eachother with mightiness and devilish spirits.



I will try to update the tread over time as new ideas may appear.

Please leave feedback whatever your POV may be as we're all a part of the development.

#947207 PvP Ladder/ Bounty Board Improvement Ideas

Posted by WhoToldYouSo on 31 August 2015 - 12:32

I would like to see the PvP system adjusted in certain ways to increase the activity:


- Bounty medal tick for every hit ( this could be a teaser for more players to hit the same target for the ticks which could result in counter-bounties for even more activity)

- PvP fragments (drops randomly with any kind of PvP hit unrated, ladder, bounty etc)

~ PvP fragments should be useful for composing PvP potions or even make it items to invent potions from (drop rate increased by the use of stamina)


Any adds?

#947204 Does FS need an accelerated level program?

Posted by WhoToldYouSo on 31 August 2015 - 12:16

Personally I think the major problem with the EOC isn't the levels that will take years to catch up, what matters the most is the skills / buffs that I as new player can't imagine to achieve myself.


- I can't really stand to become self-sufficient except if I spend tons of cash on the game.

Sure composing is a great idea and I'm working toward the goal, but to be realistic I won't be able to produce anything usefull till around level 10-15 which will be like half a year if I compose every single day.

- It really matters to me to be able to compete with the other players which was around here before me in every aspect that would is around

- Also the grind of levels can be a pain, I login to level up every day as I hope to get to just a decent level to join other aspects. It's hard to compete in PvP in my level as the PvP Ladder range has increased to 249, not really any targets for me at BB as the defence / armor stats are way above anything I can achieve even with Epic potions.

- Medals is an important aspect too, as everything else here in life we search for something to accomplish / obtain and if this seem unrealistic within a decent timeframe you quit on it.

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