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#790138 Non-Render Based Artwork

Posted by gopher87 on 21 May 2013 - 04:00

You using a Wacom?  -  I SOOOOO want one.  drawing is a pencil and paper affair for me.    My forté however is fractal creation and fractal manipulation.    I haven't physically drawn something in a long while, though I had someone ask for a sketch, and another at possibly creating a map of sorts - I'm going to get on that after I finish sorting house about and have had my drawing tools surface.  



followed_me_home_by_zukira_phaera-d65ddv  2133_wormhole_express_by_zukira_phaera-d

(images clicked will take you to the dA page I've posted them on. )


:o Mind Blown

We're learning about fractals in Pre-calc and my teacher had these on a slideshow of examples of fractals

This is just mind blowing

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