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11 FSP up for Grabs!

12 May 2013 - 22:03

Hello Y'all

You may or may not remember me from back in the day

So anyway....


This is a weird request,

Since I do not have PS anymore and Gimp sucks donkey nuts I am in need of someone to make a graphic for me. I need a YT Avi which is 800x800 in size.

All I'm really asking for is the Letters OB Kind of overlapping at a downwards angle if You know what I mean, with a clipping mask with explosions/etc as the inside


This is really not a hard request for a pretty big Reward



Changed to 11 FSP

need this done ASAP :D




The letters OB on a 800x800 background THEY HAVE TO STICK OUT

background or no background I don't care, I really would like a cool clipping mask effect on it 


Thanks a Lot


Uh.. hello Again

06 August 2012 - 05:49

I have started to play FS again.. BUT the comp I used around a year ago doesn't work so I am on a new one... so no more PS for me.. and Gimp is just weird. Help with this? :)

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