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In Topic: Coming Soon: Game Update 1.9992!

15 October 2018 - 21:08

Thanks for the info + quick response in regards to the caches, INDeeDO and Zue.

In Topic: Coming Soon: Game Update 1.9992!

15 October 2018 - 10:24

After the update, there is a new bug in Alliance caches.


When you chose "Collect All", you only get part of the  cache.

As example: here is says "Invader Cache x 2", but only returned "1 x Leather".


When you instead chose "Collect" (one by one),

you get the full amount, in this case "2 x Leather".


It looks like "Alliance Cache Level" is not applied when "Collect "all" is chosen.

In this example "Alliance Cache Level" was at 20.



In Topic: Coming Soon: Game Update 1.9992!

08 October 2018 - 12:21

For those who haven't checked by on Facebook:

At the time of writing, the game will be down for about 2 more hours (until 2PM UTC).


For HCS: Would have been nice, if this info too could have been shared on Steam and this forum.




In Topic: Coming Soon: Game Update 1.9992!

01 October 2018 - 08:35

Players can still obtain those rewards from attacking Aliens. :) The only real difference is that you will gain the rewards you would have obtained from caches as part of a Challenge we'll be running frequently.


We are happy to take all of your feedback on-board however, and make any changes if needed.



Hi there


Not really happy about this update, as i suspect this will further increase the imbalance of this game.

The level increase means the gap between the big spenders and and casual spenders will increase. Currently, you are somewhat save, of getting attacked, once you reach a power of 100 million and own a considerable amount of T4 troops or specialized units. Those 100 million probably won't be enough for the future.

Small/mid range players get harvested, and are targeted during events/alliance conflicts, with daily attacks. They do not have the troops (or a hero) left, to fight aliens. There are of course the troops in the bunker. Those are not enough though, for any larger scale alien attack. In addition, every time they are taken out of the bunker, the small player risks of losing them too. While those daily attacks are ongoing (which happens pretty often), the smaller player is dependent on those caches, to make any progress. Yet, this upgrade means he wont even get those.


In my opinion, it would be much better for the game, to address the imbalances of the game. It is something players have asked for, since the beginning. I suspect this update is another nail in the coffin, that will drive small players away.



In Topic: New update problems

22 July 2018 - 16:16

Hi guys,


Thanks for the additional feedback!  Sorry to hear that there's still some connection issues in the game, particularly during peak times.


It is definitely something that we're looking into as a top priority, and if you have any specific information we could use to replicate these problems, we would really appreciate it! 



Hi Zue.


Considering this has top priority, one might think this is more important

than a merge of regions, no?


The lag is so bad, it is on the verge, of rendering the game unplayable.

It has been a wait of 6+ weeks on a fix.


If you have any info, what is done about this, please share.

This is a matter of "top priority" after all...






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