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#994259 Coming Soon: Game Update 1.9992!

Posted by Kildek on 01 October 2018 - 08:35

Players can still obtain those rewards from attacking Aliens. :) The only real difference is that you will gain the rewards you would have obtained from caches as part of a Challenge we'll be running frequently.


We are happy to take all of your feedback on-board however, and make any changes if needed.



Hi there


Not really happy about this update, as i suspect this will further increase the imbalance of this game.

The level increase means the gap between the big spenders and and casual spenders will increase. Currently, you are somewhat save, of getting attacked, once you reach a power of 100 million and own a considerable amount of T4 troops or specialized units. Those 100 million probably won't be enough for the future.

Small/mid range players get harvested, and are targeted during events/alliance conflicts, with daily attacks. They do not have the troops (or a hero) left, to fight aliens. There are of course the troops in the bunker. Those are not enough though, for any larger scale alien attack. In addition, every time they are taken out of the bunker, the small player risks of losing them too. While those daily attacks are ongoing (which happens pretty often), the smaller player is dependent on those caches, to make any progress. Yet, this upgrade means he wont even get those.


In my opinion, it would be much better for the game, to address the imbalances of the game. It is something players have asked for, since the beginning. I suspect this update is another nail in the coffin, that will drive small players away.



#986870 Blackout Event & Region Move

Posted by Kildek on 01 November 2017 - 03:06

Greetings Commanders. We'll soon be merging the following regions:
  • Alpha 1
  • Bravo 1
  • Gamma 1
  • Delta 1
  • Zeta 1



What happened to this?


The proposed merger would be much older realms (such as Alpha and Bravo), Zeta is still a relatively young region.



And in addition:


Thanks for all of the feedback on the game!  I'll be sure to pass your comments along to the development team.  The balance of the game is of high importance to us, and we're looking at ways to ensure that the game is as fair as possible for all players.  I believe there will be a region merge as well in the near future, which should resolve some of the issues with balancing in certain regions.



There seems to be some misconception, that a merger might help the imbalances in the game. I just can't see, how that would improve things for the small guy, while the game mechanics stay the same. Now there will be 5x as many "untouchables", to pray on the low levels. Formerly a low level could find an abandoned spot, and hope to be missed, when one of the big guns was starting his raid. This will be much more difficult now. Please, reconsider the merger + have another look at the player suggestions. There are good suggestions, to improve the game, and very few (if any), have been implemented.


Link to player suggestions:





#981768 Ever going to address the game imbalances?

Posted by Kildek on 15 June 2017 - 02:04

Hey Buffarilla,


We're actively working to update the game on a regular basis and make improvements that allow all players to enjoy the game. We're also happy to listen to any suggestions you may have, a good number of the recent features we've added have been based on player feedback. One of which was the recent improvement to rallies, if rallies are still not effective enough against large players, we can certainly investigate this further.


Our 1.7 update is indeed in the works and we'll be sharing more on that soon.


Rallies do not work, as a way to retaliate for the small guys.


Adding the possibility to attack gathering/contest ships has not changed that.

The "Big guns" that raid whole alliances, rarely gather resources. They do not have to, since it is much faster to raid low levels at little loss. Most of the time, there are no gathering ships of the "big guns", to attack. Even if one of the "big guns" should gather resources, he will do it in his own hive. By the time a rally reaches the spot, he will be finished long ago, because the rally moves so slowly. It has been mentioned before that the speed at which the rally moves, makes it less useful. The speed has since been increased, but only for the levels 20-22. Which are the already strong players. The small guys did not benefit from it.


More elaborate explanations can be found at:

 "Permissions Needed to Start a Rally?"


My own comment in that threat can be read here:



Currently i can not see, how the rally could be tweaked, to work to retaliate for the low level players.

The win/loss ratio between tier 1/2/3 troops against tier 4 troops, is too high, to be worth it. Tweaking the rally will not change the win/loss ratio, as long as the fighting system behind it stays the same.

In addition, if a low level starts a rally, his research is low level too, which again affects all the troops in the rally, and increases the losses, against a strong player (with high level research).


My suggestion would be, that someone from the HCS staff tries to create an incognito game account, and tries to play as low level on a region like Zeta. Then tests how well things, like the rally, work during game play.



#981417 Can we get an update on the update?

Posted by Kildek on 03 June 2017 - 09:52

Here is part of the typical responds, that has been posted in Steam by development staff, when New Earth is getting a bad review because of the imbalances in the game:


"We are aware of a few balancing issues in the game, and the development team are constantly working on improvements to make it fairer for all of our players."


It would be nice, if updates could reflect this.


Just to give a first hand example from Zeta1, how bad things are:

As average a large part of the alliance (one of the smaller alliances), gets raided every second day. Typical win/loss ratio is 1:1000 (victim loses 1k troops, while the attacker loses 1). The protection limit of the store house, is too low, in order to save up enough resources, for the next building upgrade/research. You can't sent out gathering ships, without risking to lose them for good, in case the attacker chooses to go for them too.Shield are too costly, for a longer lasting protection. What is left for the small players to do, is use contest ships, trying to limit the amount of holes in the hive; sent resources to that one player who is shielded. The rest of the time is spent with waiting for resources to build up in the main base (by oil rig, black market, and so on), while hoping there wont be another attack before those resources can be spent. All in all, that does not make up for an enjoyable game experience. 

Please follow through with the promise to do something about the imbalances in the game, by actually doing it, not just saying it.


Thank you.

#980729 Imbalances in the game

Posted by Kildek on 11 May 2017 - 10:52

Hi HCS Team

Please have a look at the imbalances in the game.

When you attack someone at your power, or above, you get "punished", as you lose your troops for good (no med bay). Instead you get "rewarded" when attacking lower lvl players, as you get their resources and win the events, with only few losses.
It should be the opposit.

As a result of this, The top level players, with 100+ mill power and tier 4 troops, have become untouchables. The do not attack each other,  because that would be suicidal. At that power, there are so many troops in a base, it is not possible to kill a considerable amount of them. The target can heal his wounded troops, while the attacker loses his for good.

We had a discussion in global chat, where the "big guns" expressed they were not happy about that either. It is not feasible for the "big guns" to attack each other, so they attack lower levels. This attacking lower levels, happens through all levels (all level player do it, not just "big guns"). That means new players get attacked the most, which drives them away.
The Nukes, rally and bunker were all supposed to to balance this. Non of these helped much, as they do not address the underlying problem, which are the imbalances in the fighting system. Fixing this would be require the fighting system to be re-done, and probably mean drastic changes. Would it be possible to create a new server, with a more even fighting system? Then players could switch to the server they prefer.

Please, this needs addressing soon. Even the big guns want challenges and need someone to fight. When the lower levels are driven away, it might not be that fun for them to play either.

Thank you for your time reading this,

#978644 Game Update 1.5.8

Posted by Kildek on 30 March 2017 - 23:07

NOTE:We had discussed making gathering units head to the Medical Bays however this change has been abolished due to overwhelming negative feedback.

I am puzzled. I have closely been following discussions both on steam and in the HCS New Earth forum, but not seen that "overwhelming negative feedback".

It would be something to help the small guys. Hope you will re-consider.

#978585 Permissions Needed to Start a Rally?

Posted by Kildek on 30 March 2017 - 00:30

Hi HCS team.slowlyu might as well give the permission to start a rally to everyone.
If you do, please increase the amount of simultaneous rallies.

Though as others have already mentioned, the rally is useless as a way to retaliate for the "small guys".

Just to mention the biggest obstacles:

* Win/loss ratio between the different level of tier troops is so bad,
it is not possible to summon a rally actually big enough.
Lower level players with only tier 2/3 troops, would need
an army much bigger than the current max 2.5 mil, to make
any impact on a player with a lot of tier 4 troops.
Apart from that, it is unlikely enough players are
willing to sent their troops into a high risc attack.

* In a rally with a mixed level of troops,
the lowest level players are the first to lose their troops.
In an attack, the first troops to die are the lvl 1 troops, then 2, 3, and at last lvl 4 troops.
This means those low level players that are already getting targeted the most,
lose everything. Possible months worth of recruiting troops are gone,
no med bay.

The imbalances in the game are a problem.
Just to show that this is not just my opinion, i suggest to take a look at
the reviews the game is getting on steam.

In order to improve things for the little guys just a bit,
i would suggest that the shield not only protects the main base, but outposts too.
Troops killed while gathering or contesting should go to med bay.
Shields should be more affordable.
Edit: Would be nice if the rally can be recalled. The rally moves so slowly, a lot can happen before the troops reach their target.


#960322 Main reasons why you use FSH.

Posted by Kildek on 07 March 2016 - 00:18

I don't see your point kildek? They can never really be certain is what i said? Confused on where you were going with this. They can detect somewhat if you are using a script if they have the code to write triggers. But really you can never be certain. Because like i said this is a game based on refreshing links.


Also not quite sure you understand Server sided VS client sided coding. The speed limit is absolute.


Beating 8 titan hunters is definetly possible... They were probably deathly slow... I would drag up one of my quotes but can't be asked to find it. The faster hunter has the advantage over multiply amounts of hunters if they don't hunt with strategy. If they are simply blindly moving to every single spawn the faster hunter will beat them in the end. Strategy is big in TH... Zoning is a fast solo hunters worst nightmare... That was probably in a time with no TP which also favors faster hunters. But people don't care to take TH seriously and complain when they lose. They don't realize there is a lot of strategy behind TH to do it effectively. Especially if you aren't particularly fast. 


I will try to make it short.

If HCS is not able to fight the Titan-hunting script efficient,

it won't help to ban FSH.

Since that argument is based upon the existence of the magic Titan-hunting script, 

(which existence you doubt), i had to make a point,

that something fishy is going on, with the titan hunting.


i very well understand the difference between

server sided VS client sided coding.


The magic titan hunter moved faster,

than should be possible even if he was hooked up directly to the server. 

The delay is supposed to prevent that, but didn't.

He had found a way around the delay.

#920723 Potential Scripting Detected - Movement Too Fast

Posted by Kildek on 20 February 2015 - 04:22

And coders can modify Helper and have already done so that helper is approved gives the unscrupulous a doorway to bypass and get around HCS tracking methods...this one reason is why Helper must be removed from the game.

One of the first things to do, when titan hunting is to switch off FSH, because it slows you down too much.

This is too, why the 2 former legal scripts used as part of titan hunting (which later got banned), were stand alone scripts.

Banning FSH would help little to avoid cheating, but hurt a lot of players on the way.

#895345 Deflect/Anti-Deflect Activation

Posted by Kildek on 19 October 2014 - 01:58

The problem isn't in the strings, and it isn't in the RNG; its that everyone keeps forgetting how often they have tried in order to get those strings.


Maj describes a 1-in-1000 chance (1/100 for the deflect times 1/10 for the antideflect). If you have 10 people making 10 hits every day, then collectively they would expect to get this string once every 10 days.


When you do something a lot, then unlikely events do happen regularly.


Please check out the links i have provided:  http://forums.hunted...on/#entry895106

In these threads many players have noticed these streaks. Many mainly see it when deflect kicks in. But the flawed RNG affects all aspects of the game play. Be it 4-leaf, crafting, extraction or the caves etc. Hoofmaster only confirmed the code for deflect, never the randomness of the RNG. Some of these streaks are so unlikely to happen, players should not see them on a regular basis (even when playing often). In my opinion there are enough reports of these streaks, to give a reason for HCS to get the code/randomness of the RNG verified.


#895106 Deflect/Anti-Deflect Activation

Posted by Kildek on 17 October 2014 - 22:10

Another thread, with the goal to get Deflect nerved...
Deflect has been discussed a bunch of times already.

As the Mythbuster here: http://forums.hunted...&hl=mythbusters

Another one where Hoofmaster confirmed the code: http://forums.hunted...showtopic=58580

Yet another where RJEM (the original poster of the Mythbuster) comments on the math.

From those 3 threads the overall math is "ok".

The problem is, that the random number generator is not random enough, and things happen in streaks.

#889443 Update v2.50

Posted by Kildek on 13 September 2014 - 02:02

Doom's issue has been band-aided by bookmarking the Quick Buff page URL: 
I'm posting this here so that anyone else who has their guild list hidden can also benefit from this info. smile.png

We now have to find work-arounds for missing FSH key features. FSH feature integration should not be like this.
While players still were working on FSH, a broken FSH, was mostly fixed within 1-3 days. For me it seems, server side implementation takes much longer. If there are not enough resources to do it fully server side, why not have a HCS staff member update FSh instead?

Do not get me wrong. I appreciate the work Zorg is putting into this.

Just with the resources available / developer time, and more than 50 different FSH features, it will take years, for a partly feature integration. More to integrate them fully.

#888914 Update v2.50

Posted by Kildek on 09 September 2014 - 11:13

What about the rest of the missing features that FSH did provide (except add self), as mentioned here? :

I do not understand why those FSH features have to be re-done, instead of just using the same design that worked so well in FSH. The current implementation requires more clicks, than what you needed in FSH.

#882575 If we implemented 3 FSH features, which would you pick?

Posted by Kildek on 27 July 2014 - 22:17


don't make it a game for dummies make the people actually use their brain ...

My brain does not get challenged by repetitive clicks, it gets bored.

Hence all of them.

#879852 Arena Update #4

Posted by Kildek on 19 July 2014 - 12:41

make it as bookmark in toolbar ;-)

Thank you for the link. Just every time i join an arena, it defaults back to the regular = Id sort order. So i have to re-sort the page, or open a new window every time. That is fairly inconvenient.

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