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#1005867 Arena Rules

Posted by shindrak on 20 October 2021 - 21:35

Another Idea just got to my mind 


Add timer on every tourney if not started in like 3-6 hours  the guild rule restiction will turn 50% instead of 25%  on that tourney and more guild members who want to play arena can join.


Now we have multiple suggestions , I think this one is very fair and simple to apply !

unless you like to see tourneys sit there for long and the players who want to play can't play due to guild restriction rule...

#1005814 Proposed Loyalty Update III.

Posted by shindrak on 14 October 2021 - 21:20

I think like 20-30 people were like BM is bad at high level don't add. So based on that, it was removed. I'd like to see BM 300 or 400 myself though. 


Obviously you don't care about Arena shop  or Arena at all , i think you prefer it dead because you don't play it .


If we have better buffs of everything in Loyalty shop then what is the point to play other aspects...

#1005794 About the mailbox situation

Posted by shindrak on 12 October 2021 - 18:21

Previous way please 

#1005671 Proposed Loyalty Update.

Posted by shindrak on 05 October 2021 - 15:27

I would still like to see fist fight level 1000 potion. Should be fun messing with it :D

Turn PvP into Arena :P

#1005670 Arena Rules

Posted by shindrak on 05 October 2021 - 15:25

How about in addition to the OP also adding a beginner section to the arena above novice where you can get up to 500 wins and participate there. You currently learn nothing in the novice arena section, needs another step. It would have inferior rewards to regular arena, but join costs might be a little bit lower. 

Players with less than 500 win can join it and can join standard tourneys too

so it wouldn't affect activity on standard tourneys.

#1005646 Arena Rules

Posted by shindrak on 02 October 2021 - 17:43

I think something like this is the fairest you can be while making changes to help the arena, otherwise you run into the potential for a guild to monopolize the arena.

  • Guild Members Capped at 50% Entry
  • Half of That Can Use Tagged Gear

With 8 and 16 man Tournaments, it still means that 4 or 8 people, respectively, from a single guild can enter any individual tournament.



Not to come off cross, but if you truly have "mastered almost all areas of the game" then you would have a firm grasp on the realm of the arena as well. I'm not saying you don't know how to complete things semi-effectively, but "mastered" is a strong word. 



On the value of arena items, let's look at a general breakdown:


8 Man Tournament For Prize of 32 Tokens

  • Winner: 32 Tokens
  • 2nd Place: 16 Tokens
  • 3/4 Place: 8 Tokens

That means there are 64 Tokens coming into the game during an 8 Man, 32 Token Tournament currently. A Guild can have 2 people enter, so they can realistically win 48 of the 64 Tokens, or 67%.


16 Man Tournament, 32 Tokens

  • Winner: 32 Tokens
  • 2nd Place: 16 Tokens
  • 3/4 Place: 8 Tokens
  • 5/6/7/8 Place: 4 Tokens

That means there are 80 Tokens coming into the game during a 16 Man, 32 Token Tournament currently. A guild here can have 4 people enter, so they can hold 80% of the winnings.



If the arena were to change to something along the lines of "50% of the entries can come from a single guild where half of those can use guild tagged gear," then we can take a look at a separate breakdown.


8 Man, 32 Tokens

  • Winner: 32
  • 2nd: 16
  • 3/4: 8

Hmm...strange...the total number of tokens coming in doesn't change from 64, so that would mean market value of all arena items would maintain. So what changes? Well, if a guild can now have 4 entries here instead of 2, then the guild has the potential to hold 100% of the tokens from the tournament.


And what of a 16 Man?


16 Man, 32 Tokens

  • Winner: 32
  • 2nd: 16
  • 3/4: 8
  • 5/6/7/8: 4

So again, the total number of tokens coming into the game doesn't change from 80. The only thing that changes is a guild has the potential to hold 100% of the tokens from the tournament.



"That sure does sound like a monopoly, though!" Sure; kind of, until you work out that some of those entries are going to be occupied by Clare, Woopy, Shin, Juvi (occasionally), Sohail (occasionally), who all have more than the potential to knock anyone out at any time; not to mention the RNG factor of the pairings of the first round.


Take MoM for example: Shin, Winter, PowerLegi, Tilley - we're already at 4 there. What are the chances that 2 of the 4 of these WON'T meet each other in the 1st round if the 25% of total GUILD entries is increased to 50%? Just so you don't have to do the work, it's 7.9% in an 8 man tournament or 0.3% in a 16 man tournament. On top of the percentages being fairly telling that it isn't going to happen that often, you then have to take into account for those individuals losing as well - nobody wins 100% of the time, so again, there is no monopoly occurring.

Reading facts ! everything in one shot,    I hope HCs look into posts like this ...

#1005602 Arena Rules

Posted by shindrak on 01 October 2021 - 00:17

As someone who plays arena from time to time in bursts, I would like to see some sort of cool down for individuals. Maybe a 1-2 day cool down after 5 wins in a 24 hour period. I think it speaks volumes that you can be in the top 250 arena players without even having a bronze medal in it (100 wins) after 15 years. I think a lot of people would give arena more of a chance if they knew they weren't always going to be up against the best arena players always.


I would be okay with getting rid of the guild limit if the above change also happened. 

This negative attitude will never change ...  "The best" Arena players you call them the best ! they were newbie at some point and learnt from the constant trying  ,  Play more and get better it is simple . i can see lots of players who were newbie and got better now days without complaints .


In my case Cooldown in arena is just like asking me to stop playing the game. 

#1005599 Arena Rules

Posted by shindrak on 01 October 2021 - 00:06

Well I know some players will say it will be open to abuse but if someone want to abuse they can just do it outside guild ... 


Arena is big part of the game !  give everyone chance to play smoothly without this restriction , its a game at the end and  Arena pretty much clear if someone wants to abuse they will get caught and what's the point of play a game without integrity !   This will boost Arena and the market pretty much ...


I hope HCs to rethink and open serious discussion about it ..

#1005325 Proposed Loyalty Update.

Posted by shindrak on 15 September 2021 - 20:26

Considering Arena is mainly won by the same 20-30 people or less, no more rewards should be added at this point. 


Why didnt  think of it if more rewards added more players will join it ? 

You are asking to let an aspect to die because you don't want to play it, the 20-30 players working for their wins by buying all gears and forging their gears to play arena and thats not enough to win you have to work out your brain to win! which is called " playing a Game".

lots of players can play arena but stopped...



I would say add new rewards to PvP ladder and more players will join it ! but at certain ranges there is exploit where 1 player active can win rewards without working for it....I hope this will be fixed !



Anyway i think HCs are looking for our idea's about these pots not our ideas where to put these pots as reward and no need to argue if someone make suggestion , i'm sure HCs have the common sense even they don't play the game they can understand  players suggestions specially the ones who give logical explanations 

#1005290 Proposed Loyalty Update.

Posted by shindrak on 15 September 2021 - 10:38

I take exception to this, it shows a clear bias in my opinion.

This is a tally of published opinions up to that point:

Bearing in mind that this is the internet, malcontents and luddites are quick to spew
their venom. My hypothesis was that the naysayers were just posting more frequently,
let's have a look at the top 10:

It looks to me like the people against the proposed changes are making much more noise
than the happy people. A result that should shock absolutely no one. It happens every time
and good changes get watered down to placate vested interests.

 Dear Pointy most of my posts are explanation to my first post which is against 2 pots AL1000 ,LIB900  and BM500, distil250 

and you didnt mention all names were against ;)  most of players were against specific pots not all. 


but i'm surprised how come some players agree on all pots with no exceptions /explanation. 

#1005268 Proposed Loyalty Update.

Posted by shindrak on 15 September 2021 - 05:50

Just for those who keep say HCs listen for  vocal minority  ... sometimes HCs listen for 1 player because they give detailed opinions and makes sense for HCs and i respect HCs for considering logical opinions over major opinions.

#1005243 Proposed Loyalty Update.

Posted by shindrak on 14 September 2021 - 19:20

Thanks for the update BG and the team.


To keep it short and sweet, from the updated list, I would only spend my tokens on the BM500 potion. Doubler is ok but I hunt twice a year.


P.S. BM 500 will degrade the Fallensword experience for people involved in PvP, Bounty Hunting, GvG and Relic Combats. Increasing duration of potions and more specifically crystal or epic potions contributes to defender advantage. Someone who needs to defend their ladder rating or defend for GvG conflict can come online use BM 575 and remain buffed for 20 hrs with composing. There is already a degree of waiting out the buffs but now you may as well logout for the day.

This is what i'm talking about its not only downside for Arena shop also for the whole game  ,

BM500 is not good for long term 

If this introduced we might see less online players ...


We have BM200 from egg it is cheap affordable  by players who cant buy BM300 for 5-7 fsps


not to mention Pride 200 pot from composing that increase pots duration ... i don't think game needs more pots duration .

#1005213 Proposed Loyalty Update.

Posted by shindrak on 14 September 2021 - 15:58


Hi there everyone.
Got through the thread today and here are the changes I've made. Changes are in bold.
Potion of the Quester. Loyalty:  500
Find Item Level : 1000 Duration : 120m
Quest Finder Level : 250 Duration : 120m
Quest Hunter Level : 250 Duration : 120m
Make FI 1200 , we already have FI1000 in AH for 24k gold  or reduce the price to 200
Alchemist Prized Potion. Loyalty:  500
Distil removed.
Brewing Master Level :  500 Duration : 120m
Please no , this will kill the market specially Arena shop.
BM high level should be really rare it will change the market big time for most of game pots , player will just need 1 pot of other buffs  instead of 2 or 3 during their leveling or pvp ladder or SE hunt....  
there is BM500 coming from donator chest  that is enough
and Bm300 from Arena shop next option we dont need to kill this 
Again, feedback on these new changes are welcome.
~ Grim


#1005174 Arena Update & Bug Fixes.

Posted by shindrak on 11 September 2021 - 23:22

Hello HCs , 


What is going to FS ? are we moving backwards ?   


Some players started fleeing of Arena due to long waiting time between rounds, like really.. 10 mins to 5 mins to 15 mins for every time the game lagging Arena players taking the punishment ! 


Arena waiting time between rounds has been 2 mins for over 10 years .. we accepted 5 mins  because 30 mins or 45mins  are too much to complete a tourney  ,why this change? aren't you worried of arena players quitting?  and why bugged block move still not fixed for years ?

We are playing FS for entertainment not to get stressed... 

maybe you see me sounds like nagging but you aren't playing the game to feel what me and most of Arena players feel!  



I hope Hoof can take a look soon , at least give us a sign  you will make it better soon but atm we arent sure what are we waiting for maybe 1 hour between rounds for next server lag?


I have been playing FS for over 12 years and i don't have any intend to disrespect HCs staff you have been doing great on updating FS for these years and we are all FS family and i hope you keep supporting your family .

#1005173 Proposed Loyalty Update.

Posted by shindrak on 11 September 2021 - 19:00

My final say is this. Go with all proposed except distil, doubler, arterial Strike, brew master. These are not needed and are already overpowered. Arterial Strike just remove from game now that SH is mahooosive

Why still insisting to remove  Arterial Strike  ? :) it is good buff to use for those who cant get enough damage to 1 hit ..


also as i said above in my posts  it  should be added as level 1500 to make new leveling method ;)

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