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#925585 [tutorial area] black boxes over objectives, blinking

Posted by LumWolf on 27 March 2015 - 21:50

Is the browser you usually used updated? Maybe turn off hardware acceleration?

Fairly certain Chrome is updated. I'll see if Hardware Accel. makes a different.


Hardware Acceleration off. No more black boxes! :D Thanks!

#913460 Idea: Guild "Marketplace"

Posted by LumWolf on 04 January 2015 - 03:59

player with account A creates new account B


B enters player A's guild


account A goes offline


account B goes online requests buffs and starts gvg'ing


account B goes offline


account A goes online


rinse and repeat




example 2


player A hates Player B


Player A creates a new account


player A his new account joins player B his/her guild


player A keeps on requesting buffs untill player B his stam has run out




this would also make it too easy for a player to stay buffed up using a script where the buff market only works with players online thus it could not work out for the cheater


if the player doesn't have to be online our abusing player could go onto the ladder and stay non stop buffed even when gone



i'm sorry but please no


If someone's going to script, they're going to script regardless.The idea could be fleshed out more.


OP has a good idea. If it's like the Buff Market, then we should be able to limit how many times said buffs can be cast.


I have a few examples that could potentially work:


Leave it like the Buff Marketplace system has:



X amount of casts, no restrictions on who can get them (rank wise, as the OP has it)



Rank-wise: This leaves some creativity/restrictions on who can get what buffs. Though, there needs to be a 24 hour restriction per guildmate per cast. This way it can't be abused.



No restrictions on rank, but a 24 hour restriction per guildmate from when the buffs were last cast.




Personally I would love this feature to be brought in. But there needs to be some sort of "fail-safe" so the above (quoted message) cannot happen.

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