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Top Nine Tips for New Players in Operation: New Earth

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Posted 15 August 2016 - 22:39

  • Join an Alliance!
    Lone wolves don’t fare too well in new Earth. It’s important to join up with others, and the sooner the better. You can check out the Alliance recruitment thread, or just join up with any Alliance that has open membership. Most Alliances have a hive or home territory. Once your HQ reaches level 5 you’ll get a free Teleport in your inventory, which can be used to relocate your city to your Alliance’s hive. Find out where it is by asking or using the “Go To” button next to any Alliance member’s name in the Alliance menu. There, you’ll be closer to your allies and better protected from aggressors. It’ll also be easier to trade resources and participate in Alliance Events together.
  • Use the Missions menu
    The Missions menu is incredibly helpful! It guides you through developing your base, and every completed mission rewards you with resources, Power, or Hero XP. Using this menu, you can keep track of your Recommended Missions, claim rewards for missions you’ve completed, and commence Daily and Alliance missions, which are timer-based objectives that offer varied rewards.
  • Get comfortable with Harvesting Resources from the World Map
    This is an important aspect to keeping your resources stocked. To harvest resources, you’ll need a Dropship and some troops. Scroll around on the World Map until you find a resource node. Tap on the sector, take note of the quantity, then tap ‘Gather’. From here, you select which facility to deploy from (usually your main base), then select how many troops you’d like to send, and whether or not you want to also deploy your Hero (doing this will grant a bonus to carrying capacity). When ready, select Deploy, and off they go! The time it takes to reach the tile depends on the ‘Speed’ stat of the troops you’ve deployed. The amount of resources claimed is dependent on the ‘Load’ stat of your troops. When your deployment returns, the resources will be added to your currently Facilities storage automatically.
  • Name yourself, name your Hero
    When you begin the game, you will be Player#8675309 (or some other number) and you’ll gain a randomly named Hero once you build a Command Post. Once you’ve completed the rite of passage that is the tutorial, you may choose a name. To do this, open up the Settings Menu and you’ll see your name, front and center. You can change your name once for free. To do this, tap the “Change Name” button next to your name. To rename your Hero, tap on the Hero’s portrait. Then tap the pencil icon on the top right. From here you can customize the appearance and name of your Hero. You can freely perform each of these actions once when you start the game
  • Get to know the community!
    Participate in global chat, alliance chat, and here on the forums. Make some friends, ask a question, drop a funny comment somewhere. This game is all about the other people in it, so make some connections and enjoy yourself!
  • Keep your notifications on
    This is more of a personal preference, but I find notifications to be quite valuable. Getting up to speed in this game is all about efficient time management. If you allow the game to send push notifications to your phone or tablet (and you can customize which ones you’ll see) you’ll always know when your Research, Construction, or Training is complete. You’ll also receive an advanced warning whenever your facility is scouted or attacked by another player. Allowing push notifications will help you minimize your downtime and keep your home base as productive as possible. This also ties-in closely with the next tip.
  • Always keep all the balls in the air if your resources allow it

    The ‘balls’ I’m speaking of are everything that takes some time to complete. This means Missions, Construction, Training units, Research, Drone missions, and using your Dropships to capture sectors or harvest resources on the map. All of this takes time, and early on it’s very easy to - for example - forget to start a new Research once your Research Lab is idle. If you can get in the habit of periodically launching the game to make sure you’ve got your 7 tasks going, and Dropships deployed you’ll be in good shape. Also, remember to activate your Hero buffs in the HQ’s Operations list!


  • Beware the extraterrestrials

    It’s very possible to lose your fledgling army in a poorly planned attack on a tile of Aliens. The Aliens are busy doing their own thing, they won’t come after you.. yet. Be cautious when engaging in battle with them - make sure to get a Report on their forces and understand their total Power level compared to your own. While you’ll be a certified Alien hunter in due time, it’s important that you don’t accidentally bet your first army on a battle you don’t know you’ll win!

  • Create a plan for your Hero Skill points
    Spend some time looking at the Hero’s skill tree. What feels the most important to your success? Would you rather work on improving your Construction and Research efficiency? Power up your troops and vehicles? Increase the production of your resource structures? Ask others for recommendations. Choose a direction and work towards your goal! You can always reset your skills later if you want to switch up your skill build. 
    This tip also applies to Research!

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