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In Topic: Egg - unable to be picked up

21 April 2021 - 02:49

Good luck with that Fiz ;) 


The 150+was just this year, i dread to think how many i've opened in total from past events, the devs should gift me the fleeter for my dedication and tenacity if nothing else :rolleyes:

In Topic: birds of a feather

21 April 2021 - 02:47

Snow fleeter is my favourite too :) though Darrowvale is very nice as well

In Topic: Egg - unable to be picked up

15 April 2021 - 23:25

Yeah it's really unbalanced with the amount of eggs needed for a key. On top of that, the drop rate... it's fine for something to be rare, but to work that hard for keys or pay ep for them, and only get useless items... it's not great. 

In Topic: Egg - unable to be picked up

15 April 2021 - 01:01



And old players. :P 


No this thread shouldn't be deleted, HCS should fix the bug, we have new players that are trying to do the event quests and aren't able to because of this

In Topic: Egg - unable to be picked up

12 April 2021 - 17:19

Thanks Fiz, yeah at first I didn't realize it was an exploitable bug. When I tried to submit a ticket about it, I was directed to post on the forum instead. (It won't actually let you submit a ticket if it is just a "bug" only if it's an "exploitable bug.") Once I realized it was related to the heart box bug I updated my ticket relating to that one to add it. 


Should this thread be deleted then?

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