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Halloween Wave 3!

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Posted 31 October 2023 - 10:12

Hi all!
A third and final wave of Oidhche Shamhna horrors have taken up the attack on the innocent inhabitants of the Realms! They must be defeated!
Clawed Fiend (Legendary)
The Clawed Fiend is a horrific demonic entity formed from the nightmares of man. He is covered in burnt flesh and skin that's peeling from his body. However as his name suggests he his clawed. these are not just any claws but long sheer like claws made from a burning demonic steel that cuts the soul as well as flesh.
Level: 66+
Captain Squall (Legendary)
Lost at sea and abandoned by his crew, Captain Squall made a last desperate plea for his life. Entering a pact with the gods of the sea he was spared death by drowning and instead he became the gods of the seas vengeance upon land. Seeking those who have blasphemed upon the high seas or befouled their realms the captain brings with him a storm of violence, cutting the throats of the seas enemies with his hooked hand. 
Level: 360+
Jumbo the Clown (Legendary)
Jumbo the Clown once an entertained children of all ages. Now all run from him. Jumbo sold his soul for fortune and fame, but instead was cursed. He was transformed into a child eating demonic version of himself. Often hiding in children's closets or under their beds waiting till the time is right to strike. The last thing anyone hears when jumbo begins to feed is his high pitched laughter... and the honk of his nose.
Level: 675+
Imptile (Legendary)
On the outside Imptile is a happy chattering creature that appears eager to please others or even tell jokes. But underneath its scaly skin lies the true nature of Imptile, one of trickery, deception and cold blooded killing. Imptile is known to lure his unsuspecting victims into his cave home with promises of shelter or food. It is here he will rob them of any valuables and kill them, although not often in that order...
Level: 925+
Ectolymph the Bio Exorcist (Legendary)
Ectolymph is a spirit from the otherside that other spirits can hire for pay (or what counts for pay for a ghost) to rid mortals from their haunts. To the departed he's known as a Bio Exorcist. Ectolymph takes his work of scaring mortals away from the territorial haunts of spirits really seriously and tries to not scare them to death too often, although when it does happen he's not to fussed and he's just created another potential customer...
Level: 1300+
She Who Walks the Rows (Legendary)
A nameless demonic entity who manifests each Oidhche Shamhna at the bidding of the  Cult of the Corn, a evil cult that dwell in secret in rural areas that are away from prying eyes. The Demon is known only as She Who Walks the Rows by her followers and once summoned She begins her yearly reaping of the souls of innocent people, that she drags back to the shadows with her once Oidhche Shamhna ends.
Level: 1775+
Lord Quackenhoff (Legendary)
Lord Quackenhoff is the last of an ancient aristocratic family. It has been noticed that he does not age and is widely believed he is a vampire. This is true, though after he was defeated last time, his resurrection had a....complication. One of the vital fluids used to restore him got mixed up with tomato juice and as such, he continually thirsts for it. This has not helped him hide his nature. To this end, he fashioned a mask from his family crest. People now think he's a vampire but with a duck mask. 
It's all very odd.
Level: 2150+
Varmints (Legendary)
These vicious little creatures, known as 'Varmints' by local people are strange beasts. Small, surprisingly fast and with a voracious appetite, scholars are somewhat stumped.They're not Spine Chompers but are every bit as hungry and sadistic as those feared creatures. Where these Varmints came from is anyones guess at the moment!
Level: 2525+
Moschataput (Legendary)
Moschataput is a demon, summons by vengeance seeking mortals who know too little of what they are unleashing. This foul beast is tied to the life force of the summoner and is all but impossible to hurt while the summoner lives. While it will hunt down and destroy the target of it's summoner's wrath, it's messy rampages can be indiscriminate, leaving plenty of other people wounded or worse in it's wake.
Level: 2975+
Jumbo the Exalted Clown (Legendary)
The years of feeding off of the innocent have brought a new, horrific change over the demonic Jumbo. His form has warped, shifted and taken on new hues and shapes. This monstrous demon continues preying on the weak, innocent and young. Don't dare go into dark, wet places, lest you end up floating there with past victims!
Level: 3400+
The Mozzie (Legendary)
The wizard Andrew Hedison was a forward thinker, imagining new and esoteric uses of magic for the every day user. He built two pods to try easy and effective teleportation. Unfortunately, a mozzie was in his pod with him. At the end of the experiment, the two were inextricably blended into one. Now, the Mozzie is rampaging throughout the realms, draining all who cross it's path of their life blood.
Level: 3775+
Box Head (Legendary)
Box Head is a demonic entity of believed to hail from the mist wreathed village of Quiet Bluff. It is believed that this implacable being took the form of the villages executioner, the box representing the receptacle for the lopped off head of the executed.
Level: 4150+
The Changed (Legendary)
Once a renowned explorer, the Changed is a huge reptilian beast driven mad with hunger. The explorer found a hidden valley filled with lush, dense jungle. As he hiked through vegetation, he supplemented his provisions with fleshy, delicious leaves he found growing in abundance. Soon, it was all he could eat, their leaves filled with mind and body altering properties. In short order, he has devolved into a huge, reptilian creature, hunting and devouring any and all that cross his path.
Level: 4525+
The Morphaloth (Legendary)
No one knows the origins of the Morphaloth. Several learned wizards, Sorcerers and "wise" men have examined the thing, usually to their terminal detriment, thereby proving they aren't so wise and learned after all. The monster can take the shape of it's victims before erupting in whipping tentacles, fanged maws and unpleasant ptotrubances. The only thing known to hurt it, is extreme cold!
Level: 4900+
Bride of Voodoo Ray (Legendary) (NEW)
A murderer who was in love with Voodoo Ray before he became a puppet, Britney searched for Ray. When she found him in his new form, she mocked him and was slaughtered by Ray in return. He then used the same magic that created him to transfer Britney's soul into another marionette and the puppet paramours have murdered their way across the realms!
Level: 5300+
These shall be available until 15:00 on Friday the 3rd of November.
~ The Fallen Sword team.

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Posted 20 November 2023 - 18:30

LE are still roaming the back allays of FS 

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