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17 September 2015 - 02:53

I am also a player that is on his second account. my first account was created in 2007. It got deleted due to inactivity because I was deployed and wasn't able to access the site, it happens and I understand why, back then inactive accounts were deleted to keep an accurate total of people that either cared enough to pay for a permanent account or play enough to keep their account alive. The reason I bring up my past is that Legacy made such an impact on me that when things balanced out a little better for me, I came back to the game. In fact, I even paid rl money to make my current account permanent, until HCS changed it so even the people that play for 5 min and never come back are permanent too. I know I am no longer the most active player, military life will do that, since rl comes first, but I love to come back to legacy after being out for a few months and see how my family in DF has grown or changed. I also hope every time that I see something new with the game, anything new. I would even be excited for a simple logo mod every so often like google does all the time, because at least then I could see that the higher level staff came to visit. I have heard for years that this change or that change is coming and then hear why it has been dropped. I heard a promise that HCS would proudly advertise Legacy and we would see new players join. I have heard many great things....


I love this game. I have played many free, browser based games, but at the end of the day, it's leacy that I compare them to and legacy I come back to... I do know what will make it popular or fancy, I have no clue how to make it over shadow all the rest, but what I do know is that having only the volunteer staff present and the appearance of HCS or other paid staff as frequent a Cain telling DF how great we are doing is not the answer.


The most evident thing I can use to prove my point is this:


Legacy Blog:


The latest game news is displayed below, you can also view this on our homepage.

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that's 20 days ago...


and the last blog from zorg...


Game News - Posted by Zorg on Wednesday, July 1st 2015






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