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In Topic: Arena Rules

03 October 2021 - 01:39

Personally I've subscribed to the school of thought that the fewer restrictions there are, the better.

I truly believe that the '25% rule' should only apply to those using guild gear.

That is literally the only impact that your choice of guild could have in the matter after all.

The arena is a 1v1 tournament format, not a team fight format.


The investment in backpack slots and gear to reach the competitive level is quite a hefty one!

Those who have made that investment should be rewarded, not punished.

It completely defeats the purpose of obtaining private equity if you cannot fully utilise it as you see fit.


After reading some of these responses though, it would appear the general consensus is that some restrictions are necessary to prevent a monopoly.

Recognising this, I think a bump to 50% (either a blanket or conditional increase) would be a fair compromise between the two schools of thought. 

As Toreth pointed out, the chances of any guild being able to monopolise the arena is statistically impossible within these parameters.


More people from active guilds would be able to play, spurring more activity and competition.

A win/win as far as I'm concerned.

In Topic: Arena Update & Bug Fixes.

11 September 2021 - 23:43

I'm with you, the lack of transparency has been truly bewildering!


We need some kind of progress report and at  least a 'tentative timeframe' to work with...

It would be a source of hope, which is harder than ever to come by for those of us with an interest in the Arena.

It has been 'a while' since we were told these issues were being 'looked into' and I fear more people will lose hope.


An experience I am all too familiar with, unfortunately...

In Topic: Is FS Down?

01 September 2021 - 21:50

I know , im just afraid they will leave it at 15 min like they did before on 10 mins then after lots of asking they made it 5 mins it is not like before in the past but 5 mins acceptable . 

I hope they look for it 


I'm afraid too... I'm afraid I may just have to walk because my passion keeps getting the shaft. 


With 2 minute intervals you can have tournaments done in 5 minutes, you could get results and make adjustments within a reasonable timeframe.


However currently it takes 45 minutes minimum!

Which is far too slow for a simple turn based game like this...


This really needs to be addressed now that things are online again.

In Topic: Arena Update & Bug Fixes.

07 August 2021 - 21:37

Arena is slow again!  the more high level tourneys spawns the slower it becomes...


Seriously it should be 2 tourneys for every 100 level i have said and many agreed on it , it is fair for all players not only high level players .


We need this modification on how tourneys spawn ,just increase number of tourneys won't help as the tourneys will spawn at higher levels.


I agree, this really needs to be addressed!

How can Arena be a balanced playing field for all players when low levels are not represented at all!?


Additionally, I believe for the 2 per 100 level range ratio to fulfil its function it needs to have 1 tournament at 1 - 50 and another at 51 - 100 for each 'division' of 100 levels.

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