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Guild buff packages in ranges

19 February 2018 - 19:53

hi everyone...not sure if there was ever a thread about this..but im looking to see if its possible for the HCS or even in FSHELPER...to come up with a way that guild members OR just founders can buff their guild, with out going player by player.  Im thinking i could enter "level 1490 to 1590" and all players in that range in my guild get pulled up for me to buff.  Yes, those of us in large guilds can easily take four minutes bringing up players names, especially with all the strange spellings...and then clicking on the buffs....losing the precious timing it takes to make the hitters lose a hit during a GVG.  this might get shut down..but this is not just for GVGs...it can be great in relic wars!  Or if your guild gets on the BB...OR if you are having a guild wide hunting challenge.  or  just cuz you like to buff. 


please give it a thought..because i know if i go to ACTIONS..i can pull up all players in the game by putting in what ever range i want...and for the guild, i can just use the "X" if player is in active and i dont want to waste stam.


this can be one of the guild upgrades.......or even a structure.



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