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In Topic: Asaharas Gold sink thread

13 April 2024 - 18:03

xxxxx lost 1537633 gold of which Yotekiller stole 1153225 gold

In Topic: New Buffs/Potion ideas

10 February 2024 - 12:06

I feel new buffs are needed in the game wether its implemented in new level ranges or caves (new cave pots needed)


here are just a few ive brainstormed and would like to hear thought, suggestions and other buffs you think would be great to add.


side notes

(no percentages will be added as im not sure what will be too over or under powered)



BUFF 1      Description:Chance to reduce a random enemy stat by %

BUFF 2      Description:Chance to use no Stamina in gvg and/or pvp only

BUFF 3      Description:Chance for a double drop

BUFF 4      Description:Chance to get extra fragment when breaking down

BUFF 5      Description:Chance to lose no gold PVE only

BUFF 6      Description:Animal mag for SE (LOW % to avoid abuse)

BUFF 7      Description:Show 1 square around you (will reveal if chest location within 1 tile radius)

BUFF 8      Description:PVE prestige (Claimable with killstreaks too maybe? get a use out of it)

BUFF 9      Description:Lower titan enchantments

BUFF 10    Description:Chance to use no gold in scavenging cave


I also feel titan imobaliser would be a great potion for caves


Lastly a revision on the balanced ATT/DEF level range as that buff is no use after level 200

Buff 1 - Already enough stat reduction buffs in the game

Buff 2 - We could call that one CONSERVE....it's already in the game

Buff 3 - Already have Lady Luck

Buff 4 - Already have Frag Finder

Buff 5 - Already have Deep Pockets

Buff 6 - Just NO.  SE's are difficult by design

Buff 7 - We have a winner, but only if it's restricted to 1 square and doesn't increase by buff power like vision so potion only

Buff 8 - Nope.  Prestige should remain a PvP only reward.  Leveling is already easy enough as it is.

Buff 9 - Already have Demoralize

Buff 10 - Not a scavenger myself but it does seem the AH gets flooded with items for every event so I'm not sure this is necessary.


In Topic: Asaharas Gold sink thread

14 December 2023 - 21:49

xxxxx lost 3005694 gold of which Yotekiller stole 2254271 gold


xxxxx lost 7838684 gold of which Yotekiller stole 5879013 gold


xxxxx lost 3500892 gold of which Yotekiller stole 2625669 gold

In Topic: Asaharas Gold sink thread

04 August 2023 - 12:41

xxxxx lost 8930474 gold of which Yotekiller stole 6697856 gold

In Topic: Double XP Event!

26 June 2023 - 02:44

I'm curious what the community thinks of the double XP event being removed from the game or only happening once a year?


I won't take part in the mid-year event, but I might in December event. I wonder what people's opinions are of it.

No one is forced to participate.  Just because you choose not to doesn't mean it should be removed.  Self-centered much?

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