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#1010405 New Buffs/Potion ideas

Posted by yotekiller on 10 February 2024 - 12:06

I feel new buffs are needed in the game wether its implemented in new level ranges or caves (new cave pots needed)


here are just a few ive brainstormed and would like to hear thought, suggestions and other buffs you think would be great to add.


side notes

(no percentages will be added as im not sure what will be too over or under powered)



BUFF 1      Description:Chance to reduce a random enemy stat by %

BUFF 2      Description:Chance to use no Stamina in gvg and/or pvp only

BUFF 3      Description:Chance for a double drop

BUFF 4      Description:Chance to get extra fragment when breaking down

BUFF 5      Description:Chance to lose no gold PVE only

BUFF 6      Description:Animal mag for SE (LOW % to avoid abuse)

BUFF 7      Description:Show 1 square around you (will reveal if chest location within 1 tile radius)

BUFF 8      Description:PVE prestige (Claimable with killstreaks too maybe? get a use out of it)

BUFF 9      Description:Lower titan enchantments

BUFF 10    Description:Chance to use no gold in scavenging cave


I also feel titan imobaliser would be a great potion for caves


Lastly a revision on the balanced ATT/DEF level range as that buff is no use after level 200

Buff 1 - Already enough stat reduction buffs in the game

Buff 2 - We could call that one CONSERVE....it's already in the game

Buff 3 - Already have Lady Luck

Buff 4 - Already have Frag Finder

Buff 5 - Already have Deep Pockets

Buff 6 - Just NO.  SE's are difficult by design

Buff 7 - We have a winner, but only if it's restricted to 1 square and doesn't increase by buff power like vision so potion only

Buff 8 - Nope.  Prestige should remain a PvP only reward.  Leveling is already easy enough as it is.

Buff 9 - Already have Demoralize

Buff 10 - Not a scavenger myself but it does seem the AH gets flooded with items for every event so I'm not sure this is necessary.


#1010083 Asaharas Gold sink thread

Posted by yotekiller on 14 December 2023 - 21:49

xxxxx lost 3005694 gold of which Yotekiller stole 2254271 gold


xxxxx lost 7838684 gold of which Yotekiller stole 5879013 gold


xxxxx lost 3500892 gold of which Yotekiller stole 2625669 gold

#1009517 Double XP Event!

Posted by yotekiller on 26 June 2023 - 02:44

I'm curious what the community thinks of the double XP event being removed from the game or only happening once a year?


I won't take part in the mid-year event, but I might in December event. I wonder what people's opinions are of it.

No one is forced to participate.  Just because you choose not to doesn't mean it should be removed.  Self-centered much?

#1009204 Chomper Wave 4!

Posted by yotekiller on 31 March 2023 - 21:13

How long are the spine chompers going to remain in the realms? (still there)

#1009119 Map for Guild Structures

Posted by yotekiller on 15 March 2023 - 02:23

Completely unnecessary and I really don't see an upside to this, especially since it would take coding resources away from things that need to be done.

#1008879 Asaharas Gold sink thread

Posted by yotekiller on 05 January 2023 - 21:46

Getting caught up on posting.  Totals for the 2X event:  Gold lost: 44,466,525.  Gold stolen: 33,349,898.  Funniest sequence - xxxxx lost 25443174 gold of which Yotekiller stole 19082381 gold.  Guild mate of xxxxx trying to get it back - yyyyy lost 100901750 experience.  Yotekiller lost 15267914 gold of which Maehdros stole 11450936 gold.  I was out of deposits from other hits and couldn't get it sold fast enough.  Oh well, easy come easy go.....lol

#1008776 Santork Claws is comin' to town!

Posted by yotekiller on 22 December 2022 - 19:34

Can't log in so apparently Santork stole the game when he left.

#1008745 Double XP event + new content!

Posted by yotekiller on 16 December 2022 - 20:40

Level 5198 only has level 5197 creatures

#1008629 Upcoming New Player Skills - November 2022

Posted by yotekiller on 13 November 2022 - 23:26



After discussing potential changes for PvP ladder with BigGrim on the HCS discord, I was inspired by how strongly BG feels about offline players being unable defend themselves.



Name Reception


Skill 0.1% per point chance of activating a potion sent to the player


Context Players who are offline are limited to the buffs others can cast on them which are always going to be limited to 175 + Buff enchancer bonus. With this buff, allies and guild members can choose to send a potion to the player to help them defend on the ladder, bounty board and in guild vs guild conflicts. 



At level 203 this will mean a 1 in 5 chance of a potion being activated, so if this buff was live, people will send 4-5 Zombie Brews to someone followed by 4-5 pride followed by whatever tradeable potions they will to send. Obviously with guild tagged potions people can keep trying over and over using the recall function without having to wait for the player to come online and return the excess potions.


This buff does have potential for abuse however we are allowed to block buffs from being casted on ourselves so this will either be blocked or be paired with the guild and allies "blocking level" to prevent others from sending unwanted potions but allowing trades from guild members.

  So your idea is to keep sending and recalling until something sticks?  I have a better idea to make it really meaningful.  You can send them whatever tradeable potions you want and hope they activate but the ones that don't are destroyed.  Otherwise, it's just a matter of continually sending them the same potions repeatedly until you get the result you want - no risk and all reward.

#1008564 Upcoming New Player Skills - November 2022

Posted by yotekiller on 01 November 2022 - 11:21

  Thanks for the replies Arioche.  Unfortunately, I don't think extending the time for this buff is enough to make it worthwhile.  Unless Relic Defender lasts 24 hours in one cast without using pots and a minimal stamina cost, I don't see anyone getting real value from this buff.  Otherwise, most people will just sit on a relic and recapture it as needed.  Even if the time were extended, someone has to remember to refresh it every day with no guarantee that it will even be needed, much less effective at stopping multiple attacks from someone determined to take that relic.  Because of this, I just see RD as a stamina sink and I have to agree with the other posters that a more effective option would be to remove Reign of Terror.

#1008560 Upcoming New Player Skills - November 2022

Posted by yotekiller on 31 October 2022 - 22:47

  Relic Defender is a waste.  In addition to the reasons already stated above, the only time a player will use it is when they are actively engaged in a relic "struggle" with another guild.  Otherwise, nobody is going to waste their stam to keep relic defenders buffed 24/7 on the off chance someone might come along and decide they want that particular relic at that particular time.  People don't usually give a warning that they are about to take a relic and once the relic has been taken, there's no point in using the buff because the damage has already been done.  Extremely limited use and not worth the effort.

#1008541 + 8 Stamina gain Epics

Posted by yotekiller on 26 October 2022 - 21:56

A bit self-serving since you seem to enjoy titan hunting.  Others don't.  I enjoy pvp and can always use more stam gain to make up for lost XP so why don't we tie it to pvp instead?  I'm guessing you don't like that idea much so how about we agree additional stam gain epics shouldn't be tied to specific area achievements.

#1008373 GvG - The Rejuvenation

Posted by yotekiller on 21 September 2022 - 11:11

Hello Toreth!


This is certainly still of interest to me. It will need some discussion with Hoof, but we have been working on a few other things that we cannot share just yet, however, I will be sure to inform everyone any developments that arise in relation to GvG!  :)

  Before implementing major any major change, please get feedback on your "final" plan to make sure there aren't any glaring issues that will have to be corrected after it's already gone live.

#1008367 Storybook Forest Returns!

Posted by yotekiller on 20 September 2022 - 03:05

All worked fine for me

#1008129 Game Update v3.9 / App Update v1.2

Posted by yotekiller on 08 August 2022 - 21:23

ALL guilds should be entitled to attempt to take a relic.  No matter if that guild is only 1 player or 50 players.  Why stop the small guilds from having that right ?  What is the reasoning ?

  All players have the freedom to choose what kind of guild they want to be a part of.  Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.  You have chosen a 2 member guild because the advantages outweighed the disadvantages.  Now it seems you need to re-evaluate whether that choice still works for you but activating mercenaries for relics just because you don't like the established game mechanics is not the solution.

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