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#995080 Guild Tagging

Posted by lapdragon on 02 January 2019 - 15:23

Decided to weigh in.  Not sure what the issue is with guild tagged gear.  for me and my guild, we have gear for the majority of the guild....tagging it so many who do not contribute, can play this game and not have to worry about gear to wear.  If someone is banned, their BP is still available until gear is taken, then it can not be sent back.  Not everyone gets banned for multis, so for a guild to lose gear because someone was banned (too hard to code for different reasons for being banned) is not good idea.  and inactives are great way and CHEAPER way for guilds to save on DOTS since guild stores cost so much, so to remove inactives and their gear is wrong.  I personally buy all my own gear, and then tag stuff when i outgrow it.  Making gear crystaline will drive a lot of players out of the game...and many guilds will not be able to keep up with the cost of not only rebuying or even retagging.  we have gotten to the point where we dont tag donated potions because of the drain on the guild bank.....  there are some guilds that not only pride themselves on having gear for players but supply perfect or excellent only gear........but that is just my 2cents.

#990354 Guild buff packages in ranges

Posted by lapdragon on 23 February 2018 - 18:27

LOL thanks BLOODY!  errrr it was for the idea of this thread right? or was it for the copy/pasting names in my note pad? 

#990302 Guild buff packages in ranges

Posted by lapdragon on 20 February 2018 - 22:51

For blanket buffing of ranges, could this be simplified by being able to rearrange the guild page by level rather than rank?  With maybe a quick buff tick box from the guild page, either via FSH, or incorporated into the game by our fearless leader?  There are a lot of variables that would need to be addressed in any case.....

yes PENNY...its how we have been HAVING to do it so that we are able to buff those in ranges....how sad that i have to arrange a guild this way because its the only way to ensure that i can buff players in certain ranges.  again..im looking at saving TIME with the guild buffing process.  i know that a fast way for me to buff many players is to go to our "GROUP" page, and look at the biggest group.  i have an optioin "buff first 15" "buff last 15" and pray the majority joined that group.  there HAS to be an easier way..

#990265 Guild buff packages in ranges

Posted by lapdragon on 20 February 2018 - 12:25

Edit: you wouldnt be buffing NMV to your member,... getting at.

errr, thank you for telling me about buffs, but it has nothing to do with what im talking about...im not talking about a buff PACKAGE.  im talking about BUFFING BY LEVEL RANGES as a group in guilds only.  currently i have to type each players name when i am doing a mass buffing, FOR EXAMPLE, a gvg.  if i was able to pull up groups to buff by typing in RANGES, instead of individual names, it would save time because 4 players hitting us, with 8 targets each in just my 900 range can EASILY blow thru 100 hits in 10 mins, while i am still typing in names to buff, never mind going thru the list to pick the buffs.


please keep this on topic of my idea, NOT the buffs to use.  that can be in a different thread.  again, im not talking about buffs, buff packages or what buffs for what sets, im talking about buffing by LEVEL RANGES in guilds by typing in the ranges i want to buff.  it could be a new structure to purchase for the guild or guild privilege, Or just a character upgrade.

#990254 Guild buff packages in ranges

Posted by lapdragon on 20 February 2018 - 02:04

ok your missing the point...the point is....can there be a structure or a privilege that allows you to pull up levels on the guild buff screen to buff levels?  for what EVER reason.  In MY guild, for examlpe, it would be beneficial to have some thing that lets me go and buff RANGES in my guild...and the EXAMPLE that i am using is for GVG...we are getting hit, i look and see that the incoming hits are from a level 953 player.  i therefore can type in 853 to 1053 and all guidies in that range come up and then i am quickly able to buff them.  it can be used for hunting if your guild does hunting days.  im not going to debate the buffs you can use...i used a few as an example.  ANY guild who does any kind of GVG knows to look for who is hitting etc.  i have 8 players in that range alone.  the time that is saved by punching in level ranges as opposed to names is a HUGE saver of time.  ESPECIALLY in a GVG.  if your guild has all guidies in epics and you see a hitter at XXXX level hitting, pull up the range and buff your guidies with Invigorate....or what ever.  or dont use it at all.  but my guild would gladly use this .......i dont know how to code but i know i can do this if i look for players in the game...why not have it fine tuned for better control of my guild and the buffing we do??

#990242 Guild buff packages in ranges

Posted by lapdragon on 19 February 2018 - 19:53

hi everyone...not sure if there was ever a thread about this..but im looking to see if its possible for the HCS or even in FSHELPER...to come up with a way that guild members OR just founders can buff their guild, with out going player by player.  Im thinking i could enter "level 1490 to 1590" and all players in that range in my guild get pulled up for me to buff.  Yes, those of us in large guilds can easily take four minutes bringing up players names, especially with all the strange spellings...and then clicking on the buffs....losing the precious timing it takes to make the hitters lose a hit during a GVG.  this might get shut down..but this is not just for GVGs...it can be great in relic wars!  Or if your guild gets on the BB...OR if you are having a guild wide hunting challenge.  or  just cuz you like to buff. 


please give it a thought..because i know if i go to ACTIONS..i can pull up all players in the game by putting in what ever range i want...and for the guild, i can just use the "X" if player is in active and i dont want to waste stam.


this can be one of the guild upgrades.......or even a structure.



#984186 FSH Update 1520(0) - Change to https

Posted by lapdragon on 17 August 2017 - 00:45

thank you so much POINTY...you are awesome and i appreciate what you do for me, otherwise, im a blind woman walking the streets of FS, dirty, hungry and not having fun!  xoxoxoo

#983053 Free animated avatars

Posted by lapdragon on 25 July 2017 - 12:14

AWESOME MZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzz  im going to message you bout one for our guild..id be honored to have a MZZZ avi!!  xoxoxo

#982445 "Titan Event"

Posted by lapdragon on 11 July 2017 - 11:59

its an interesting idea!  my question is, as a founder, how will the epic be obtained, say from player getting over 50%?  Epics are always guild tagged, and go in that special GOLD store slot, until moved to regular guild store.  will they still be tagged? and have to be untagged?  also, instead of out right obtaining the epic from most kills, say player takes a year to get enough kills in...will game keep track of that so when the player DOES have enough TKP, someone (not sure how this would work does person themselves purchase epic, or only those with permissions in the guild?) or does none of this show up in the guild but in a separate button on players own home page?  i think if all these were figured out, it would be nice to have it as a "TITAN EVENT" like composing and leveling and globals...and the one time PVP seasons.

#980278 GvG rework proposal

Posted by lapdragon on 28 April 2017 - 14:54

what i see this doing, is bringing life back to an aspect of the game.  THE WAY it brings it back is the RESET of the ladder.  so possibly at the end of the span, will it still be the same 3 in top position??  possibly.  BUT, a loss for any of us can put someone else up higher...or maybe LWS wants to just sit back and defend...and we dont climb up the ladder.... BUT there is also the addition of NEW buff packs bought with RP...that in and of it self will help with players not being on line, etc. 


i personally think that just a reset every few months and addition of better buff packages would help out.  in our guild, we have very few who actually do the hitting.  but we ENCOURAGE all to help out, and as a guild, we bond we grow, we learn.  so i am pleased to see that there is the addition of the 1k "cut line"  for those guilds that just dont want to do this. 


would be interesting to have a "trial" run, with HCS implementing their "cutting down of OP buffs/pots", and see if it DOES make a difference and to what extent does it make the difference.....


im all about anything in game that brings a guild closer....but what many seem to forget...that GVG can actually make many guilds become friends or just gain respect for each other...or even put a healthy rival between guilds as well.


my one thing i disagree with, and i only disagree cuz i do love me some medals..is the changing of hands of said medals...i feel they should be tiered...and NOT because i like them...but lets say there is ANOTHER guild breaking top 3.  even if they only do it once and get a medal.....we all know, once you get a medal...you need to upgrade it...LOL, so tiered medals like all of our other ones, are the way to go...IMHO!!

#980147 GvG rework proposal

Posted by lapdragon on 25 April 2017 - 12:16

Let me guess, you gvg by spending fsps or at your guilds expense so you enjoy it. If you didn't spend fsps or have a guild supporting you specially with that gear, you wouldn't enjoy it. That would give you a good idea of how reality is outside LWS, ND, SA etc guilds that don't pay. Think about the majority of people who GVG, don't be so narrow minded.

im not sure if you are implying that i pay anyone for GVG.  i do not....BUT, with a DIVERSE guild, levelers, titan hunters, GLOBAL top 100 players, composers and yes GVGERS, there are pots that can be used for both..we work as a team..thats why we are proud to be called a GUILD...our levelers dont participate in all aspects of GVG.  BUT, as a guild...when a GVG comes in, mates buff those getting hit, and get out of their epics.  We are a team, and our diversity makes us work together.  Those complaining of gear costs, really??  UB is a great buff to keep on because this IS a pvp, GVG game.  SO, maybe with better incentives, more guilds will go out and look at what other aspects of the game there is.  I for one,  HATE leveling...but i do it once in a while, obviously, and like to see my levels go up.  The implementation of better buff packages, even if they are only level 175, would be great across the board for ALL guilds, nice to save stam, and bring more into getting their feet wet.  A loss is only a loss if you learn nothing from it.......those are good words to live by!!!!


also BUMP to MIDGET n WAZZY, i ran out of likes...LOL

#980099 GvG rework proposal

Posted by lapdragon on 24 April 2017 - 20:45

RYE, you know i love yah but im going to possibly play devils Advocate here..or not.  first off, are there even 25 guilds who actively GVG? (you know LWS will always be up for this kind of adventure, and respect flows both ways with our two guilds)  i can understand how it is frustrating to have a win not gain any rating (different from RP for those wondering) at the level that RA is at...even for us, all the stam spent defending an incoming GVG, from a guild looking to make it into the top, is frustrating when we get ZERO rating for winning.


so, why dont we just ask HCS to have the gvg ladder reset every three months?  and i personally would LOVE to have more buff packages to be purchased with the RP.  Having a large guild in defense mode, buffing numerous players in each range is really tough.  having the buff packs could possibly drive any RP item up in price, since many guilds will use the packs, making more guilds gvg, if we could get the packs like you spoke of.  That would also take strain off using stam to buff mates, which could possibly bring some of the "larger family size guilds" back into GVG?  i will be keeping an eye on this and supporting you!  GVG is a fun aspect of the game.  ALSO, by looking at the GVG ladder, no one can really say that the "small guilds" have advantage. 

Of the top 3 guilds, only one is small while the other two have many in different ranges.


You put in some hard work and i think this thread is great!

#979243 Composers of Fallensword, what do you call your "throw-away" Composin...

Posted by lapdragon on 07 April 2017 - 23:57

crap pot

#978423 It's about time to balance out those overpowered pots in PvP.

Posted by lapdragon on 25 March 2017 - 21:21

This part says a lot to me. You chose not to compose or use composing potions then complain when you can't beat someone who does. This is like complaining that I can't beat someone who uses buffs when I chose not to use them. Quit limiting yourselves. 


That ladder screenshot you posted. I just looked and four people were sitting in epics. Five people weren't even buffed. You say Misstep is always buffed so it sounds to me like they are the only one making an effort. I bet if everyone else on the ladder made that same effort then it would look a bit different. 


#978358 It's about time to balance out those overpowered pots in PvP.

Posted by lapdragon on 24 March 2017 - 13:58

GB....seems the complaining is about composing pots mainly....i am only lvl 32, but what if the solution is keeping everything at 30 or 60 min pots, with what ever it raises up to with brew master, pride, etc....so that IF a player is using them, they have to keep logging back on....so, there are times that the pots run out....actually my humble opinion is that nothing should be over an hour...i know MANY chests can run 240 mins.......just saying that maybe THAT is a way to make everyone happy.....???? and is it hard to retro code all chest and pots to be 60 mins???





EDIT: after thought, i think 60 mins is best.

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