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#1002252 Top Ten ways Sigmastorm2 is better than fallensword

Posted by duktayp on 20 November 2020 - 16:13

i like #2, id play it if it had a bigger playerbase


if you would play, then we would have a bigger playerbase

#1002251 Game Update v2.194.0

Posted by duktayp on 20 November 2020 - 13:33



I just tried to kick a guild member and was informed "Unranked members cannot kick other guild members" And so I, a guild founder, cannot kick folk from my own guild.


tested: if you give [permission to kick members] to another rank...like a co-founder...they can kick, just not you, the actual founder :wacko:

#1002249 Game Update v2.194.0

Posted by duktayp on 20 November 2020 - 06:15

if this is the case then i'm willing to capture any unwanted relics in my range for a few fsp


experimenting....tried joining a guild, created a group and left guild (founder couldn't kick me...their log said "unranked members can't kick other members")


while guildless, no group attack option....wasn't expecting one


created a "paper" guild , wondering if the group stayed with me


nope, the group was still active in the guild i just left; with me still as group leader


rejoined the guild and my group was there


so...no, you can't take groups with you




edit: while guildless, i was exploring the the option buttons (like view entity) and accidentally hit the attack button ... ruining my kill streak


when i rejoined the guild, i noticed the guild kill streak was zero....


so, it's possible that, after leaving a guild; my kill streak was still tied to the guilds' , just like my group was still tied (i'm too embarrassed to ask them, and hope they haven't noticed)


in Sigmastorm, the "view entity" button is on the other side of the creatures' name, well away from the attack buttons...one of the reasons Sigma is better than FS

#1002219 Combat logs still bugged

Posted by duktayp on 15 November 2020 - 18:29

we agree with you BP


it's just that yghorbeviahn and i have reached level 7, while you seem to be stage 3 or 4



#1002198 Game Update v2.194.0

Posted by duktayp on 14 November 2020 - 20:16

I submitted a Ticket about Guild Founder not having rights on the 7th, they took 2 days to respond on the 9th. A guild founder not being able to use the functions for a guild doesn't seem to merit fixing.


#1002189 Game Update v2.194.0

Posted by duktayp on 14 November 2020 - 03:57

if you check back i think it was me who sent you all pms about it


if it has come to the point we are considering giving activeh1 mass messaging privileges notifying us of game changes


then truly the Apocalypse is near

#1002184 Game Update v2.194.0

Posted by duktayp on 14 November 2020 - 00:15

if someone mentioned to me the 5/5 groups were good for relics, i would refer them to this thread and quote


It's only vs. creatures




if i remember discord correctly, comments made there scroll away after some minutes


whereas a news update in-game stays on the sidebar till I click on it, giving me a chance to read it


we shouldn't have to rely on word of mouth to get news of changes from announcements made on discord (if that's where news of the change came from)

#1002023 Fallensword Subscription

Posted by duktayp on 01 November 2020 - 14:53

you want an FS type game that is a higher level of difficulty?


try Sigmastorm 2 ... it's like FS in hard mode



#1001988 What Are You Listening To?

Posted by duktayp on 31 October 2020 - 00:48



#1001819 Once again......

Posted by duktayp on 17 October 2020 - 02:54

found it....


edit: this is from some 10 years ago, before hooftest hid behind "unhittable" status...


Bleltch last activity: 23307h 51m 27s



#1001795 Fallen Sword App Update (v0.8.5)

Posted by duktayp on 15 October 2020 - 22:23

Zue, on 15 Oct 2020 - 06:52, said:snapback.png


  • View Ads for Shards (Android Only).

Any ETA on when this gets added to iOS?


or browser?


previously i've read we can only convert shards on the app. i'm increasingly feeling "squeezed out" of the game :(


Posted by duktayp on 08 October 2020 - 15:25

playing FS on dial up




Posted by duktayp on 08 October 2020 - 13:34

on an unrelated note:


in Sigmastorm2, the number of online players has doubled in the last 24 hours




everyone: come say hi! 


use the reference link in my signature

#1001669 Top Ten ways Sigmastorm2 is better than fallensword

Posted by duktayp on 04 October 2020 - 23:59

# 10


you start with 10 backpack spaces




# 9


the images in the ultimate guide work




# 8


every time you level, you get a free flux crystal (fsp)




# 7


‚Äčupdates to the app don't affect Sigmastorm




# 6


no waiting for mercenaries. hire the ones you want, when you want




# 5


i read complaints saying FS is too easy. playing Sigmastorm is playing a game in "difficult" mode




# 4


motion graphics on the world map

1566.gif 48_17.gif 55.gif 48_9.gif 67_1.gif 50_49.gif 1172.gif 1270_b.gif 564.gif 2936.gif




# 3


The default theme is "night mode"







# 2


"my eyes are up here" cyber goth chicks













#1001633 FSH 15.24.2 Build - Lazy Loading

Posted by duktayp on 01 October 2020 - 16:57


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