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Incoming : Game Update 1.96

12 April 2018 - 16:53



Game Update 1.96 - The Swarm Invades is due to release next week! Below are the current patch notes.
Patch Notes:
The experience gained from energy usage when attacking Invaders is now shown in the relevant notification.
Heroes will now continue to regenerate energy when out on deployment.
Stim-Packs have been added to various in-app purchases.
New Challenges have been added to the game, many of these challenges include new types of rewards and the sustained challenges include varied leaderboard rewards.
  • 3 new flash challenges (Alliance Defeat Invaders, Alliance Destroy Outposts and Alliance Defeat Aliens)
  • 3 new challenges (Defeat Invaders, Alliance Defeat Invaders, Alliance Defeat Aliens)
  • 3 new Sustained challenges (Gain Resources, Defeat Units, Defeat Invaders)
A new Swarm event has been added which when run will bring level 6, 7 and 8 Toxic Bugs to the map which feature a new loot chest with increased rewards.
10 new leaderboards have been added.
  • Alien Sectors Defeated
  • Enemy Units Destroyed
  • Enemy Unit Power Destroyed
  • Victory Defeat Ratio
  • Combat Victories
  • Invaders Defeated
  • Platinum Awards
  • Resources Gathered
  • Items Crafted
  • Hero XP

The auto-translation system has been changed to require players to click if they wish the chat text to be translated.

Further game stability improvements and performance improvements.

~The New Earth Team

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