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In Topic: Proposed Chest Potions.

07 February 2014 - 18:07

I very much like the idea of a something to spur people on to find chests - why not have more potions you cannot get anywhere else, or even a few potions with a difference such as:

  • muscle enhancer (adds +2 to your damage stat permanently);
  • kendal mint cake (provides some stam immediately as if you have just earned a stam regain);
  • bulging pockets (adds +1 bp space permanently);
  • the taxman cometh (doubles guild tax for 24 hours for all guild members);
  • guild bonanza (casts a buff on all guild members for 24 hours of their choice).

And can we have different ways to open them - perhaps they need an item to open them rather than pay LPs or gold for a key. Perhaps a resource drop that has to be obtained - the greater the difficulty the better the reward.


Just some random thoughts  ;)



In Topic: Add new buff invetor 3

08 December 2013 - 18:25

I have to say I like something like this idea - more and more recipes use epics as ingredients and would be nice to get some benefit from that hard work crafting those beggars :)

In Topic: Ravings of a Wise Man

09 April 2013 - 19:39

Day 11,


Damage ... wish I knew what that was ! Just about able to take down a rat with my nail file - but now what will I do with my nails - absolute disaster darlings! So off I popped to something called the Trading Network - sounded wonderful - bought myself a new plaything - called incendinite claws - don't you just love it when a plan goes disastrously wrong - oops :( Looking on the bright side - I'll be able to dice and slice with it when I get to Level 1750 - must remember to pencil that in for sometime in 2018 at present progress - heh heh! Oh well - just sharpen my trusty nail file again :D

In Topic: Ravings of a Wise Man

07 April 2013 - 16:59

Day 9


Well, had this wonderful visitation from a devilish ole spirit last night gone by and boy does he know how to lead a noble (oh ok - can I get away with not quite completely corrupt?) elf into temptation. That is one bad spirit  :D  No matter how I manage to duel (yep, stabbing in the back is a completely acceptable form of duelling as far as I'm aware :) ) those mortis beasties just won't play fair. Most unsporting I must say and especially that nasty habit of assassinating me with one strike :o Might just have to see if i can a bigger stick to hit them with, anybody got a tactical nuke they can spare!

In Topic: Quest bug

07 April 2013 - 16:35

Not sure you can go back to the lower level repeatable quest once you move up - moved on to cookery L3 and could not get back to L1 so bear that in mind when you advance.

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