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Attacking Bases Pointless?

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Posted 17 July 2017 - 13:48

Our Alliance is trying to fight some level-equivalent or higher player(s), and I am trying to figure out how to kill off their troops. So far, it seems to attack them at their base, even with superior numbers, is borderline idiotic because of Medbays. Or, at least, the huge numbers they heal.


If our Alliance rallied a player with 800,000 troops, and even managed to get 1,000,000 in on the Rally, all of the defenders units would survive via the medbays. Great for defenders. However, the attacking troops would die flat out, destroying 10s of millions of power for the attackers. So while the attackers could claim "Victory" in the Rally, in reality the attackers permanently lose units and might, while the defender can just sit back and heal his lost 800,000 troops.


So what is the point here? Why on earth would anyone on earth attack another's base unless you are attacking much smaller players so you don't lose many troops?


Am I supposed to just start attacking opponents outposts, hoping to kill 20 players at a time until the other guy gets bored before I do?


Trying to figure this out.


EDIT: For comparison, in similar games even maxed out hospitals would only heal 2-300,000 troops max with big players armies in the millions. So if an Alliance Rallied a large player, his troops would eventually start dying off. This makes attacking a large player via a Rally a viable proposition. In this game, it's a fools errand.

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Posted 17 July 2017 - 15:50

You have accurately described one of the biggest failures of the game design here.  Once a player gets to a certain level, they are mostly untouchable, needing to worry only about the 200M+ power monsters.  Alliances do nothing to balance this.  A single player in the 30M power range can continually harass an alliance of over 300M and the alliance can really do nothing.  In fact, to the power players being in an alliance is something of a weakness since your smaller players can get punished for what you do.


And once you reach a certain size you stop gathering and just raid for resources.  This again limits the opportunity to damage large players in any meaningful way since they are not exposing their units on long gathering expeditions.

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