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In Topic: Planned GvG Updates

22 May 2023 - 20:32


Hi there.


We need you to put in Support tickets:

Is this the App, on Browser or both?
Detail what you are doing in game.
The time and date the slow down occured.
What browser you're using.
What scripts are installed.
Where you are geographically.


We need as much data as you can provide because we're just not seeing it here. I'm not saying it ain't happening, I'm saying whatever is causing it for you is something we're not seeing. We need data from you to know where to look. "It's lagging!" simply is not helpful.


~ Grim


You dont experience the lag like we do because you are on the network - take a labtop to the coffee shop and try playing... 

In Topic: Planned GvG Updates

30 March 2023 - 03:51

If you attack someone and fail to kill them it makes sense you don't get a point for your attack the defender successfully defended themself which is different from a deflect where combat did not happen. 

Another suggestion open for debate.

Should "Unresolved" battles count as losses?

I think if a conflict between two players is unresolved, neither guild should have a loss. It should just be unresolved and not count towards a hit, similar to the way an unresolved on a bounty kill doesn't count.


In Topic: Proposed Guild RP Packs.

30 March 2023 - 03:46

I like that you are starting to put more thought into GvG....



Oh hey look I have a signature ....

In Topic: Planned GvG Updates

14 March 2023 - 19:26

A notification / wait time before a conflict takes away any edge the attacking guild has and really stacks thing in favor of the defending guild. As it is any guild who cares about their rating already is able to turn the tide in their favor pretty quickly. I don't like that idea as an attacker and as a defender I have the app telling me as soon as a guild decides to hit us and am normally on top of figuring out who is hitting and buffing the right people so I don't need an hour to prepare. 


Why are you not trying to implement ideas that we GvGers are putting forward?

Can we add a level to the scout tower that lets leaders track who is doing what? It seems crazy to me that hunting titans I can get a report on which guild members have inflected how much damage on each titan but noone know how many hits have been done by whom in something that is strictly a guild thing. 

Titan hunting can be done by anyone guild or not and since many guilds pay their members for participating to encourage participation. 


Can we please visit RP packs that are beneficial to PvP? While its nice to got some conflicts and use the RP to give the guild leveling buffs seems like we should have rewards that are exclusive to GvG to help with doing the conflicts. like before starting 20 conflicts to buff the guild with stuff to help defend and or attack in the conflicts with.


For the people who want to opt out of guild conflict - give a system like opting out of random PvP - you can pay to protect your gear (like you can pay to protect your XP)  


In Topic: Full combat analysis

04 March 2023 - 10:00

FSHelper records combat logs if you enable the option :) and theres this site :http://evolutions.yv...shlogparser.php which will extract info from the logs.

I have spent the last few months trying to find this link only to find it no longer works anyone know of something that may be like this? 

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