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#1009398 Planned GvG Updates

Posted by callmeabc on 22 May 2023 - 20:32


Hi there.


We need you to put in Support tickets:

Is this the App, on Browser or both?
Detail what you are doing in game.
The time and date the slow down occured.
What browser you're using.
What scripts are installed.
Where you are geographically.


We need as much data as you can provide because we're just not seeing it here. I'm not saying it ain't happening, I'm saying whatever is causing it for you is something we're not seeing. We need data from you to know where to look. "It's lagging!" simply is not helpful.


~ Grim


You dont experience the lag like we do because you are on the network - take a labtop to the coffee shop and try playing... 

#1009112 Planned GvG Updates

Posted by callmeabc on 14 March 2023 - 19:26

A notification / wait time before a conflict takes away any edge the attacking guild has and really stacks thing in favor of the defending guild. As it is any guild who cares about their rating already is able to turn the tide in their favor pretty quickly. I don't like that idea as an attacker and as a defender I have the app telling me as soon as a guild decides to hit us and am normally on top of figuring out who is hitting and buffing the right people so I don't need an hour to prepare. 


Why are you not trying to implement ideas that we GvGers are putting forward?

Can we add a level to the scout tower that lets leaders track who is doing what? It seems crazy to me that hunting titans I can get a report on which guild members have inflected how much damage on each titan but noone know how many hits have been done by whom in something that is strictly a guild thing. 

Titan hunting can be done by anyone guild or not and since many guilds pay their members for participating to encourage participation. 


Can we please visit RP packs that are beneficial to PvP? While its nice to got some conflicts and use the RP to give the guild leveling buffs seems like we should have rewards that are exclusive to GvG to help with doing the conflicts. like before starting 20 conflicts to buff the guild with stuff to help defend and or attack in the conflicts with.


For the people who want to opt out of guild conflict - give a system like opting out of random PvP - you can pay to protect your gear (like you can pay to protect your XP)  


#992864 Game Update v2.952

Posted by callmeabc on 14 July 2018 - 04:18

Hello, I'd like to first thank you guys for the all the updates on the progress. I would like to make a couple requests to, from a player perspective, First we need to be able to respond to logs! not all conversations can happen in public and I can forgo guild chat if I can directly talk to people in app. Secondly I think it would be amazing to have buff enhancer sow up in the buff market like extend does. the difference between 175 and 190 and even between 190 and 192 make a difference - a huge one in most cases. 

Brute strength might be one to add to that list as it does effect a few buffs

(and a way of keeping track of GvG.... not a bad idea... my sig has a few suggestions as to how)

WE CAN MESSAGE IN APP!! It's a great first step into integrating log as for now you have to goto in the setting to send a message and what looks like reply buttons don't work I like the suggested list of people to message. Looks like the only thing I couldn't find was composing... Really like how the app looks after the update

#992840 Game Update v2.952

Posted by callmeabc on 13 July 2018 - 19:56

So used to using my temples I may have never noticed this:


#944312 GvG Revival Thread [Official GvG Suggestion & Discussion]

Posted by callmeabc on 10 August 2015 - 23:15

Increasing the stam use with the scaled rewards only encourages more people to take part in the guild. The problem I had with the update is that with a season hit you got to see the persons gear and buffs but with GvG hits you were swinging in the dark. Granted even before the update I had an open tab for every person I was attacking. I could check their stats and buffs real quick then attack them. Now I have to check their stats switch to another tab, find their name then attack. so I don't lose my place I slide the "attack" tab around. It would be nice to be able to see stats and buffs but gear and buffs is enough information to know what you are dealing with. being able to have the person selected in in GvG combat from their profile would be nice also. It would be nice to see some rewards that are unique to GvG. frankly the guild buff packs are sub par. the "A" packs are all level 150 and buffs that are so common that you are wasting your RP. The "B" packs cap out at level 200 and most if not all are buffs you can easily get at higher levels. maybe offer a "C" pack with worth wild buff levels and possibly "Smasher" series? The items are what they are adding new stuff there would just have short term effects but buffs could have a longer impact - particularly if that is the only way to get them ... wink wink

#942863 The new GvG system

Posted by callmeabc on 02 August 2015 - 18:46

So we started a few conflicts today. The updates to PvP have a HUGE negative effect on GvG.  First it makes it a huge pain in the butt to attack the person you want to attack. Even after I joined the conflict hitting the attack button on their profile only leads to the unranked attack option when you switch the the GvG tab it spits back a list of everyone in every guild you have a conflict. I could live with all the other changes but could we please have the list of targets on the GvG list only return hittable targets? By "hittable" I mean in your range and once you max your hits they would disappear. It would be really nice to get a quick preview of buffs and stats - but I have gotten used to havign a tab for each person I am attacking, now I just have to have an extra tab to do the actual attack in that I move down the line.

#852034 Avatar / Guild Logo Issues

Posted by callmeabc on 27 February 2014 - 20:15

YES! Thank you so much HSC and everyone who donated hard earned money... heck even thouse who donated ill gotten gains ;)

#851923 New Medals!

Posted by callmeabc on 27 February 2014 - 04:38

The way I see it any medals Gained from being in a Guild should be stripped from the player when they leave a guild.... But then that would make a lot of Whiners....

I just find it odd that only the one medal has text to say you lose it when leaving the guild - and it is the one that would actually be helpful fwhen considering a new recruit. Like If I had 3 people who want to join and I only could take one I would be more inclined to let in the one with the highest guild loyalty - I would honestly pick a player level 500 with a gold loyalty over a level 12k with only a silver. all the other guild based ones are easily manipulated and don't mean much, you can't cheat loyality

#845279 Game Update v2.43

Posted by callmeabc on 30 January 2014 - 21:01

Nuts, that's the response I edited out, lol.


In any case, I still fail to see the problem ,oP

You fail to see the problem Of someone being able to sell buffs 24/7, limited only by stamina on hand? If you are a buyer there is no problem. The problem is when you have some one , for example an EOC player, who has nothing better to do with their stam. They can dominate the market - even in their sleep

#839475 Buff Market Live!

Posted by callmeabc on 10 January 2014 - 18:48

seems like it would be faster / easier if we could just add buffs to the secure trade options...

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