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#972177 Retired Titans?

Posted by dah342 on 20 November 2016 - 15:40

Hello all,


So, over the past while I've been slowly hoarding more and more epics as I either secure them or just get a great deal in the AH. And I've noticed every since Titan Hunter came about, the market value of every epic has gone down. For obvious reasons. I've also noticed that this has hit the market for every single item in the game. 


I was curious if the idea of retiring titans has been brought up, and if the community could bring some Pro's and Con's to the table.



Have select titans per community/admin approval become retired. Meaning their spawn rate be brought to 0% forever. Give the community a fair amount of notice for each titan on this list, so TKP can be utilized as much as possible. This gives the community room to start a trade business in epics again, and also makes it so Epics are valued as Epics again. 


I remember a time when players that had a full set of epics was considered wealthy. I also remember the motivation that gave me to earn each of those epics. 


Thanks for listening and I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts. 


#863513 A Thank You to HCS

Posted by dah342 on 17 April 2014 - 19:53


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#862732 Suggestion for personal and guild deposits

Posted by dah342 on 14 April 2014 - 16:31

I didn't know where to go for suggestions, so I went here.

Anyways, I was just making a deposit and I had a good amount of gold on me. I'm using bad wifi and to refresh a page takes a little bit. Having 8 deposits and a lot of gold, it took a good few minutes to make all the deposits.

I suggest a bar, where you can use all your depos at once. Sort of like the slide bar for the amount of gold you'd like to deposit, you could slide the bar for how many depos you'd like to do at once. 

This would save time, and make players who aren't PvPers and just want to deposit their hunt's earnings, they won't be hit so quickly necessarily.

All ideas can be grown upon, but I feel this one can be really useful, especially for players that have higher amount of max depos.



#828806 Guild XP while sub-leveling

Posted by dah342 on 10 December 2013 - 16:04

It seems there are so many different sides complaining.

Firstly, you have the people, such as Kedyn/Kittles, who isn't necessarily complaining but is tired of the 'free hits'. So this constitutes the free medals and all of that garbage.

Then you have the people who are complaining that their guild has an even lesser chance of becoming a 'Top Guild' because all the high leveled players are using the exploit to massively level their guild.

Lastly, you have the players who really don't have a clue what they are talking about and are just infuriated by the fact that someone has been doing something that has been considered 'abusing a bug' or 'cheating'.


Okay, let's make fixes. 

First one; adding the gold upgrade to be able to delevel would easily fix this problem. If HCS makes it a small amount (10 levels a day for 'x' amount of gold, the problem won't be entirely fixed, but it won't be as bad. So HCS needs to ensure the CAP for this upgrade is set to decent parameters.)

Second one; I really hate to say this, but WAL, Angellife, TED, *top guild name goes here* have been chasing FFS and trying to stay in the top. What makes you think that your level 400 guild or 700 guild will pass us, who are fighting with blood and tears to just at the very least stay in the top. Not saying you have no chances, but creating a week long discussion over this is kind of useless, especially for your reasonings. I have seen many people state that this 'exploit' has been used for a very long time. I can easily see that. PvPers probably have taken advantage of it. And now that you PvPers realize that levelers and people THAT AREN'T YOU are using it, you're getting offended and you want it shut down. You're sad. 

EOC'ers are fighting to keep their guild in the top. You can't be offended when they are doing it, because they see their competition doing it, so they realize, to stay in the lead, they need to.

This is no excuse, two wrongs don't make a right, is what I would say to most situations at this point. But the fact is, that this isn't necessarily a wrong. 

As I have said in a few of my other posts, if this was a bug/glitch/cheat/exploit. Hoofmaster wouldn't have made pollings, he would've cared less about your guys' opinions and would have just fixed it.

Third one; solve the problem about you people complaining. There are currently around 3 or 4 topics floating around, each with about 12-15 pages. Go knock yourself out and found out what's going on. Enough listening to the FSBox/Guild mates and just taking their word that this is a cheat/wrong. Find out for yourself, get your own opinion on the matter, and then come back when something intelligent comes out.


Gomez, you keep agreeing about how this'll fix the exploit. And when someone asks why you agree or why you are on that side, you come back saying the same thing. 

As I have said, and I have seen piles and piles of others say, EOC'ers have not much else to do. And to make their guild better, they aren't going to sit on weeks on end waiting for HCS to finally do something. They are going to (and they have) find a way to ensure that they can take part and make their guild better and stronger.

They found a way, which is neither a cheat, bug, nor exploit, and you guys are butt hurt. 

Most of you complaining have no idea why it is you are complaining. Get to EOC then give your reasoning.


Signed so dearly,


#827689 Changes to De-Levelling

Posted by dah342 on 09 December 2013 - 17:20

There are other aspects of the game that you could try out. Titan hunting, se hunting, etc



I have to say that's a bit disappointing. No ones hands are clean on this issue.
- both levellers and non levellers have taken advantage of this
- your hurting your oldest and loyalist player base
- hate to say it, but without content, this problem would never have existed. I don't think anyone would care if I took advantage of this exploit. But if I were at eoc, the story changes. Those guys did things the old fashioned way without the huge benefits we now get. Why disenfranchise them more?
As passionate as the subject is, 50% to declare the change worthy seems a low bar.
Good luck with this. Either way, I don't see a positive outcome.

You guys are stuck in trance of looking at the wrong solutions. Honestly, this doesn't hurt anyone. There is no exploit as multiple people have called it. 

You guys that are complaining aren't even around this area. 

yot mentioned that players that aren't at EOC and do this, don't get bashed on, but if you were/are and you did this, you are suddenly a pinata that everyone wants a turn at the bat.

I'm not even close to EOC, probably won't be for years (If HCS continued there timing of updating), so this doesn't necessarily concern me, but it affects quite a few people in my guild.

If you guys had to wait for content to be released, which it seems to at times take weeks, and have overflowing stam, what would you suggest to do?

At that point most EOC'rs have already Titan Hunted/SE Hunted/GvGed/PvPed/Arena/Pretty Much everything.

So you either quit or find something new to do.

That's exactly what this is, it's something to keep the game fresh, while also helping keep the guild thriving.

It doesn't matter if you think this is an exploit/bug, because it isn't. If it was Hoof wouldn't have made a thread and had the option to 'fix it'. 

If it was a gosh darn bug, it would've been fixed without question.

I'm trying to keep it civil here, but seriously, pull up your guys' big girl panties and suck it up.

#827113 Exploiting XP to boost guild

Posted by dah342 on 08 December 2013 - 17:46

People keep dancing around the real issue. Now, everyone please hush up and listen to what's really going on :


EOC players claim to want to relevel, but are apposed to making this exploit fixed. Why? Because they clearly do not want to level a second time, but merely want to abuse a bug. With that said, take it as what you will, but that is the sad reality of it. Thanks for your time


How in the world is this a bug? They aren't abusing anything, as both spons and bigred have just said, this is making the activity of some players and some guilds go through the roof. It keeps them busy, it keeps them buying FSP, and it helps them getting more knowledge and experience. Which in my case is something I really appreciate. 

Hearing  a level 1800 has gained theoretically +3000 levels means I can ask about the best buffs, the best stats, what to look for in  a creature, what to aim for in a hunt. 

You people that are bringing up the issue aren't thinking about the big picture. I can probably see where you are thinking. If a player from the top 5 guild can manage to bring in another 10 billion GXP, it's pushing your guild's rankings that much farther away from being in the top 5. 

Well oh well. I'm sorry, but the EOC'rs have earned that right by getting there. If HCS wants to take 2-4 weeks, if not longer to release another 25 levels, then they (EOC'rs) have a right to do something.

Wanting to help the guild, is no harm. What is wrong is how you guys bash on these people trying to do something. 

If you're getting butt hurt oh well. The Christmas Special is out, go buy yourself some FSP. See where that gets you. Stop being such a bunch jealous girls. 

This is no bug. This is a way to spend stamina, and this is a way to push guilds into more activity.

Heck, we have had about another 5 people come out of inactivity just to be entertained by this, to see what was going on.

So many people's activities are raising, heck, there is hardly a time when Spons isn't online. 


To be short, you guys just need to get a grip and start worrying about yourselves.

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