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#990540 Krita a New app

Posted by bigchaos on 02 March 2018 - 20:22

I thought I would start this thread. I wanted to give all a heads up krita is a new open source app for doing graphics on.  I have just started to explore this app and it is like photoshop in style. 




Of course this makes sense since it is made by artists. Things you can do with krita is animation, painting, drawing, and more.  I will state it is free to work with and is open source. I am not advertising this just wanted to know if others have opinions of this app. I am currently learning how to use this app and hope we can have a nice discussion of pros and cons and what you like about the app beside free and open source.  :lol:   :wub:

#971341 #1 player discussion

Posted by bigchaos on 31 October 2016 - 21:49

It is not only first place as top player that this issue qualifies but this affects global events those with top stamina will always win top list. I have been reading a lot on forum back posts. I read how players are flustered because community cant hit ruby or not able too. The thing is this having the most stamina does not make you the best, The best would welcome challenges to ranking. I have played enough games that were considered pvp type games and ranked in top rankings in those games. 


I am not here to take sides or to slap a player just pointing out obvious. If we keep lists stagnate this is bad for community. Top lists show a pulse of the game to new players.  Put yourself in a new players shoes. If you are seeing players over 3000 level controlling all lists because you have most stamina, would you honestly stick around and play? 


As things stand an adjustment needs to be made like there was to guilds list when top guilds had the top list  stagnate with inactive guilds in top ranks or when we had top guilds dominating titan hunting to where small guilds were just out matched. 


Please do not make the issue personal because this hurts the game for all players.  I am not saying that you dummy the game down to make things simple to be in top rankings.   I will state top ranking should show competition to get there and being on top with no competition whether you are starting off or eoc is a boring aspect to any game. 


In short FS has growing pains and the game needs adjustments from time to time to be more productive and fun playing for future of the game and increasing player base to stay playing.  Again please help find ways to get game moving forward thanks. 

#965036 Double XP Event begins!

Posted by bigchaos on 01 July 2016 - 04:57

Thank you for the event. I have been waiting long time to level again and I am very pleased to move forward. Hugs to all in fs community and to all hcs staff for offering double xp event.  :D  :wub:

#965030 Bring PvP Seasons back?

Posted by bigchaos on 01 July 2016 - 02:11

@ DomCorvis like your 2 cents myself and think that seasons should be a random ge for the community. I enjoyed the first one and according to hoof we will see some kind of changes.  Thank you HCS staff for the comments and please do give updates on seasons and possible changes. ;)  


I am thinking I like to see seasons set up as King or Queen of seasons mountain and made into global event.  :P

#964399 Double XP June 2016 speculation thread

Posted by bigchaos on 15 June 2016 - 04:26

Old rusty pants in hunting here and I am glad this thread was made to keep players like me checking in the forum to see what is new in the gossip on the allusive double xp event.  :lol:


I do not share the opinion that letting players know in advance exactly when events is reason why players are leaving the game. If anything I think the mystique of unknown events keep many players like me coming back and checking in.  :P


Now to get back on topic and I am thinking there will be a double xp event and it will be a Friday start and finish Sunday last week of June or first week of July. I know common because I am always missing the good ones.  :ph34r:

#964102 Double XP June 2016 speculation thread

Posted by bigchaos on 07 June 2016 - 01:16

Now that I am here it will be last week of June and close to July  in hopes to catch most off guard.  The reason I say this in American first week in July is our independence celebration lol. I think this might play as well as to when another blitz on fsp sales.  :ph34r:  In this players humble opinion anytime is good since I am so ready for it.  :P  :lol:  :wub:  :wub:

#963239 Darksun Reborn V

Posted by bigchaos on 11 May 2016 - 02:03

Thank you for the event and congrats to the community for hitting Ruby it looks like to me. I am looking forward to the next global event or some other surprise by HCS staff.  :D

#962885 Seasons Contributions

Posted by bigchaos on 03 May 2016 - 03:26

I am rather wondering when will  seasons comes out again as global event ,will seasons be listed with the contributors of regular global events or should there be a list separated and showing the top 25 winners of each event. 


I thought this might make a good discussion since we are all waiting for the event to come back out to work on the medals.  


I am also wondering with medal PvP Mastery Bronze   Finish first in the PVP Season Crystal League 1 time(s). Should we see a list of these players that made it like the top list of players and guilds. 



I ask the fs community your thoughts on how these lists should represent the event and suggestions. 


I will add that if you post on this thread no flame baiting, no stealing the thread for something else, and no adding side topics of seasons mechanics on this. The topic is about medals and lists of seasons how they should be shown in fs community. 




#962881 Increasing BB activity :)

Posted by bigchaos on 03 May 2016 - 00:01

I guess I am missing something here when I read seasons let Bounty Hunters do what they do for free.  To best of my knowledge seasons did not allow any hit be free.  I know if you stole gold, pvp, do bounties on bounty bored and so on you are at risked to be on that bb. The process was random and nobody got off that bb unharmed. I know I was on it 8 times and lost a lot of levels.  I did the bounty hunter and the pvp process. 



I was thinking on this and perhaps we should suggest this anytime you hit a player does not manner the reason you are placed on the bounty board.  Perhaps no timer put on bounty for removal  but xp loss needs to be completed then you are off the bb.  The more you invest on the bb the more xp loss there is.  Perhaps have minimum requirement for x amount xp lost. If the player hit feels there needs to be more than minimum then they may place fsp or gold to increase the loss of xp as punishment. 


We all know that we do hit other players for prestige, gold, pvp and so on. That is a part of the game and the person that was attacked should have the choice of the punishment.  Meaning you attack a player then you know the risked of being on bb and know the risk by doing the attack.  This will keep bb busy from all attacks and it does not matter the reason and limits the epic potions as a bb killer and so on arguments.  This will help with those using the timer and high potions waiting out or soft hits relief on bb.  One more thing here should be mentioned that more than one player still can strike and remove with whatever stamina range they want from 10 to a 100. So the loosing of levels would still be there based on xp lost demanded by player attacked whether it is minimum or more.  


The idea just hit me as I was reading more posts about bb here on this thread and it is off the top of my head and can use more input from the community and from hcs.  I hope the staff will add their input of what can be done and what is no way on bb.  The simple fact about bb only those that attack others are there and if you do not attack back then that player does get a free pass. The bb was a punishing board for attacking other players long ago. I do think we need to really figure out how to get that aspect back to make bb more active and fun to play again. 



Oh yeah this hit me as a what if deal for bb. What if potions were not part of bb and only buffs and base stats and gear could be used on bb, process  would this make the bb harder or easier for players to do. I know for me means going back to old school and calculating how to complete and yeah defend on the bb.  Your thoughts community. 


I am  throwing these ideas out to help get a solution we all can deal with when playing bb. Thanks. 

#962785 Increasing BB activity :)

Posted by bigchaos on 29 April 2016 - 02:06

I would like to add automated bb kept the bb active and it gave many players opportunity to participate.  I spent a lot of time when seasons came out on automated bb.  I do not agree with previous comment since I noticed a lot of players out there doing the bb and activity was rather high. Yes medal stats might have been off but the point was more people were involved in seasons bb than what is going on right now. 


There are many players posting their opinions on seasons and its bb that did not participate and played to really understand what was going on. I have posted on many threads that I enjoy automated roulette bb.  I like the idea of hitting players higher than me and I found loss of xp from seasons hits and from players removing me a refreshing change.  I have read so much doom and gloom about how this is hurting bb but to be honest if we keep bb as is nobody will want to deal with bb.  I see same old guilds and players on there saying many things are just peachy.  I lay this out if it is peachy why is there only a few players on there or better yet nobody is on there.  bringing back automated bb of seasons, you get players throwing gold out there and you are getting activity.  Heck I even like the high stamina loss in taking bounties off. It was delightful.


What is good for this game is having players playing and participating.  I used to do bb a lot but as it is in my opinion it is not worth my time to bother with.   It is how much stamina, tickets and reward for what is going on.  The final part of it is how much damage can I do. I will tell you the bb is a punishing board not having it so is a joke. 


I lost more levels during the seasons automated bb than I have playing the current bb.  


So my major suggestion is to look on ways to combine automated bb up parts with up parts of what we have to get it active. Lets also stop with the useless comments I have been reading in slamming other players trying to help the game. I like to see players playing all aspect of fs like there used to be when I started. I remember seeing over 1000 players logged in so lets make this our goal here now. Thanks. :P

#962784 Top Rated GvG Ladder Guilds That Are Banned!

Posted by bigchaos on 29 April 2016 - 01:48

I agree with what is posted that if a guild has been busted for cheating then they should not be listed on top lists.  I do believe this should apply to players lists as well.  


The suggestion as to have an updated list version like active and inactive is not a bad idea either like in xp level top list.  I hope HCS will take a look and weigh in on some input here.  :ph34r:

#962743 Its all TOM's fault

Posted by bigchaos on 28 April 2016 - 04:16

I think it is Toms fault that I have not seen any updates on seasons event. Yup I do believe it is all his fault why there is not many players on right now.  :rolleyes:  What can I say TOM! " Get your act together so it is not your fault anymore." :P

#962742 gvg needs to b fixed

Posted by bigchaos on 28 April 2016 - 03:01

I am thinking maybe we could add to the guild view a tally list of guilds that have attacked for the week deal. The reason I suggest this not as a win button or such but a way to check on last guild attacked. When timer goes in gvging wins and loss information goes on guild log and once guild log is refreshed it is lost. I think a guild checklist for all to look and see wins loss ties would be cool for team mates to look at.  


Mind you this is not must update but a way to show all players in a guild to see what happened when they were not on to witness why their gear gets damaged.  


I am suggesting this from my gvging experience when my gear gets damaged and the guild log gets refreshed I have no idea if my guild won or not when whole conflict aspect completes. I think this would be good way to help new players understand how gear gets damaged while off and perhaps might add more participation.  If this was suggested earlier in this thread I do apologize since I did not go back to the beginning of the thread to read all comments.  

#962695 Required Equipped Items Needed

Posted by bigchaos on 27 April 2016 - 04:26

Yes agreed to all that is posted on this thread. I would like to add that if an item is needed to kill some unique character or global event there should be some description added to item and the guide is good place for searching these items catagory. I have found in quests at my level you need to save a lot of items and loosing one requires a ticket.  


I hope we could get a search category for these items needed to kill or finish killing certain creatures. ;)

#962175 Its all TOM's fault

Posted by bigchaos on 15 April 2016 - 03:11

I do declare it is TOMS fault that the season event has not come out yet.  :rolleyes:  I think it is toms fault that there is no response from HCS staff about seasons event either. :rolleyes:  It is my fault in asking when is the seasons event coming to fs town.  :P  ;)  :lol:

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