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The support here is terrible

23 October 2021 - 17:43

Less than two weeks ago, I wrote a post asking why tickets were no getting any response.

The answer given was "The Support Team is extremely busy and will get to your tickets as soon as they are able."

The problem with that answer was, the support team "had" got to three of my tickets and simply closed them, two without and response what-so-ever and one that had a copy and paste response with no relation to the contents of the ticket.
A further two were still open. They have been for 7 months and 5 months respectively.

Yesterday, I got an email to say the ticket that had been open for 7 months had been closed, but when I went to check, I found this also had no response.

If a company was busy, I could understand if support tickets took a long time for them to be dealt with, but closing tickets without even acknowledging or responding to them is not acceptable.
It doesn't matter how busy a company is, this is downright disgraceful and unprofessional.

Could HCS explain why tickets no longer get response please?

12 October 2021 - 10:08

I have heard from many players about their own tickets not being responded to, but I will use my own personal experience for this enquiry.

At the beginning of this year (2021). I had three tickets open. They varied in the time they had been open from 2 months to 8 months old. All the tickets were regarding obvious breaches of the rules or terms and conditions. As a long term player of one of Hunted Cows games, while they didn't affect me directly, I enjoy and feel part of a small community that play the game without the need to exploit it, I felt I should report the violations as they were so blatant or, in one case, openly admitted in chat.

In the middle of February 2021, they were all closed, two with no response what-so-ever. The third had the response;-


We are writing as we can see that you have an unanswered ticket. A new team have now taken over support and we would would be more than happy to help. If you still require assistance with this, can you please reopen this ticket and let us know?

Many Thanks,
****** (Hunted Cow Support) "

(I will not disclose who the sender was as I feel giving names would just encourage the moderators to remove this post. The number of stars doesn't match the players name btw)

As the tickets were not affecting me but the company itself, it was quite obvious that the person who had written this response had not even had the decency to read the ticket before closing it. I did not see any point reopening the ticket as I had done my part and if Hunted Cows were not prepared to take according actions, then it was their loss with regards to lost income.


Forward to today, 12th October 2021. I now have two tickets open on similar topics as the previously unanswered and closed ones (yes I know, I'm a glutten for punishment but I still play the game and want it to continue without exploitation) but for completely seperate violations. These have been open for 7months and 5months respectively and not even an acknowledgement.


Considering you you have a new "team" to respond to tickets (emphasis on "team", not just the odd person), could a member of Hunted Cows please explain why tickets are still going unanswered?


I await your reply in anticipation.

Game isn't working

23 June 2021 - 06:47

I can't get on the game at all.  (I am not the only player surrefing from this problem.)



The game loads, but when I fill in email and password I just get dots going round in a circle, and pressing the play button simpkly says I am not logged in.


Also if i go to the forum I am logged in but, if click on the webpage for the game, the toplist or any of those pages it shows me not logged in.



This problem has been coming for a while as players have commented in game, for the last few weeks/months, that they were suffering with a lot more lag and random disconnections than normal.




I know I posted the comment above is in another topic post, but that was made in the "Disscusion" section rather than bug report.

I realise the chance of a response is just as unlikely but I would like the problem sorted, so dont want to see the reply of "it wasn't seen, and therefore fixed, due to not being in the correct section".

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