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In Topic: Important News regarding the Update

01 April 2022 - 08:04

Just pulling my hair out, how do we end up getting a selection of buffs inflicted upon us that achieve nothing to enhance game play or provide thought challenging scenario's?

Pvp was a game of skill and knowledge, we don't need RNG based buffs. They diminish the game and any challenge it ever provided.

In Topic: Karthak? Or did I wake up on the wrong side of the bed?

29 March 2022 - 23:31

Just to think there never has and never was any reason for anyone to do a single quest in Karthak. their is a very clear and easy way to avoid it. with around 1 hours planning or just ask people who actually know how to play the game. Do you all know one of the 951 realms has a level 966 critter in it...

In Topic: [PvP] Feedback & Suggestions

26 July 2021 - 12:31

Even Tiddly winks has Risk, every game needs it to be alive.

This is the most Fraught Discussion in the game.


Personally Bring back PvP seasons. you guys did a load of work on the original and by the end of the first season the bugs were addressed then you canned it.


It Seems a bit silly that one group of players are the only ones who will ever get that medal or have the chance to.

In Topic: Possible Relic Alterations

10 June 2021 - 22:51


Relic stats should be altered if there will be stamina gain added to them. The most coveted stamina gain relics also have +5% of each stat bonus - these should be rare like Temple of the Gods. The reason for stamina gain with +5% relics to be rare as the benefit of each individually have a good value but together it would be nearly overpowered if there was a plethora of them. This does not mean that I believe all of the stamina gain should be added to relics that have "useless" enhancements (Klar Worldstone has Holy, Banishment, Oceanic, etc.). A variety of a little bit of everything would be much appreciated.

It might surprise some but Temple of the Gods in its current form was actually a bug. And Left that way after it was pointed out.

Personally i have absolutely 0 issues with stam gain relics being added or moved to lower levels.

If we are to have Stats and Stam gain relics in game then they also need to have costs associated with them, Much like Temple and Despair.


But I will add this if the issue is purely stam gain based ....Then why not look at increasing stam gain

Leave the original 25/25 @ 25 fsp per upgrade.

Add 10 @ 50 fsp per upgrade 10 @ 100 fsp per and finally 5 at 200 per upgrade.

In Topic: Shadow Bunny Showdown VII

08 April 2021 - 09:54

What you all don't seem to understand is those of us who persisted through the lag 502'3's and 4's were still able to get top 10 as I did over 6 hours.


You cannot blame others when you do not try yourselves.

yes it was an absolute pita but perseverance could get it done. As plenty of players showed.

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